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[Ep 72] Action Matters More Than Plans

How true is this! How many times have you planned to have a catch up with a friend or plan to go get a coffee and it never happens? Instead of wasting time making plans, why don’t we just do things? Instead of pretending like we are going to do someday far away in the future, why don’t we take action right now?

I was recently involved in a scavenger hunt. All of the other teams started planning. My team was the only one who did things differently – we got up right away and took action. This got me thinking. Why do some people spend time creating plans and strategies instead of taking some solid, tangible action?

Actions speak louder than words, don’t they? Or at least they should, in my opinion.

Podcast Content

  1. Strategizing vs Actions
  2. Practice makes perfect
  3. We all need to accept our failures
  4. Stop putting people on pedestals

Yes, planning has its place in our lives. Plan and strategize the big events in your life. Plan out what you want to achieve during the year, at work… but certain other things, instead of planning them out, we should just be going all out and doing.

We could get so much more done during our days if we just do instead of plan. We are so scared of failure that we don’t even want to try in the first place.

The interesting thing about doing is that it makes us better and better. The more we work at something, the better we will become at that particular task, and thus, we will be able to do it faster in the future. Eventually, perhaps, becoming experts at it.

We need to start taking more risks in life, take more actions and strategize while doing. Don’t waste time planning out every step in your life because life will fly right past you. We need to live for the day and get stuff done.

I hope you will take this message to heart and become a doer rather than a talker.

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