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Hold Your Heart if You Feel Doubt or Fear

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I have a lot of doubt in me, and that’s normal. That’s what I have realized after speaking to dozens of creative people. Everyone has doubts – that’s why you need to hold your heart.

If you are human and have a heart, you are going to have an abundance of doubt sitting around either buried deep in your closet or out in the open, hanging around everything you do. And everyone you meet.

This post isn’t about beating doubt. That isn’t something we can actually do. It might not even be something that we need to do. It can stay there in the background like a hum.

Like some white noise that hasn’t really quite realized what its true purpose is. So it stays there.

But I have started this new ritual – newish to me, where every time I feel doubt, I have started placing my hand on my heart. My beautiful, beating, tender, emotional heart.

My Heart Knows Even If I Don’t

As I get older, as I meditate more, as I connect more with myself, I’m realizing how powerful a heart really is. It is really the least appreciated organ in our body.

We don’t even think about it mostly. It just sits there, diligently pumping blood through our entire body, day in and day out. Moment by moment. Working hard, beneath the surface, without so much so as thanks.

But its role is so much bigger than pumping blood through our bodies. That is just one of those mundane roles that it has taken on because that’s how humble it is.

In fact, it is so powerful that it has been put into a cage, our ribcage so that perhaps it would stay small. But even a ribcage can’t hide its beauty and its glory.

You see, a heart is all about energy. Our heart may pump blood all day long, but more than that, it pumps hundreds of joules of energy through our body, our spirit, and our surroundings.

Energy that cannot be seen or touched. But can only be felt. You know exactly what I mean, don’t you? You have felt it. The energy that a heart can feel.

If you’ve ever been in love, you’ve felt that energy. It is immense, it is bigger than you and I could ever be.

It’s just quietly pumping all of this energy through us, to give us the energy to love, to be creative, to dance, to have sex, to move. But not only that, it is using all of that energy to connect us to the universe, to that higher eternal source.

And finally, it’s also big enough to take on the energy of the people around us, so it can transmute it into something awesome.

I Hold My Heart, Because It Soothes Me

My heart is so tender. It’s so soft. I love it so much.

I might sound crazy right now, but that’s exactly how I feel. Perhaps, this is a manifestation of self-love.

All of that energy that my heart is pouring into me, all of that work it is doing with my intuition, and my environment, I love it for that. I love myself for it.

To live in such a cruel world and to still have a heart, isn’t that the act of the highest courage?

Whenever I feel doubt. Or I feel down. Or I feel like my world is completely tumbling upside down, I put my hand on my heart.

It’s not about feeling my heartbeat and realizing that I am just a human, minuscule, and here just for a moment.

But to realize that if I am lucky enough to be given such a powerful, and eternal heart, which can engulf the entire universe within it if it wanted to do so, then why am I complaining?

I put my hand on my heart and I feel the eternity of the world inside of me. Everything is precious, and I am even more so. You can do the same – hold your heart.

The universe has worked so hard upon me. To make as perfect of a being as possible. Even if that perfection isn’t always visible, it can be visible to you when you place your hand on your heart.

Feel that power manifest through you. Wow!! Just feeling that energy pulse through me, makes me feel in awe of myself.

There can be no doubt anymore.

How can I feel doubt when all of that beauty is surging through ME?

If You Feel Fear, Do This

The same thing happens when I feel fear. I put my hand on my heart, and I feel a surge of gratitude, and safety surge through me.

My heart is so beautiful. It works so hard. It connects with everything.

Every human that comes into contact with me, every soul, they connect not with my body or my face, but with my heart.

They see my heart and I see theirs. We might not say it like that in our language. Or we might not talk about it face-to-face.

But our souls and spirits know. They see the hearts of everyone that comes into contact with them. The heart that works so hard to connect with everyone and to tell everyone that I love you!!!

You are eternal, beautiful, and I love you. Hold your heart and feel the same.

Even if we are fighting with them, our hearts will connect and tell everyone that we are theirs and they are ours.

That we are in love with everyone and everything. That we are here for a few moments, but we are going to take full advantage of those moments.

There is no need to feel any negative emotion anymore. Take a deep breath, move your hand, your beautiful nerve-filled gorgeous hand onto your heart, and feel the eternity of you in each heartbeat.

You have deluded yourself into thinking that you are here for a few moments and then gone. In fact, you have been here several times before, and you will be here several times henceforth.

No need to fear. You have all of the time in the world. You are eternal.

Just listen to your heartbeat and sing that song for you.

Touch it.

Hold your heart. Tell it you love it as much as it loves you.

Boom Shikha

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