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You’ve Come a Long Way Already and Done So Much

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You’ve accomplished a lot, as have I. But I have a tendency as most people do to shame myself for not doing enough, not being enough, not having enough, and more.

Even though I am successful in my mind, and I am living an awesome life, there’s always something more I could be doing. I’m becoming better and better in this regard as time goes on, but it’s still one of those things I struggle with.

The universe, I love her so much, she is always looking out for me, which means, that I got a message from her recently that really made me feel so grateful for the journey I have undertaken. But more than that, it made me realize really how far I have come, and how proud I should be about that fact.

It’s not about bragging or boasting. It’s about genuinely being kind to myself, and loving myself for the fact that I have done so much and I have come so far.

A Hostel In Kuala Lumpur And A Dorm Mate

I traveled to Kuala Lumpur recently to do a visa run out of Thailand. I loved the city and it’s definitely a must-see for any digital nomad foodie out there. But, more than the food, I was able to meet Prav, who was able to show me how far I have come and how lucky I am.

Not that I don’t feel like I am lucky, but as I said, I am always pushing myself to do more and more and more. It’s never enough. I have wasted so much time in my life that I want to do more and more. I don’t want to waste any more time.

Thus, I walked into my 2-person dorm room, and Prav was lying in her bed, browsing through her phone. It was late, around 11 pm at night, and I was grateful to be indoors, and near my bed.

It had been a long traveling day. Lots of boats, ferries, buses, and planes.

She asked me what I do, and as always, I was confused about how to answer.

Should I tell her I am an author? Or a YouTuber? Or a podcaster? Or a digital nomad? Or a course creator?

So many choices. I went with digital nomad.

It was fine. I didn’t really think we would meet again or she would be interested.

Oh My God, You Are Living My Dream Life

The words that came out of her mouth next were, “Oh my god, you are living my ideal life. My dream life.”

Yikes, I didn’t expect that. She went on to say that she quit her job in a tech company after being burnt out, and she now teaches English in South Korea. But she actually wants to start an online business and make money online and be location independent.


I gave her my website, and she instantly went on there, to discover I have a podcast. “Oh man, I want to start a podcast, too.” She said, enthusiastically.

It was so interesting, because the more we chatted, the more she reminded me of myself 2 years ago when I began this journey. There were so many coincidences in between her journey and mine. We both worked as marketing managers in tech companies.

We both left because we wanted to spend all of our energy and time on building something of our own. We both interviewed with Mind Valley, a company in KL. And so much more.

I stood there, unpacking, while she chatted about her life and her dreams, and I thought to myself, “This has to be a sign from the universe.” Which is exactly how she interpreted my arrival into her life as well.

She took it as a sign from the universe that she’s on the right path and to keep going.

As did I as I realized I’ve accomplished a lot.

The Universe Is Telling Me – You’ve Accomplished a Lot

To be honest, I am really hard on myself.

Even my parents say this to me all the time. “Why don’t you slow down? Why don’t you relax a little bit? You’ve accomplished a lot.”

I am surprised when my parents speak these words because, in the past, they used to berate me for not doing enough or being enough. Or maybe that was just in my head.

Anyways, I know I can be too harsh. Too demanding of myself. Thus, this message from the universe came just in time.

Instead of pushing myself as I always do on my ‘days off’, I decided to work only half days in KL, and enjoy the rest of the days, by doing a bit of window shopping, people watching, and walking through the city, three of my favorite ways to spend my tourist days.

It was nice to get this reminder from the universe of how my hard work has paid off, and I have done what I wanted to do.

I am living my ideal life. I cannot believe it. I am so grateful.

Thank you universe for this message.

I am off to do some more sightseeing, instead of working, which is what I would normally spend my time off doing. And I would recommend, you do the same. Take some time to congratulate yourself (you’ve accomplished a lot), rather than always punishing yourself for not doing enough.

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  1. I can’t believe how much I am reminded of myself when I read your articles. This is the third one I’ve read so far, and it’s like I’m reading a mirror of my own thoughts. I know this might seem crazy, but I just know that I need to meet you in person one day. You really are living my dream life. The struggles that you have spoken about are my exact struggles, and your joys are scarily the same as my joys. I truly feel that the universe brought me to see your article “8 Reasons Why I’m Such A Gypsy At Heart” for a reason. I’ve been telling people for the past couple of years “I swear I was a gypsy in a past life, because all I want to do is be free to travel, learn, create and do whatever my heart truly desires no matter what I think society believes I should be doing with my life.” I felt uneasy today in the car and decided to look into my feelings regarding gypsy-life and stumbled upon your website. I know that you, like I, most likely have a lot on your plate, but I’m really looking forward to talking with you in more detail some time soon! I’m half Filipino, half Australian but I live and work in Japan right now as an English teacher. I’m off to America, Canada and Australia next month, but I’ll be back in Japan from September. Feel free to drop me an email/message if you’d like to meet in person. Japan is just a hop, skip and a jump away from your home base :). I’m really looking forward to hearing from you :).

    1. Boom Shikha Post

      Hey Cheryl!! Wow, thank you so much for such a kind and generous message. I love hearing from other people who are on the same journey as me. I love that you are teaching English in Japan, that must be wild and awesome. Let’s definitely keep in touch. I am planning to go to Japan very soon, and I would loveeee to meet you there. 🙂 XXX

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