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[Ep 78] Dreamwork To Understand The Subconscious Mind

In this episode, I’ll be speaking about dreamwork and how we can use our dreams to understand our subconscious mind and the signs and signals that the universe is sending our way through our subconscious and dreams.

Some people don’t think dreams are very important. They’re just something random that happens while we sleep and when we awake, they are done and over with. Dreams are so much more than that – they are a gateway, a pathway, a tunnel into the future; to what we wish to have, what we wish to be, and what we wish to let go of.

If we remember and really focus on our dreams, they can tell us so much information about us and our subconscious. Emotions and thoughts that we didn’t even realize we had.

Podcast Content

  1. Why dream analysis and interpretation is so worthwhile
  2. How our subconscious communicates with us using dreams
  3. How dreams can bring us hope and joy
  4. How you can analyze your dreams

Most of the time we don’t truly understand what is happening inside our subconscious. One way for us to communicate with it is through dreamwork. Sometimes dreams can be silly, and not make much sense. But if we could just sit down and focus on our dreams, we would realize in all of their silliness and meaninglessness, they are always trying to communicate something important with us.

We need to be more aware of our dreams and the events take place inside them. What moments stand out to you? And how do you think that links to your life? Dreams can be a source of hope, happiness, and joy, if only we let them be.

I find it best to write about my dreams as soon as I wake up. This way I can still remember most of my dream. Although your dream might not make sense to you right away, this doesn’t mean that it’s actually meaningless. Just wait for it, and the meaning and importance will become apparent soon enough.

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