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[Ep 76] No Matter What, Come Back To Your Breath

Most of us think that just because we do something all the time, that we must be good at it. That’s not always the case. We breathe naturally throughout the day without even thinking about it but most of us never focus on the WAY we breathe.

When life throws obstacles in our way, we tend to panic or become scared or worried. When we feel these emotions are breathing tends to become more rapid and shallow. That isn’t a great way to deal with worries or panic. If we could become more conscious of our breath, and bring ourselves back into our bodies, that would be the best way to deal with the situation.

Podcast Content

  1. Why are we breathing wrong?
  2. How can we breathe correctly?
  3. Focusing on deep breaths
  4. The book, The Big Leap
  5. Bring everything back to your breath

At some point in our lives, we will all feel fear, and panic. These negative emotions can cause us to breath incorrectly. During these times, what we really should be focusing on is our breathing, breathing as deep as possible and as slowly as possible.

We should try to really focus on the air entering our body, our in-breath, and the air exiting our body, the out-breath. If we do this, it will relax us and slow our body down, calm our mind down and put us back in a good head space.

You can also change your emotion by changing the way you breathe. Feeling excited and feeling fear are very similar emotions, just two sides of the same coin. Imagine you are on the edge of a swimming pool, about to dive in. You are scared but also excited and thus, these emotions get confused in our bodies and our minds. They are different only because of the kind of breathing that accompanies each of them.

If you’re in a situation where you feel scared or fear, just take a second. Focus on your breathing and this should calm you down and change that fear into excitement or adrenalin, both of which will pump you up and get you going.

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