Energy Management Should Be Your Highest Priority

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The more I move around in the world as a digital nomad, the more I get to interact with people from all different backgrounds, and different energies. Not everyone I come into contact with is balanced, and knows how to keep their energies equanimous. So sometimes, actually, often times, I run into people who are energy vampires of sorts. They use drama, high emotions, and arguments to bring more excitement into their lives. And because we are human, and we want to help, their drama-filled existence sucks us in deep.

This has happened to me wherever I have been. It’s been really interesting to me, how I used to get pulled into so much drama before my meditation practice. It was almost impossible for me to step away. It was as if I was being pulled into a cyclone, and I had no way of running away. The force pulling at me was too great.

Since, I started my meditation practice, I have become more of an observer. The more I observe, the more I realize how much of my energy in the past was wasted in these meaningless confrontations. So much energy gone down the drain because I couldn’t control myself or prevent myself from being sucked in.

Don’t Attend Every Argument Around You

I read this quote recently. “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.”

I love it!! It is actually quite poignant. I used to inadvertently, even if I wanted to or not, even if I had the energy for it or not, attended every argument that was going on around me.

Now, I step back. Most arguments do not need me coming into it, and muddling up their energies. A lot of times, if people don’t engage with the people arguing or the people trying to cause an argument, they fade out. It’s the engagement that causes the arguments to get bigger and bigger.

What is the purpose of this madness? Why are we lending our oh-so-precious energies into the mix? It doesn’t benefit us, and it definitely doesn’t benefit them.

We Think We Show We Care By Attending Arguments

I have noticed that a lot of people since I have started this practice of non-attendance, and non-engagement, have started saying that I don’t care about them, or I don’t love them anymore. It’s so interesting that I have to engage with arguments or discussions with people to show that I care or I love them.

Is that really the planet we are living in?

I would rather show them that I care by not engaging in these meaningless discussions about the same-old topics over and over again. It is a waste of my energy, time, effort, and words.

I don’t want to do it anymore, and I am not going to.

Our Energies Are So Precious

We start off every single day with a certain amount of energy. This energy is replenished every night, and also through the use of appropriate naps, and fuel. But, you can only increase it by a bit using these techniques.

Let’s assume that we start off the day with a full fuel tank. We had a great night of sleep and we feel rested, and ready to go on all of our amazing projects. We have our unique gifts, and we want to utilize them to make shit happen. We want to live as self-actualized human beings.

So we move through the day. But when we are halfway through it, something happens. Someone wants to engage in an argument to liven up or spice up their day or week. Instead of giving a 100% to the important things in life, we spend about 25-50% of our energies that day on an argument.

We are exhausted after. We have nothing to give to our projects, or to anything else. We are dead.

We go home, we veg out in front of the TV, we eat something crappy, and we fall asleep exhausted. All of this was because we just don’t have the energy to care.

Is this how we want to live our lives?

Well, this is how most of us are living our lives.

Disengage With The Drama Queens And Energy Vampires

Just say no, similar to the drugs campaign. Just say not to all attempts at sabotaging your day and your energy. Stop it now. Do not engage with these people. I repeat, do not engage with them.

It will not result in anything good. Do you think if you engage with them once, they will stop attacking your energy sources? No way, Jose. They will find another reason to attack next week, and the week after, and the week after.

It will never end.

But if you stop engaging with it, they will learn that you cannot be bothered with such trivialities. You have bigger fish to fry. You have a bigger life to live.

You have a bigger mission and vision to follow.

This is your life, and specifically, this is your limited energy stores. Be really careful how you spend it.

Step Away, Walk Away, Stay Away

The amazing thing about energy vampires is that they know how to push our buttons. So they know what to say in order to get our engines going, and get us all fired up to get into an argument.

Stay away from this madness.

If you don’t want to live an awe-inspiring life, then go ahead and engage with these people. Do you realize how much energy it takes to do creative work? You do not have time to engage with this madness. It’s just not in the agenda.

Walk away, just walk away. Even if they accuse you of being an uncaring being who doesn’t care about them, walk away. It isn’t worth it, and it isn’t going anywhere.

Nothing will change if you engage in an argument with these people. They will still think you are horrible and you don’t care about them. So why bother? Why waste our precious energy on this nonsense?

I refuse to do it anymore. I refuse.

I’m not catering to anyone else’s needs anymore. No more pandering. No more.

It is time for me to do my work, the work that I am here on this planet to do, and that requires me to be laser-focused, and on my game. I cannot waste a single ounce of energy on such madness. The cyclone of drama and arguments will have to do without me.

I’ll be over there doing my work. Don’t come a looking because I ain’t buying.

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