Don’t Wait – Just Go. The Time To Be A Digital Nomad Is Right NOW.

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Be A Digital Nomad Now

When I first sat down to write this blog post, I thought to myself, Okay. So what should I write this blog post about? There is so much going on, but I really have no idea what to write this blog post on.

I am sitting in Varkala right now and the electricity is gone. It is absolute darkness except for a few torches and my laptop’s light. Thank God, it has 75% charge on it right now so I can write out this blog post, while I sit and wait.

I am realizing more and more that you really don’t know a country, until you actually are able to live in it. There is seriously no way you know a country, until you live in it. That’s the way of it. That’s the only way of it.

The light came back on at this point.

I am baffled by my life. I really am.

Gratitude Fills My Heart

I get to sit here by myself and relax, and I am just so grateful.

Living in and visiting all of these amazing countries is absolutely astounding to me.

I went with my mother to Korea at a time when they were protesting the President. I visited India when the demonetization was going on so ATMs had a really low daily limit of 4500 rupees, which is nothing. Finally, I was present in Thailand when the beloved King died in October, and the whole country went into mourning (black everywhere).

What Is It Really Like?

The thing is that most of the people who read about all of this news back home reported to me that they had heard that conditions are dire and I should leave. The media sources were telling them about the riots and horrible dissension in all of these countries. In reality, all of these countries were going through these powerful historical moments in absolute peace and quiet.

The protests in Korea against their President were quiet and respectful. Millions of people showed up and they protested with peace and love in their hearts.

The mourning in Thailand was again very peaceful – no riots. Just a lot of sadness, and respect for a monarch that had been their father for 70 years.

Finally, the demonetization in India was considered by many in the country to be a great move and was Modi was lauded for it. The minor inconvenience to them was worth it.

These are all things you will never really see when you are watching the news.

I Am Just Like You

Why am I telling you all of this? To make you feel bad about your situation? Not at all. I lived the 9-5 life for so long. I was trapped in the circle of consuming, and working. Those are the two activities that occupied most of my time. I worked really hard to make a lot of money and then I consumed really hard to spend all of the delicious money I made.

No different from anyone else on this planet. I am lucky enough to be born into an extremely entrepreneurial hard-working go-getter family, which causes me to be the same. Also, I am lucky enough to be born into a family that moved oceans to get a better life in Canada, which helps me a lot as I get to earn and save dollars rather than rupees.

But in no other way am I better than you. In spite of all the odds, I get to live this awesome life, that I could not even imagine was possible a few months ago. It’s just a miracle. It seriously is absolutely crazy insane wild.

I can’t describe to you the feelings I feel when I wake up almost every morning (I have some grumpy mornings just like you do). I wake up most mornings with this feeling inside of my heart of being absolutely and truly alive. It’s a feeling like no other. I really cannot describe it to you.

You have to live it to believe it and experience it.

The Only Thing That Is Hard

In my opinion, the only thing that is hard about this life is taking that first horrible gut-wrenching step. It is absolutely devastating, and mind-bending. I wanted to DIE, rather than take the step. It was filled with so much fear. I was basically this huge fear ball.

But I knew once I took the leap, once I just took that amazing step over the abyss into this mind-blowing life, I would be alright. I held onto that knowledge like a safety blanket, and I kept on trudging. One step after another, little by little.

That was all I could do. Really.

Nothing else to do except take that one little baby step one after another. Keep on going.

That’s what I tell myself every single day – Take that little baby step, slow and steady.

That’s what I want to tell you. Take that next step. That little step whatever it is for you. Maybe it is about telling your parents, or buying your first domain for your blog, or maybe it’s just writing it down in your journal that you will leave your job on Dec 1st, 2017 (or whatever that date will be for you).

You Will Never Know Until You Jump


Trust me. Just jump.

That abyss looks scary, big, and intimidating. I know. You see, I was there on top of that abyss just a few months ago. Staring down at the deep abyss, my heart was beating so fast I thought the fear would engulf me whole and spit me out.

I am still afraid every single day. I am telling you this to tell you the fear will never stop. Fear, doubt, and anxiety are my constant partners-in-crime. They walk with me everywhere I go.

But I don’t let them take me down.

They might walk with me, but they will never ever keep me living my absolutely wonderful life. That will never freaking happen.

Time Will Keep Passing

The unfortunate matter is that time truly waits for no one. We all keep thinking we have time. We will do it next year. We will do it after something else. We keep on postponing our dreams to this far off future. The Someday Isle that most people live on has already sunk and is far gone.

Don’t rely too much on some time in the future to do all of your stuff. Do your stuff right now. Live it right now.

The thing is that you can either do it not or never do it.

Don’t let Time become an enemy of yours. Befriend it and let it help you. Time can become your greatest friend, or worst enemy.

What Is The First Step You Can Take?

Whenever I speak to my coaching clients, I always ask them what is the first step that they can take right now. It has to be something small but useful that they can do right now. Mostly it has to do something about buying a domain name, or hiring a Fiverr person to make their podcast intro MP3. Whatever it has to be, you have to start. It’s always better if it is something actionable right now.

So think about that one thing for you. What could it be? What can you do right now to move yourself forward?

Tell me by emailing me at boomshikha at dot com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take that first step as soon as possible, and just keep on building on that momentum and joy that you have created by taking that first step. The joy of creating something new is unsurmountable.

I’m Here To Help You

I want to help you bridge that gap between here and there, whatever there might be for you. It might taking the leap into digital nomading, or it might be starting that flowershop that you’ve always dreamt of. Whatever it is, I want to help you. I am not just saying that. It gives me true joy to help people achieve their goals and dreams. It is truly the best thing possible.

I want to help you so email me or contact me and get on my coaching program. It will change your life like it has for so many other people.

Words are just words until they are actually put into actionable steps.

I don’t want you to become another sayer, but I want you to be a doer. Dreamers are not always doers, but all doers are dreamers.

Dream big with me, and let’s make it all happen for you.

The time is now and the place is here. Nothing else is needed. We have everything we need to be everything we want to be.

Let’s Become Doers And Change-Makers

Healing happens from within and change happens from within as well. If you wish to change your life, you cannot start with the outside. You have to start first from the inside out. What is missing inside of you? Is it self-esteem or self-belief? What is it?

You know better than me what that something would be.

I’m here to ask the questions. The questions themselves don’t matter, but what matters is what they trigger inside of you. I always tell my coaching clients don’t worry about interpreting the questions. The question itself is useless, and pointless. It truly doesn’t matter. But my question will cause something to change and shift inside of you. It will cause you to ask me something and a conversation might begin.

It might cause you to realize something about yourself.

Whatever it is, the answer matters. That answer will be different for each question and each person. What is your answer?

Focus on the answers. Forget about the questions. Ask the question and then release it. Let it go.

Make Life An Experiment

I think of my life as a major experiment. Every moment I am experimenting on myself internally and externally. Life is constantly changing and there is nothing we can do about that. Instead of focusing on the outside that I cannot control, I focus on stuff I can control. The only thing we have absolute control over is ourselves.

I can control my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, my body, and my life. I can engineer all of that.

That is all I can do.

So that’s all I do.

I make every moment an experiment. What can I experiment on right now? Currently, I am focused on my eyesight. I wear glasses normally. But I think I wear them as a way of hiding myself and my power from the people around me. So I hide behind these huge glasses. Recently, I realized I don’t want to hide anymore. I have started doing exercises to make my eyesight really powerful so that I do not need to wear spectacles anymore.

The experiment is working. I haven’t worn my glasses in the past week at all. I don’t need them. I see really clearly without them.

You see – life is an experiment for me. Life can be whatever you want it to be. You can make it a dance, or a performance, or a flight. You choose the words and actions. You make it your own.

I Inspire You To Live Bold

I’m just here to inspire you to take flight and fly high. High above the clouds and high above everyone!

The world is too small to hold any of us. We are way too big, bright and beautiful to be contained in these tiny physical armours. Give up these shields and live big.

The shields are not only keeping you from yourself, but they are also keeping you from others. You want to protect yourself? Why? You don’t need protecting. The universe is taking care of you in all of its beauty in every moment. Give up the idea of protection and just become bigger than ever.

Let the music of life pervade you and dance with it. Dance wherever. Be alive.

Be true.

Be here.

Boom Shikha

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