How To Stop Boredom Eating? Try This Hunger Meditation.

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I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of my daily hours foraging for food. It’s either thinking about food, thinking about my next or previous meals, wondering when I will get to eat next, and where I will eat next (have you ever tried a hunger meditation?).

It’s all related to hunger and food. A lot of times, I have realized I am not actually really hungry when I eat, but, I am eating, because I am bored, or lonely, or upset.

I’m sure you have done this before as well. Not listened to your bodies’ cues for hunger, but eaten just for the sake of eating. The opposite is true as well.

A lot of times, I am starving, or at least my body is, but my mind is too busy working or distracted, and unable to figure out that it is time to eat. That’s when I need to be more connected to my hunger cues, rather than less.

Hunger Meditation To The Rescue

So much of my time was spent in unnecessary eating, and it wasn’t good either for my waistline, or for my productivity. The more I ate, the sleepier I was, and the less productive I was during the day.

The less I eat, or the more appropriately I eat, the less I have to think about missing work hours due to a food hangover.

I use this meditation whenever I feel like I am being too disconnected from my body or mind. Many times, I will have moments when I am not sure if I am actually hungry or just bored.

I use this meditation to come back into my body and to my hunger cues. This way, I can appropriately decide if I should eat. Or if I should do something to distract myself. Or, if I should just get back to work and stop procrastinating.

Let me know if you ever get a chance to use this meditation and if you liked it.

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