Do You Have An Anxious Heart? Try Out This Meditation

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If you know me at all, or have read any of my other posts, you know I am a serious connoisseur of meditation. I believe in my heart-of-hearts that meditation is a cure-all. If everyone on this planet meditated, it would eliminate disease, war, poverty, and any of the other evils that ail the human race. But everyone doesn’t meditate, and I am on this quest to get people to meditate. In this quest, I have created this funky new meditation. Let me explain how it came about.

In my opinion, if you have an itch and it needs to be scratched, a lot of times you can’t find the solution to the itch in the market place. 2 out of 3 times you will be able to find a solution that fits okay, but sometimes you won’t be able to find a solution at all.

I have an anxious heart. Whenever I am stressed or scared or feeling any kind of emotion, it starts thumping about like a rabbit in a barrel (just made this up, I call poetic license). I didn’t want to numb the thumping. I wanted to hear it beat, and calm it down by talking to it. Instead of feeling so out of sorts, because my heart is feeling so anxious, I decided I would try out different things to calm it down.

Medication Is Not The Answer I Want

When I researched it online, because of the pervasiveness of traditional medicine, everything pointed to taking a pill. This pill, magical pill would eliminate all of the anxiety. But it would also eliminate all the feeling and the joy and the miracle that is my beating heart.

I want my heart to be anxious because that is a sign that it is trying to tell me something. Whenever I feel odd about something or someone, my heart starts beating loudly warning me against the situation or person. If I am about to go into a situation that requires me to be alert and aware, my heart starts beating wildly and then I know to be careful.

The anxiety that I feel doesn’t need to be abandoned completely. But if I took medication, it would eliminate all anxiety all the time. Anxiety is a warning system that my heart is using, but if I numb it, all of those warning signals would be eliminated as well. That would be a big misgiving on my part, because then it would be like I was walking around blind or deaf or both.

Something I didn’t want was to numb my heart. I love my heart – it feels so much and it tells me so much. It is a source of great wisdom to me. I don’t want to lose that.

I Hear The Message And Calm My Anxious Heart

The problem is that once I get the message that my anxious beating heart is trying to get to me, it doesn’t get the signal to stop being anxious right away. It takes a long time for it to calm down as all of the hormones that have been rushed into my body are still being processed and eliminated as waste. All of that takes time. While that’s going on, my heart is beating like a drum, distracting me from what I need to do in the present moment.

I wanted a solution where once I received the message from my heart, I could press a button that would calm my heart down and let me get on with business.

And as with all things, I started experimenting.

One thing I have noticed healers of all kind doing is using their hands to heal. My hands and your hands and everyone’s hands are healing. I know that I have noticed when I meditate, my hands get really warm and cozy. I decided to try meditating with my warm healing hands on my heart, especially when I felt the anxiety level rising.

Warm Healing Hands Did The Job

The first time I sat with my hand on my heart, I felt so much warmth emanate from my hand that my heart felt extremely safe, in that warmth. It was like being back in the womb, at least for my heart. Instantly, my heart stopped beating so fast, and calmed down.

Boom! I decided that I had to create this ‘Hand-to-Heart’ meditation asap and so here it is for your hearing pleasure.

If you have an anxious heart like I do, then I implore you to try it now. Different people process anxiety differently. Some feel it in their stomachs, others in their bowels, and some like me feel it in their hearts.

Try out the meditation and see how the warmth that your hands produce change your anxiety level. Let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.

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