Stop Saying Digital Nomads Are Lucky! We are Badasses And We Made This Life Happen.

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Do you know any badass digital nomads? I do. I am one.

So many people who come to me for coaching services, or everything else want guarantees before they begin. They want to know they are going to be 100% recovered, and making a six-figure income after they work with me for an hour or two. A little bit unrealistic, but not really. In this world of instant gratification, we all want to know that everything is going to be A-okay and perfect after an hour or two of easy work.

We don’t really want to put in years of hard work to make things happen.


Not really.

Opportunity Thy Name Is Hard Work

In my world, that is called opportunity. Most people will not put the work that is necessary to make things work. Whereas, I am willing to put in years and years of work into my business to make it work. Basically, my mindset is this business is me for life.

Even if it takes an eternity, I’ll be at it, because I just love the work that I’m putting into it.

I’m into the journey, not the destination.

But most people like I said come to me expecting big gains after a few hours of measly work, and when it doesn’t come up, they whine and complain. I don’t want to be a bitch about it, but this is the real grownup space, and you better fucking get used to it.

(BTW, If yon’t like the swearing – go somewhere else.)

Laziness Vs. Entitlement

Lazy people are fine in my books. You know you are lazy, and you are fine with not doing anything or accomplishing anything with your lives. But you know what I hate more than lazy people? People who seem to think that they are entitled to something just because they exist.

They do some things here and there.

But because they haven’t put a concentrated focus on anything, they give up, and say that the system is rigged. Those are the people who complain that the only people who are getting ahead have connections, or rich parents, or a sponsor of sorts.

These are the people who come to me and tell me that my parents must pay for me to travel everywhere. That’s why I’m able to do what I do.

Fuck you. That’s not it at all.

My parents are awesome and do support me a lot in my dreams. They are loving, and kind, and amazing human beings. But they haven’t paid for my fucking travels, nor have they have paid for me to quit my job and start my own online business. I’m doing it on my own, as are hundreds of other digital nomads who are living in Chiang Mai (CM), and many other DN hubs.

I Worked Many Freaking Hours To Make This Life Happen

Not only do I work like a crazy person right now, but I worked several hundred hours before while I was working full-time in my job to make this lifestyle happen.

Even now, when I don’t have to go to a 9-5 job, I wake up at 6am every single day even on weekends and work all day as much as possible. I am constantly networking, and learning from everyone I meet. I take copious notes not only on paper but also in my head. Even while I was travelling in Korea with my mother, I woke up early and worked in the morning. And I came back home after a long day of sightseeing, and walking, to work another few hours.

When I was back in Toronto, I lived a minimalist life, and saved up, so that I would have the money to quit my job, and work on my online business without hinderance. I was able to invest in myself, because I sacrificed by scrimping and saving.

Even now, I eat at street food stalls (but seriously the food is so good, this is not a sacrifice at all), avoid expensive restaurants, and take care of what I spent my money on. I do definitely take care of myself, because I’m my own biggest asset and I cannot afford to lose my health being on my own here.

This lifestyle didn’t come out of the blue. I fucking made it happen. And its the same for hundreds of other Digital Nomads. So stop saying that we are lucky! We made it happen, and you can too!

That’s The Point – If We Can Do It, You Can Too

The main point of this diatribe is that I want people to remember that I’m not special in anyway. Neither are all of the DNs who are making their ideal life happen by engineering it. They are not special, but what they are good at, is focusing, and working hard at making their fucking dreams happen. Something that you can be good at as well.

Working hard, and becoming focused as hell is all about practice.

Practicing at it every single day.

I do the work that is necessary for my business every day. I get more done in the first two hours of my day from 6-8am than you probably do all day (just a statement of fact, not bragging here).

Do You Care About Changing Your Life?

The real question is are you sick of the life you are living right now, truly sick of it? Or are you content living a small life, and content with living the life you are living for a long long time?

Most people are content with living small. Small living was me for a long time.

I lived in this tiny tiny box that I carved out for myself from the fears, doubts, and anxieties that I had.

In this small life (I cringe thinking about it now), I was jealous of everyone who got to live really big. I used to say the same stuff about them – they probably have a rich boyfriend, or rich parents, or a sponsor, or whatever.

Of course, now that I am able to live really big, I know how liberating it truly is. That is why I want you to experience the same. The truth of the matter is only YOU can change your life. No one else can truly help. Coaches like me can guide you through to the liberated big life, but they can’t make you do the hard work that is necessary to becoming a DN or an entrepreneur.

The Years Will Pass By Anyways

Real talk. The years are going to pass by anyways. They truly will pass by at the rate of light. Before you know it, you are going to be 80 and using a walker. What kind of life do you want until that point?


We are all creators and engineers of our own lives.

Write down what your ideal life looks like. That is what I did to change my life.

I sat down on a beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand for a week. I sat down every single day, and thought hard about all the ways that my life wasn’t up to par, and what my IDEAL life would look like in every single way.

How would I look, how would I sound, how would my days look, how would my work look, how would my relationships look, where would I live, who would I hang out with, where would I eat, how would I get around, and more.

I wrote for days and after at least 50 pages were filled, I had an idea of what my life would look like.

Using that as my guide little by little, I changed things around like Lego blocks, and created the life that I live right now – my ideal life engineered by little old me.

I Can’t Believe I Am Part Of The Badass Digital Nomads Group

Seriously! I look at my life and I fucking can’t believe this is my life. It’s like out of a James Bond novel. It is the life of a person I used to be jealous of. It is fantastic. I might as well be in a movie – that’s how amazing my life is.

I am not bragging. Believe you me. I don’t need to brag.

I’m not living this life for you or for my parents or for the Universe or for anyone else. I’m living it to satisfy me. Moi. Solo para mi.

I wake up every single day in awe and that is why I share with you.

I Want Everyone To Be Their Biggest, Brightest, Boldest Version

Way too many people are afraid to be their brightest version. I know right now how it is to be on both ends; big and bright, and small and afraid. Now that I know how it is, I want everyone to be able to live their biggest, brightest, and boldest version.

It is quite simple, really. But it’s the simplest things that are also the hardest.

The path is easy. Let go of everything that doesn’t make you shine from the inside out. Little by little.

First let go of the ideas that aren’t serving you. Second let go of the relationships that are strangling you. Lastly let go of the job that is suffocating you.

Before you know it, you will be in this space with me – this space where life is magical, miraculous, and huge!


If you are interested in chatting or learning more about my coaching services or anything else, email me at boomshikha at dot com.

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