Resistance to the Divine Source

Why Do We Have Resistance to the Divine Source?

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I sent out my post about spiritual hunger from last week to my email subscribers and Dylan, one young INFJ who follows me, replied back with something about resistance to the divine source. Read below.

“There is a concept I had read about from the book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and it’s that all of these worries are actually resistance, resistance against the Source’s divine creativity. When I resist, I know that I am blocking the Divine Creator’s creativity that flows through me.

The more resistance there is, the more things go wrong for me because the creative energy is obstructed. This also links to the idea that the Source, the One manifests its ideas through us. So I can see that resisting the present moment is the disconnection from God, the One, the Source that you mentioned.

I loved what he shared with me and I am going to share my thoughts on it below. Keep reading!

Don’t Worry, I Can Take Care of It, We Say to God

In my life, I have this tendency to believe that in certain areas of my life I’m good at taking care of things, so I don’t need God’s presence in them. Also, there are other areas of my life where I feel shame about not being good enough (or some other shame) and I don’t allow God’s presence there.

For example, I’m great at writing, and my connection to my muse (which is essentially God, if you think about it) is good, so I don’t need God there. Weird, right? It’s like God’s here in one form, so I don’t need in other forms here.

Oh, a foolish child that I am.

And with regards to shame, I sometimes feel shame at my inadequacy at building my relationship with my father, so I ignore it and don’t even allow God in or ask God for help with it.

It’s my business, I say, striking a line in the sand. This I can take care of, you take care of that part of my life, God.

It’s so rude of me. And completely silly. God isn’t going to listen to me, just because I told him to go away.

He’s still helping from the shadows, but wouldn’t it be nicer if I was working with him, rather than against him?

Resistance to the Divine Source Ain’t Helping You

This resistance that Eckhart speaks of, comes up in a lot of my life. It has come up over and over again when I was trying to live a life filled with creativity and writing. It came up a lot when I was trying to make my creative life sustainable. It comes up a lot now when I have fights with my parents or I feel disconnected from them.

Think about it – God’s creativity and divine power are a billion trillion times greater than you. He can come up with solutions to problems that you would NEVER ever think of in a million years. He sees more than you can ever see. He can see light years ahead and light-years past, to know exactly what solution is best for you now.

Without him, you could come up with a solution, but it would be pretty sad compared to what God can come up with.

But instead of allowing him into our lives, and saying, please help me, “I’m at the end of my line and I don’t know what to do,” we get all haughty, and push him away.

We get egotistical and believe we are superior to those who ask God for help. We imagine wrongly that God loves us more because we don’t ask for help and loves less those who ask for help (in truth, he loves us all equally).

Let Go and Let God Take Care of Your Worries

Worrying is such a paradox, isn’t it? If you truly believe that the universe is kind and benevolent (which I do), then you know that everything is happening for your good. There’s nothing that happens to harm you and desiccate you.

What does this mean? That means that when you worry, you aren’t thinking straight. You are blocking the divine creator’s love for you and his kindness. You are thinking that at this moment, I need to worry because he’s not taking care of me right now.

Whereas he is always taking care of you no matter what you do or who you are.

That’s why we need to stop worrying. It blocks our connection to God. It makes us feel all alone in the world and like we have to take care of all the burdens of the world ourselves.

It is tiring. That’s why it’s time to let go of this false dichotomous thinking.

There is no point in time when God is not taking care of you. Either you get that, or you don’t get it at all.

He’s always there. Around. Along with your guardian angels. Taking care of you. ALWAYS.

Now the real question is if you are going to allow him into your heart or not. One path is easy. The other not so much.

What do you choose? Will you stop your resistance to the divine source? Let me know in the comments below.

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