Don’t Take Advice From People Who Barely Know Who They Are

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Being online and posting so much stuff on the Internet all the time, I get a lot of feedback, good and bad. Feedback is fine with me, because the meaning inherent in giving feedback is, “I’m giving you this feedback, because I think you can do something with it. But if you choose to throw it away, then I’m fine with that.”

Some feedback I incorporate into my life and some I don’t. No one ever comes after me with a battleaxe. But advice – now that’s a different beast altogether.

People who give advice are giving it because they know something or they think they know something better than you. They are imbibing all of these pearls of advice (wisdom) over you so that you can someday aspire to be as good as them. But, seriously, would you ever be able to get close to them? Never!

The meaning inhere in advice is that “I’m giving you this advice, because I am better than you somehow, and you better take this advice. Otherwise, you are going to burn in the fires of hell forever and ever.”

This Is My Policy With Advice

To clear things up for everyone out there on this little blue planet of ours that looks like a speck from outer space, this is what I think about advice.

  1. Things change so rapidly in this world, that one day you could be the King of Facebook, and then the next minute you are begging on the streets. You might know something in this moment in time, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t try something different and make something of myself.
  2. Also, you might be giving me advice, but you yourself haven’t applied that advice.
  3. Most people have no idea what they are doing with themselves, but they are happy enough to give advice to every fool that walks past them.

There are a hundred reasons why people give advice to others.

Just Because Someone’s Handing Out Advice…

Advice is like candy. Every namby-pamby on the street, or in the online world is giving out advice. It is easy to dole out advice nowadays, especially if you have a few dollars to run Facebook Ads. You can reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes, with your unsolicited advice in the form of a sponsored post.

But just because someone’s handing out advice like it’s candy (bad for you, but tastes good), doesn’t mean you gotta put out your hand and accept it.

Stop doing that to yourself!!

We are so careful with our bodies – screaming about consent all the time. But what about your mental space? Fine, no one’s going to invade your physical body. But you are letting all of these silly people with silly ideas invade your mental space, your mind palace, without a second thought.

How dare you do that?

People Giving Advice Are Mostly Confused AF Themselves

It’s funny to me. Nowadays, I notice the kind of people who are giving me advice on a daily basis. I like to sit there patiently and listen, because it’s hilarious how a lot of these people giving me advice, these gems of wisdom, these pearls, have no idea what they are doing themselves in the same exact area.

Yeah, yeah, it’s easier to see the truth for someone else, rather than yourself.

But does that mean that I am going to take advice from a person who’s screwed up in their own life, but knows better for me? Uh, that sounds like dumb shit to me.

I am not an idiot, but if I started taking advice from confused people, then I am letting down all of my ancestors, and myself in the process.

Trust Your Own Intuition Enough To Guide You

Do you know when we go out for advice? When we don’t trust our own judgement enough. That’s when we feel like we are not enough, and we need outside feedback.

My intuition is constantly, and, I mean, constantly, speaking to me. Telling me over and over again the paths I should take and the paths I should avoid. The people I should hang out with and the people I should avoid. The ideas I should follow and the ideas I should discard.

My intuition knows. It knows it all.

The same thing applies to all of you. Your intuition knows everything there is to know about everything. It has tapped into the universal consciousness, the collective consciousness, and it knows all of everything there is to know about you and about the world.

But, we are like the fools that we listen to. Instead of taking our intuition’s advice, and believing that she’s the only one on this planet who has our best intentions at heart, we go out to the world, and ask questions of people who are confused AF themselves.

The blind leading the blind parody was never truer.

Our Intuitions Know All, But They All Know What’s Best For Us

When we go outward to ask advice from people who don’t know anything, but think they do, we are betting that these people, who don’t know us at all, would know the best path we are supposed to take.

How would these people ever know anything about us? How could they know anything about us, when they barely know anything about themselves? And, us in our foolishness, are attributing to them all of this knowledge, and thinking that they can advise us on the correct path to take.

How can we be so foolhardy?

On the other hand, our intuitions – they are so powerful. Not only do they know all that there is to know about this world. But, they know all that there is to know about the best path for us. And only us. No one else need matter for our intuition.

The only concern our intuition has to get us and only us over the hurdles that life is going to throw at us, and to the end goal of whatever is best suited to us.

It’s like we have the entire universe trying to give us some advice in the form of our intuition and we go to the dog around the corner to ask him what we should do with our business. Umm, why? Why you do that? Why, oh why?

How Do You Distinguish Intuition From Random Noise?

One of the main fears we have when listening to our intuitions is that we don’t know if it is our intuition or if it’s just background noise. That was one of my fears as well, when I started eschewing other people’s advice in order to take my intuition’s advice for me.

That’s when I started listening and gathering my body’s intelligence and intuition, rather than my mind’s. There are many sources from where our intuition can emerge. But for me, the one that I trust the most, is the one that comes from my heart source.

A lot of times, I have had my heart intuition tell me that this path was correct for me or that path. But if I used my mind to think about it, it was an absolutely insane course of action. No person sane in their mind would consider taking such a path.

When, I first decided to move to Chiang Mai, it was an insane course of action on all accounts. But for some reason, my heart was absolutely alright with the decision. My mind was going ‘red alert’ on all accounts. But my heart was happy and content with the decision. It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made in my life. Absolutely awesome!

Thus, listen to your body’s intelligence, rather than your brain’s.

Intuitions Guide Us On The Easy, Lazy Path And That Can Be Scary

The scary thing about intuitions is that they always, always tell us to take the easier, and lazier path through life. As individuals, we’ve been told over and over again to work hard.

Work hard.

Do more.

Do lots more.

That’s the only way to succeed in this mean, cruel world.

These are the messages that are thrown at us on a regular basis. But our intuition, tells us to slow down, relax, everything will happen as it happens without much work from us. Relax. Calm down. Don’t move too much. Don’t grasp too hard. Let things happen as they happen. Stop clenching your jaw. Stop trying so hard. Relax.

For a person like me, who has always been told to work hard, my intuition seems like it’s lost its mind. Relax, and work less? What do you mean? What the hell are you saying?

Stop Resisting Your Intuition’s Messages – Heart Intuition Guides Us Best

So at first you are going to resist, just like I did. You are going to push back and say, No, I’m going to work more, not less.

That’s fine. Your intuition has waited for ages for you to listen up. It can wait a few more months. Because eventually everything that your intuition says will start making sense to you and that’s when everything will start changing up for you. That’s when you are going to realize that this world is absolutely awesome and you have nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.

Your intuition guiding you and you listening to it is going to be better than peanut butter and jelly. Even better than sliced bread and I’m saying that not tongue-in-cheek.

The hardest thing for you to do here is to stop listening to all of the bullshit that is coming at you from everywhere. Everyone has something to tell you and something to teach you. Stop listening to that.

Start listening to your intuition.

Why Do We Give More Credence To Others Than To Our Intuition?

Heart intuition guides us best.

I bet you, you are going to be more comfortable listening to that sales person on the street about your business and what you should do with it. Rather than with your intuition.

That’s the way we have been bred and brought up. That’s what we have been taught and raised on. So thats what we believe. We think people outside of us know more about what we should do with our life, than what we know for ourselves. Even if some of those people have never started a business in their life, we think we are better off taking advice from them about our business, than listening to our goddamn intuition.

How foolish is that?

In fact, most of the people who try to give me advice on my business and life are people who are still in their 9-5s. How ridiculous is that? I don’t get it.

But, what would be more ridiculous is if I listened to these people giving me advice, because I thought they knew better than me about how to run my own life. I have done that in the past, but no more. No freaking more.

Take Back The Reins Of Your Life

So here’s the final bit of advice. Don’t even listen to me. I’m trying to give you advice here as well, aren’t I? Right! So, say so long to me as well, and go look for what your intuition is saying to you.

Stop listening to everyone else out there, and come back to within you. What’s going on within you? What is going on here, in your heart, right now? How and what is it telling you to do? What path is it telling you to take?

That’s all you need to know. Everything else is just b.s.

Everything else is unnecessary garbage that you don’t need to carry around with you.

Meditate, or do mindfulness exercises in order to come back to your body’s intelligence. Listen to what your intuition in the form of your heart waves is telling you. Stop listening to everyone else. Stop giving up your mind palace control to everyone else out there. Outside of you. Come back here. Come back here. Right now.

Stop. Stay still. And all the answers are coming.

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