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Here Are 9 Steps To Manifest Your Dream Job In 9 years

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I am not writing this post so you can admire me from afar, gazing at me with adulation, looking at me with envy, and all of that jazz. I am writing this post to show you that good things come to those who are persistent and consistent about it. Manifest your dream job today!

Not for a second do I want you to believe that you will manifest your dream job if you do all of these steps for 9 years straight. I don’t want you banging on my door in 9 years, telling me, I’m a fraud.

I do not believe that most people will read this post and follow all of the steps.

Of course not! I mean, 9 years?! That’s way too long.

I might be dead by then. I might be in jail. Or who knows what.

I get it.

But I had to write this post for myself. To prove to myself that I am not crazy, that I have my dream job, that I am not dreaming, that dreams do come true, that consistency works, and that I am so freaking grateful.

First Step – Find What The Hell You Want To Do With Your Time Here

Now when I say I found my dream job, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your dream “job” will be a job with a company. Or it will be traditional in any sense of the word. But it will be something that you would want to do for a while.

A lot of people work their asses off to get to retirement. Some even retire at the age of 40 or 45. And then, they move to a beach and live the beach bum life, imagining that this is what would make them come alive and feel good about being alive.

But in fact, they get to that life, and after a few weeks or months of it, they realize, oh boy, this is quite boring.

Human Beings Need Purpose To Feel Alive – Manifest Your Dream Job

I have done the semi-retirements, where I save up a bit of money, quit my job, and then travel around the world for a bit, or find a beach that I can stay at for a while. I have done it, and I have realized after each time that it is quite boring not to have a purpose in life.

It doesn’t have to be an outstanding purpose. Nor does it have to be a crazy purpose. It just has to be a purpose. A good purpose. A driving purpose. Something to get us out of bed every single day.

What is that for you? The reality is most of us think it’s something, but when we try it out, it turns out we hate it, and we wouldn’t want to do it for the rest of this year, let alone our lives.

What does your dream job look like? Where is it? Is it in a company or a resort or a country?

Write it down. Write it down to start the process and manifest your dream job.

Second Step – Go Live That Lifestyle To See If It’s For You

This is an important step and most people skip it because the fantasy in their heads is so alive and enticing that they don’t think they could do without it.

It was the same for me. I thought I would love to be a travel blogger when I was in my twenties. I thought the idea of traveling everywhere, taking pictures, and writing about it, would be ideal.

But when I started doing it, just on my own, as an experiment, I found it too tiring, and tiresome. I was exhausted by it. And I wasn’t any good at it.

So try out your ideal life as much as possible before you quit everything to move to it.

The same thing applies to being a digital nomad. So many people think it would be awesome to be location-independent and work from your laptop. But it’s hard being a digital nomad.

It’s challenging at times to be away from everyone and everything familiar. To be moving around all the time. To have no home base or no connections.

We miss the foods, we miss people, we miss everything!

I always tell people to try before you move. Try it out tentatively for a few months. The fantasy in your head is there, which is great.

You should be dreaming. Dreaming is great.

But as is said, you need to put foundations under your dreams and see if it still holds true for you. In a lot of cases, when you manifest your dream job, it’s not as appealing as you imagined it would be. This has been the case for me, several times.

Third Step – Believe That You Deserve to Manifest Your Dream Job

This is an important step. But it’s a hard one. It was one of the hardest steps for me.

I had a hard time believing that I deserve my dream job. I mean, why me? Out of the hundreds of people or dozens of people who might be interested, why me?

I couldn’t answer that question for the longest time, and in fact, this is the step that took me the longest to conquer. It was.

It took about 8 of the 9 years to get through this one step, this one hurdle of believing that I deserve my dream job. I worked hard in the 8 years, to prove to myself that I am deserving. In the end, I realized I was deserving, just because I wanted it because I asked for it. I didn’t need to be special in any way to have it. No need to prove myself in any way. I wanted it so I got it.

But to get to this point, it took hours of meditation, journaling, morning routines, working upon myself, inside myself, outside of myself, money blocks work, and so much more.

It doesn’t come easy.

This belief in ourselves doesn’t come easy. Even for people for whom you think it’s easy, it’s not easy. It’s seriously not.

It’s a constant struggle. A constant motion forward. Believe in yourself. You are deserving of whatever you want.

Fourth Step – Talk To The People Who Will Give You Your Dream Job

Once, you feel that you are deserving of a job that you want and that you will be able to live with for a while, the next step is obviously to find the people who are in charge of hiring for that particular job.

The job will not land in your lap through affirmations, prayers, or chants. You have to reach out to someone for it. You don’t need to do it in a very fancy way. No need for fireworks, balloons, or anything dramatic.

An email will do just fine.

Seriously, an email?? You are probably thinking. Yes, an email.

Just a polite, formal email asking the person if they are hiring for the position you are interested in and if they would be willing to give you some time.

Facebook Stalking – The New Networking

Now, this is important. Before you email them, stalk them on Facebook.

Yes, I know. I shouldn’t be advocating Facebook stalking. But this is a crucial step. These kinds of dream jobs especially are not advertised on LinkedIn or any job site.

They are not advertised! Remember that. Manifest Dream Job Now.

My job was posted on the owner’s Facebook feed – she was asking her friends and family if they knew anyone who would be interested and then it was shared from there. I am not friends with her on Facebook. But I knew that she was the owner, and she was someone I followed on Facebook.

I noticed her asking for someone, and I noticed that it was a position that I would be suited to. Thus, I emailed the manager of the resort asking if he would consider at least interviewing me.

Fifth Step – Forget About Getting The Job – Just Enjoy The Process

Now, this is a big one for me. I am a go-getter. I want to get things done. Finish them. Check them off. Mark them completed.

Same thing with this whole getting my dream job thing. I wanted to mark it completed as soon as I started thinking about it.

But, I had to give up and let go. Surrender was a big word for me in 2018, and letting go of the outcome of this job interview process was a big thing. I didn’t know if I would get it. I went in assuming that I would, but I didn’t worry about it too much. Who knows what would happen? A random person could swoop in last minute and take my dream job. Or they could decide they don’t want to hire anyone.

I decided from the beginning to enjoy everything – whatever happens, I am going to enjoy it. If I get the job, I’ll be thankful and enjoy the hell out of it. If I don’t get the job, I will enjoy the hell out of that as well.

Either way, I am here, and I am alive. And for that, I am truly grateful. If I get the job, that would be the cherry on the sundae or the icing on the cake and I can’t ask for anymore.

This is important for you as well to remember. Just enjoy the damn process. Don’t get antsy about it. Or doubt yourself. Or worry yourself to death about it. There’s no point to all of that.

Just enjoy it. Chill out. Have fun when trying to manifest your dream job. This is your life we are speaking about.

Sixth Step – Go To The Interview And Be Yourself – Manifest Your Dream Job

Most people will disagree with this one. I know they will.

But I have to say that I am interviewing the person who is interviewing me as much as them or even more. I have to work with this person for 6-7 hours a day every day for months or years to come. This matters.

I have noticed that when I am myself, and I get the job, then the job goes easier for me because I didn’t pretend to be something that might not fit into the culture of the new job. If I am myself, and they hire me based on that, that means, I am going to fit right into the culture of the company.

I go to interviews now and talk about MBTI personality types because I am obsessed with them, and food because I am obsessed with that. I tell them about my family and my life. There are conversations about travel, and digital nomadism. About writing, and reading.

About me and them.

That’s how we get to learn about each other and see if we are going to like each other. If I pretended to be a vegan, but then they realize I eat cheese, then that could potentially be a big disaster.

I also am a terrible liar, so that doesn’t work for me. If you are going to hire me, hire ME, not someone I am pretending to be.

Seventh Step – After The Interview, Don’t Tell Yourself You Bombed It, Go Get A Massage Instead

I tend to do this. I will tell myself they hated me, they hated me, they hated me. And that’s it. I’m done. I hate myself for being so foolish, for dreaming, for wanting.

It’s all a horrible mess, and I don’t want to do that to myself again.

Now, I just go get a massage after and try to forget that I even did an interview. “What interview?” If anyone asks me, I will pretend like I have no idea what they are talking about.

Interview, what interview?

Seriously though, we need to let go and truly surrender. To indulge in self-care and taking care of our bodies, rather than focusing on the analysis of every word in our minds.

It is easy for me to sit down and analyze the interview from start to finish. But I don’t do that anymore.

Instead, I go for a swim or a massage, or a manicure. Something for myself. Something to tell myself, it doesn’t matter what the outcome would be, life still goes on beautifully. Manifest your dream job.

Eighth Step – Be Present For Each Step And Don’t Moan Or Complain

Some companies have a long process for hiring. Some have a short one. Either way, it will not be helpful for your case if you start complaining about it or moaning to people about it.

First of all, you don’t know how people are connected nowadays, so if you say something about someone to someone then that first someone might get wind of it. Just keep your damn mouth shut.

Second of all, the more you complain or moan, the more of that negative energy you bring into your life and the hiring process. Just let go. Don’t do it. Just think positive thoughts, or better yet, don’t think about the interview or hiring process at all.

Let it go as it goes. There’s no hurrying it. There’s no getting it over with. Just be with it. Be here, present, and alive.

Happy that you are capable enough to get interviews. Happy that you have the chance to interview for your dream job when most people are trudging along hating everything about their lives and jobs.

Ninth And Final Step – When You Get The Job, Enjoy It And Don’t Get Bitter

I see a lot of people doing this and that’s why I wanted to share this final step with you. So many of us will get what we dreamed of for decades, and then when we finally get it, we are unhappy and annoyed with the scenario. We complain, bitch, and moan about it all the time.

What the hell??

I mean, what the hell, is probably what the universe is thinking at that moment. She’s like, I worked so freaking hard to get you that damn dream job, and all you can do now is bitch about it. Stop it now!

That’s what I would say to you as well.

STOP complaining. If you don’t like it, move on. Maybe it’s not for you. Maybe you are done with it. It might be time for you to move on. Whatever it is, stop complaining, and start doing.

Start making things happen with the power of actions, not through the bitter action of your tongue.

Happy Hunting!! And may you manifest your dream job in a matter of days rather than years.

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