[Ep 74] Body Meditation To Release Trauma

In this episode, I’ll be speaking to you about a new form of meditation I’ve started doing called TRE, Tension and Trauma Release.

I found this type of mediation to be very powerful and intense and it brought out a lot of emotions inside my body that I didn’t realize I had.

The exercise was created by Dr. David Berceli, Ph.D. and he created it because he noticed that during traumatic events, children shake naturally in order to release trauma and afterwards they are able to go about their day as if nothing has happened. Adults do not do this. We hold ourselves very rigid. Which means, we store years and years of trauma in our bodies, without even realizing it.

Podcast Content

  1. TRE Meditation
  2. My experience doing TRE
  3. Releasing my trauma
  4. We don’t we listen to our body?

When I tried this type of exercise, I realized that I had a lot of emotions inside my body that I was not conscious too. After tremoring, I personally released a lot of grief and I had tears in my eyes (without the act of crying), which was fascinating to me, because I had no idea I was storing this kind of emotion. TRE affects everyone in a different manner.

Most of us are not conscious and aware of what’s happening inside our bodies. And if our bodies try to tell us that something is wrong, we tend to ignore it.

This form of exercise is very strong and powerful and can be overwhelming, but it is so worth doing! Tremoring is a natural way our bodies can release stress. Just because a person looks happy, does not mean that they are happy deep down. You could have all this stress and trauma locked up inside you and not even know.

I absolutely recommend that you find a place near you that teaches the technique of TRE. They will help you release of all of that pent-up emotion and trauma that is stored inside of your body now. Your body and spirit will thank you for it.

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