8 Reasons Why I’m Such A Gypsy At Heart

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I have a gypsy heart.

I have fought with everyone around me for years now. They think the lifestyle I want – the Digital Nomad lifestyle isn’t feasible long-term. I disagree vehemently, and I have fought with not only my parents over this, but my now ex-partners, friends, and random strangers on the street.

That’s the sad thing to me. I never argue with them over their choices, but people always seem to want to argue with me over my choices. That irks me. It really really irks me.

Everyone Wants To Argue With Me

Why is everyone so against what I want to do with my life? Why are they so willing to argue with me over it? What is this need they have to argue with me over the choices that I have undertaken, when I am not asking them for any feedback or recommendations or suggestions.

Obviously, all of this aggression against my choices made me wonder why is everyone so against me? I truly want to find out if I was making wrong choices, or were people just randomly against me because I was making them feel that their life choices were wrong and they were trying to bring me down.

In that journey, I have discovered some really great reasons why I think I’m a gypsy. I know why I am a gypsy, and I know why so many others choose this nomadic lifestyle. This helps, because when I argue my case now, I can say I am a gypsy at heart – it’s in my blood, and genes. I can’t help it. It’s just the way I am.

I love it. Now that the arguments in my head and the demons are all gone, I know that I’m better off for it. People can laugh at me or make fun of my choices, but no one else matters anymore, because I know who I am, and where I am coming from. These are not haphazard choices that I am making anymore. They are truly meaningful decisions I am making from my authentic self. That really changes the whole game.

Why Do I Have A Gypsy Heart?

My Family Of Gypsies

I was born into a family that comes from a generation of gypsies. My ancestors are from the beautiful desert of Rajasthan, and if you know anything about it, you know that desert people are all always gypsies, and that really helps me feel better about my choices. If generations of people back in the day have been roaming around the desert in search of water, food, and connection, then I can roam to Chiang Mai to build my online business. It doesn’t seem as crazy anymore, does it?

My Dad – A Born Entrepreneur

My father was born an entrepreneur. He always looked to the future, and to where the opportunities lay. Even though his family wanted him to stay at home and work on the family business, he chose to venture out into the unknown, by getting an engineering degree, and moving to a strange new city with a new wife to start something new. His courage is the reason I can be so courageous right now. I know that not only do I have my family’s support, but I also have his courage to back me up. If he could have moved countries back in the 80s when it was much harder, I can do it now when it is much easier.

My Restless Wandering Soul

I have a restless soul. It isn’t because I am bored of where I am. But I know deep down that I’m a searcher. I’m searching for the answer specifically for me. Why am I here? How can I contribute to the world in a meaningful way? Why was I born at this time and why is my consciousness here right now if time is infinite and everything is happening all at once? I find that the search for these answers becomes easier when I eschew routines and go to a new place.

This Huge World Beckons Me

The world is a big place. I don’t want to be facetious, but the world is huge, and I want to take advantage of it. There are so many places to visit that I haven’t seen yet. I always think of a quote that says, I look at birds and I think if they can fly everywhere, why do they stay in one place? And then I look at myself and I think the same. I don’t want to think that about myself. Why do I stay in one place when I could roam pretty much anywhere in the world? Why? As there is no good answer to that question, I will move around.

The Unstable Future Worries Me

The future of this world is unstable. Seeing what is going on on this planet with Donald Trump being elected as President, global warming, hundreds of thousands of species dying every year, and so much more, I feel that there is a sense of urgency in me, in wanting to live right now. I want to live right now. To be alive right now, because I don’t really know how many years of life this planet has left. Be pessimistic, but I cannot plan for retirement in a future that might not exist, due to World War 3, or a Nuclear apocalypse, or whatever it might be.

Death Is Inevitable

I spend a lot of my time thinking about death. I don’t know much, but I do know that I will die eventually. In that thought, I know the most important thing to me isn’t my death, but my life. I want to ensure that I would have lived absolutely fully in the moments that I am alive. In that fullness of life, movement, and travel comes up as paramount. Some people care more about ensuring they have children to pass on their legacy. Yet others care about setting up a business that leaves a legacy behind once they are no more. For me, all of that sounds great in theory, but experiences speak more to my soul than anything else.

Stuff Loses Value When I Travel

When I travel and build experiences, stuff loses lustre in comparison. The days without travel end up feeling lack-lustre, and suffocating. I want to ensure that I spend my time here doing the things I want to do, and that’s why if I am going to end up spending my time on making money, I want to spend my money on connecting with my deeper self through travel, rather than connecting with my physical self by buying more stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I still take care of my physical self when I travel, but it isn’t a superficial thing – I take care of my body through massages, self-care, manicures, proper sleep, good nutrition, and other stuff like that. I am not spending hours deciding which online store to spend my time buying stuff from.

No Regrets, Mon

I want to die having said that I have no regrets. This is kind of related to death, but I know even if I died tomorrow, I would be able to say I lived a full and awesome life. I have no regrets at the moment. No regrets at all. I am so grateful to be alive, that I have no words to explain my gratitude. It is all because of the fact that I am here and I am truly living my ideal life. I have no chance to say, ‘Someday I’ll,’ because I am doing everything I would want to do with my time here on Earth. In every way possible.

What do you think of my reasons? Do you agree? I hope you disagree with a few, and agree with a few. That would be ideal. If you think I’m completely off-base, email me at boomshikha at themillionairehippie.designextreme.com dot com and let me know why.

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    1. Boom Shikha Post
  1. Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love how your mkns works very similarly to mine! I’m almost in shock, but in an amazing way. I’ve always had this kind of mentality but I never really had a name for it until a friend of mine pointed out how no one else is like me, so free spirited…with an uncanny ability to up and move whenever! And so I started exploring it a little further. And all I can say is Wow, it makes perfect sense! And I can now explore it deeper and feel much more at ease with myself. Thank u!! For writing posts like these, that’s what helps people like me understand!!

    1. Boom Shikha Post

      Lindsey, I’m so grateful that you read my post and resonated with it!! So grateful, you have no idea. I love getting messages like this. They tell me to keep on going, keep on writing, keep on being me. 🙂 Have a gypsy-spirit filled day.

  2. I hope you’ll read this. Being ‘stuck’ in college for 6 1/2 years, failing many times, friends coming and leaving, being bored for a long time, traveling alone… all of them makes me wonder who I really am. Yes, I can easily being bored with anything. You know what my hobby is? Traveling and making the itinerary of it (I don’t usually follow it strictly).
    Money can be a bit motivating- I sell boiled eggs, really- but every time I’m thinking about the people around me whining about rising prices (meh, lifestyle costs) I started to sell my eggs with lower prices- more or less 15 US cents each, and yes, it is profitable. You know what I’m concerned about and why I’m doing it? Making people shut the F out about prices, about conspiracy theories or about every single thing that drags them back and start looking for solutions instead of blaming other people.
    I usually travel, laugh, eat, cry, study and go out alone. Loneliness has no bad impact to me but days of no travel, people arguing with me, people blaming me, people detesting me, people hurting my heart and soul, and people talking politics have (especially the last one). I love every single people that accept me as friends even if they leave me or even if have completely mirroring ideas to mine. My heart misses their love. Yes, a man’s heart can be broken too. They never realize how much I love them.
    When I see the world, I realize something really weird- we need to constantly work, but we need not to be filthy rich- what we need is being self-sufficient and some occasional luxury (please be free to disagree, I don’t like arguing but I love people disagree with good points). Why be rich but keep having debts that you can’t even pay?
    I’m started to think that I’m both a free spirit and a gypsy soul. Maybe not. I’m still looking for some diamonds and pearls (that’s a song from Scorpions- Gypsy Life) hahaha! Thanks for reading. 😀

    1. Boom Shikha Post

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