Why Does Following Your Dream Really Truly Matter?

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In Chiang Mai, I live in an apartment building with lots of senior citizens. There are lots of older people from all over the world who come to retire in Chiang Mai. They are living the good life of perpetual sunshine, good food, and ease in Chiang Mai. Guess what is the first thing all of them say to me?

‘You are so lucky you decided to travel when you are younger. We waited too long. I shouldn’t have waited until retirement to live this life. It was a mistake. I could have done this earlier and it would have been the same. Worried too much about money, I wasted way too much on accumulating wealth that wasn’t necessary.’

Following Dreams Matters

When I first heard those words, I didn’t think much of it. But I kept on hearing it not only from older people, but from everyone back home. They were in awe of my life. Jealous, they kept on telling me to keep on going. I took it as a sign from the universe.

Recently, I realized fantastically that I am living my dream life right now. Of course, it needs a few tweaks, and needs to be made more sustainable financially, but I am living my dream life essentially right now.

Can you believe it? I’m not waiting for some point in the mystical future when I would retire and then be able to live this life. It is happening right now, right this minute. Not only can I enjoy all of the travelling I do at a younger age, so it is easier to travel, but also, I can live in a manner that might be harder for an older me.

Living Your Dream Life Changes Everything

Okay, so here’s the deal. It isn’t just about following your dreams. Also, it isn’t just about contributing to the overall happiness of the world, which happens automagically.

It is about creating this magical life where everything happens effortlessly, and with joy. I’m healthier than ever, younger than ever, happier than ever, stronger than ever, and so much more.

My mother says I keep on getting more and more beautiful with age. It isn’t beauty. It is pure and effortless joy that emanates from that source inside of me that never diminishes. Random people come up to me on the street and tell me that I seem extremely happy. I tell them I am. How can I not be?

I’m not bragging at all. To tell you the truth, I’m not the only one living this magical life. Everyone I know is living this big, magical, beautiful life in Chiang Mai. It comes when you live a life based on your goals, dreams, and ideals.

The Universe Needs Your Gift

The truth of the matter is the universe needs you to portray and expound on your gift. If you don’t, not only do you miss out on your beautiful ideal life, but the universe misses out as well. The universe wants us to use our gifts to improve this world. The world needs our stories, poems, plays, movies, music, improv, paintings, drawings, and everything else.

When one more person is able to live their ideal life, and use their talents and abilities, the world becomes a better place. We are not being selfish when we work solely on figuring out our ideal lives, and living them. Just one more person living their ideal life, and being happier as a result, changes the entire structure of his influence on this planet. Not only is he happier, but all of the people connected with him are happier.

Give Permission To Others

When we live our ideal lives, our fearlessness gives permission to everyone around us to try something new as well. They receive permission to try something that they would never have tried before, or dipping their toes into perhaps living their own ideal lives.

This is more powerful than we realize. Everyone is watching us, and we don’t even realize it. They are seeing how we are living and how big we are becoming. We are influencing people’s thoughts, and lives. It is happening whether we like it or not.

Let’s become bigger than we are, and let it shine and show to the entire universe. The entire universe will be influenced by our energy and joy. It is happening already. Let’s do it in a more open manner. We want everyone to be like us, don’t we? One person at a time, we can change the world into a joyous place.

Time Will Pass By Anyways

I read this quote that said ‘It is equally difficult to live a mediocre life as it is to live a brilliant life. Why don’t we shoot for the stars then?’

I absolutely believe this. When I lived a mediocre, shitty life, it wasn’t any easier than my life right now. In fact, I think it is easier to live an ideal life, because even though you work really hard, and are facing off your demons everyday, you are able to look yourself in the eye without shame.

When I lived a mediocre life, I was ashamed to look myself in the eye. I knew I was living far below my abilities, and I knew it wasn’t right. I hated myself for it. Wishing I could be better, I despised that I didn’t just do it. Now that I live my ideal life, I am not ashamed of myself anymore. I love who I am. I can trust myself, and I believe in myself.

The time will pass by anyways. The years, months, weeks, and days are passing by. They are going past us at a rapid rate. What are we going to do with this time that we have? Will we be able to look ourselves in the eye after it, or will we be too ashamed to face ourselves in the afterlife?

The Search For Your Tribe Ends

I know so many people who feel so alone on this planet. They tell me all the time that they have no one they can speak to about their issues or their deepest and darkest fears or dreams. They are all alone in the world. Even though, they might have a family, or lots of friends, they still feel lonely.

I was the same way. Being an INFJ, an introvert, and a weirdo, I had a hard time finding people who thought like me. I  am spiritual, but I am also extremely money-minded, and business-savvy. A rare combination. I thought I was never going to find people like me.

But I decided to take the plunge to live my ideal life, and as soon as I did, my tribe showed up. My friend says ‘Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.’ That is something I absolutely agree with. As soon as you are comfortable being yourself, and you show up as yourself everywhere, fascinatingly enough, your tribe shows up. The people who are like you and who will love you for being you show up. They are there, and all of a sudden, you realize, you are not alone.

You will be loved for who you are, not what society wants you to be. It’s a breath of fresh air, and it comes automatically.

The Universe Is On Our Side

Every single person lives in a world where either the universe is on their side, or they believe that the universe isn’t on their side (even though it is). Many people complain that the universe hates them or wants the worst for them. I disagree.

But the universe can only help those who help themselves. If we refuse to do the basic work, and move towards the joyful life that the universe wants for us, then it will be hard for the universe to help us. The universe is always sending us signs and signals to help us become a bigger, and better version of ourselves.

We can either accept the mission that is thrown at us, or we can shirk from it. Unfortunately, most people choose the latter.

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