Your intuition speaks truth always

How Do You Know If You Are Doing The Right Thing?

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Did you know that your intuition speaks the truth always?

I have been thinking about this question a lot recently because there has been a barrage of people doing wrong things on this planet. Like being racist, or sexist, or homophobic, and more.

But then people argue with these exact same individuals about the fact that they are being cruel or wrong in what they are doing, these people don’t understand. They don’t get why they are wrong in how they treat these other human beings.

In their minds, it is completely and absolutely justified.

Now, this has happened many times in history and will probably keep on happening many times again, especially if as humans we don’t learn from our past or our mistakes.

The reason concentration camps and their cruelty happened was because the people running the camps believed that they were in the right. They were doing something right to fix the world that according to them would be broken until a certain type of people were completely annihilated.

This kind of thing still exists, and is happening all over the world and has happened all over history.

How Do You Know You Are Doing Something Wrong, When Everyone Is Telling You It’s Right?

The point is that these individuals who were doing something so obviously wrong to us believed utterly and completely that they were in the right. They were doing the right thing, according to themselves or the doctrines that were shared with them.

So how do we know if we are doing something wrong? Especially when everyone around you is telling you that you are doing the right thing.

How do you know? What is right and what is wrong? Who decides this?

In the past, women were inferior beings and it was absolutely accepted, and everyone who said otherwise was wrong. Now, we know that women are equals and anyone who says otherwise, is absolutely wrong.

Which side is correct? Is it just a matter of education vs. ignorance? Or is it just a matter of spiritual evolution?

How do you know even now that what you are doing is right? What if it were proven wrong a few years later?

Or a few decades later? What if a few centuries from now, the humans of the future look back at us, and call us the age of ignorance, and dictatorships, wondering how we could have been so foolish as we are?

Who decides what’s right? Is it just about being in the moment and figuring out things as it goes? Or is there an absolute truth out there?

There Is No Absolute Truth Or Right Or Wrong Out There

I am realizing that there is absolutely no ‘absolute’ truth out there. There is no way to be certain that if I am doing something right now, that it will be the truth eons later.

Even killing others, which according to me should be an absolute wrong, isn’t according to some people who believe that rapists and pedophiles should be murdered, and who believe in the sanctity of the death penalty as a just reward for certain deeds.

I look at them and think, no way should one human be allowed to kill another, even in the form of justice. And they look at me and think, of course, one human should be allowed to murder another if they murdered yet another or if they committed a particularly heinous crime.

We are both looking at it from our own perspectives and both of us think we are thinking exactly the right thoughts.

So who’s right and who’s wrong?

Could it be that both sides are right in their own way? I’m sure you don’t like that answer, and neither do I. But unfortunately, that is the wishy-washy world we are living in right now, where everything is open to interpretation and expression.

Your Intuition Speaks Truth Always And Becomes Most Important

For the longest time in my own life, people were always telling me that I am doing the wrong thing. I’m going in the wrong direction. Making incorrect decisions.

Of course, every single time someone told me to straighten my act, I always went back to my intuition.

As long as the decision felt right in my gut, I followed it without any compunctions. I kept on going, over and over again. I kept on the path.

When I wanted to quit my job and start my own thing, I followed my intuition, and said, Fuck it, and did it anyway.

Even though, everyone else was telling me that it was the wrong decision. The same thing with breaking up with someone everyone thought was awesome. Or deciding not to get married and have children.

So many decisions are made with the knowledge that the decision that I am making is made from my gut, from my intuition.

The more I live in the world, the more I realize that my intuition, no matter where it leads me, will never lead me astray. It will never lead me wrong.

It always tells me the truth. The absolute truth is the truth for me. Not for anyone else.

It might be true and real for me, but for someone else, their path would include different things.

Sometimes my intuition leads me on a path that is difficult and perhaps even dangerous. But I know that if I keep on following it over and over again, I’ll get somewhere that I didn’t even know I wanted to get to.

A place that is absolutely perfect for me at that moment in time. Remember that intuition speaks truth always.

The World Will Send Us Messages – Your Intuition Speaks Truth Always

I think the difficulties in decision making come when as human beings, we are getting hundreds and thousands of mixed messages from everywhere. Everyone and everything is telling us to be something new, and different.

No one message is the same. All messages have different signals. Different pathways.

If we tried to follow them all, we could go crazy. But we don’t do that to ourselves.

We calm ourselves down, and we follow the most followed path. We follow the path of our parents or our ancestors. But sometimes that path isn’t the right path for us.

It wasn’t for me. My parent’s path isn’t my path.

I know that because I followed my intuition and it told me to look for something else. It will be difficult.

But once I started following that new path, I knew more and more every single day that it was the path for me.

We need to constantly be comparing the compass of the world with our own inner compass. This is not a one-time thing. It’s a constant, over and over and over again thing.

We have to keep on going on the same path, over and over again. Asking questions, and checking with our compass.

Asking more questions, and checking again with our compass. Over and over again. Until we are sure this is the step to take.

And then taking that step.

Rinse and repeat. Your intuition speaks the truth always.

The More We Meditate, The Clearer Our Intuition Becomes

When I was a child, my compass was my parent’s word. If they said something, it became law. I was a child.

I didn’t know any better. They were telling me what was safest and best for me.

I ended up ignoring my intuitive signals so much that eventually the signal faded, and became muddled and incoherent. The more you ignore your intuition, the softer it becomes. The lighter its voice.

It eventually stops speaking to us completely.

That’s why it’s really important for us to meditate. The more we meditate, the more we are able to clear up those pathways from our intuitive heart to our logical brain.

Our heart will tell us something, and instead of ignoring it, like we always do, we will listen. We will realize that it’s our intuition speaking, and not just a random nonsensical voice.

The more we meditate, the more silence we hang out in, the more clear the messages from our intuitive hearts become.

Also, we become more willing to listen to our intuition. Our intuition doesn’t always have sweet and pure messages. Sometimes, the messages it has for us are hard to follow, but your intuition speaks the truth always.

They are difficult, and a lot of times, you might not want to follow them. They might be hard to implement. But they are still messages from our intuition that should be paid attention to with increasing urgency and frequency.

Start All Your Mornings By Opening Up The Pathway From The Heart To The Brain

It’s easy to get up every morning, pick up the phone, and start browsing Facebook and Instagram. I know this, because I have a hard time most mornings, not doing that. It’s just such an automatic thing to do.

But what happens when we do that is we muddle up the pathways. We have all of these messages that have clearly been coming at us while we were sleeping from our subconscious to our conscious. And if we just take a few moments, laying in bed, to be in silence, in stillness, and figure out what those messages were, we will be better off.

Stretch it all out. Make some noises. Relax.

You have nowhere to rush off to yet. That will come later.

For right now, take a moment. Connect with your heart intuition (your intuition speaks truth always). Connect with your subconscious.

Listen to them. Some messages will bubble up right away. You are in that state of half and half-dream and awake, and it’s a gorgeous time to be really present.

Take note of the messages that pop up. Do not ignore them. Do not let them go into the ether without capturing them.

Have a notepad by your bedside, and capture notes right away. Take them down. You can analyze them later.

It’s important to capture them so you don’t lose them.

Because as soon as you step your foot onto that cold floor, and you are jolted into full wakefulness, all of that intuition messaging will be interrupted, as you rush off into your morning routine of coffee, shower, breakfast, and commute.

Most People Are Afraid Of What Their Intuition Will Say

I understand the fear that perhaps invades you right now.

When I first started listening to my intuition, I was afraid of what she might have to say. I wasn’t living up to my potential at that point, I was being lazy, I was wasting my days away, I was complaining way too much, being negative all the time, wasting my money, and being an all-around loser.

I was afraid of what my intuition would tell me. She would say something about the truth of my life, and I would have to listen, and then I would have to do something about it.

Until I ignored the truth, I could keep on living my wasteland of a life. I could keep on frittering my precious moments away. It was easy to ignore the truth until I actually sat down with my intuition and she told me to straighten up my act right away.

She told me how much potential I actually had, and how little time I actually had left. I had to start working on it right away. No more dilly-dallying. No more wasting of my life.

That’s what most of us are afraid of, I think. We are afraid to hear the truth.

We are afraid that our intuition will be a no-nonsense headmistress who will show us our faults and not let us ignore them anymore. We won’t be able to ignore them anymore.

Your Intuition Speaks Truth Always – Sends Us Messages All The Time

When our intuition needs to send us a message urgently, she will try all of the different avenues out there, available to her. She is extremely resourceful, she is.

She will send us messages through our dreams, or our nightmares. Through conversations with other people. Through goosebumps on our arms and legs when we hear a particular lyric or a particular passage.

So many avenues are available to her. And like a mother who is determined to get you on the right path, she will poke and prod at you until the end of time.

She can be persistent. If you are getting the same message over and over again from many different sources, there is a reason for it.

That message is important. Really, really important, and you need to listen up.

It might not be a matter of life and death, but it will be a matter of you living your life to the fullest, which I think is itself a matter of life and death.

Don’t ignore your dreams. Or your nightmares.

Don’t ignore your daydreams. Or your wandering mind.

Don’t ignore your hobbies. Or your time wasters.

Don’t ignore what you gravitate towards when you are happy. Or when you are sad.

Don’t hate yourself for ignoring her for ages, but don’t ignore her anymore.

She cares about you, this intuition being. It is you, yourself telling you where you should be going. It’s not an outwardly being.

It’s you. Talking to yourself. Don’t ignore yourself anymore.

Your intuition speaks truth always.

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