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We Are All So Powerful And Capable Of So Much Happiness

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There is this misconception in the world right now. It isn’t something many people speak about, or even realize. I think the only reason I realized it and some others do realize it, is because we have seen the other side. We have experienced what it’s like to be powerful and happy.

The myth or misconception is that human beings as an individual unit are weak and capable of only misery. If we do get happy, it is a temporary thing and will dim out soon enough. I wish to tell you that this is absolutely false, and there is no reason for you to believe this falsehood anymore.

Break off the shackles of the lie, and come forth into the light with me. Or something to that effect. 

There Is This Force Inside Of You Capable Of Great Power And Joy

The problem with human beings, in general, is that we focus on this physical body that we have. This shell. This flesh and bones structure that we occupy.

We think this is what we are. Just some blood, bones, sweat, tears, and cartilage.

I don’t know about you, but for the longest time, I focused entirely on my physical body. I thought this body is me, and that is all.

I worked out all the time. I focused on what I ate.

I dressed up my body in beautiful garbs. I looked at myself in the mirror, this way and that.

But, as soon as I discovered the power that is meditation, I realized, “Woah, this physical body is just part of, a minuscule part of who we really are. We are so much more. So much more.” I talk to myself as you can imagine quite often.

I started meditating more and more and doing yoga often. And due to both of these practices, I started realizing that there is this part of me, this being that lives inside of me, that is unaffected by everything around us.

It’s a hard thing to explain if you haven’t experienced it. But I will try nevertheless.

This Being Sits Inside Of All Of Us – Running The Show Quietly

This being sits inside of you. You might call it soul, or spirit, or the collective consciousness, or the universe, or God, or Allah, or whatever. The terminology doesn’t matter.

But it is there. For sure.

As soon as you quieten down, and start observing your breath, and body, on a regular basis, you start noticing the presence of this great being. I call it a ‘The Great Being’ because that’s the only word that comes to my mind. You can call it whatever you wish.

This being, this Boom Shikha, this powerful essence of me, sits deep within me. Maybe in my heart. Maybe in the energetic part of my body.

I don’t really know where it sits physically or if it is a physical being at all.

It’s there. And it is the calm within the storm. While, I am running around like a crazy person, doing this and that, wanting this and that, crying about this and that, it sits there.

Calm and serene. Unaffected by everything. Laughing at the fallibility of its physical counterpart.

So powerful and so joyful. There is no way to pin her down.

She is me, and she is so huge. She’s so big that she could take up the entire universe, and sometimes she does, when I allow her to.

This Being Is So Powerful That We Can’t Even Contain Him/Her/It Sometimes

When I was younger and first starting my meditation practice, when I would get glimpses of this great being, I would freak out. I would want to run away.

I was so afraid. I didn’t know what it was. And I didn’t know if she was someone I really wanted to allow out into the open.

You see, as soon as this great being comes out, and shows herself, she freaks people out.

People say things like, “Can you stop being so intense? Can you stop being so dramatic? Can you stop smiling so much? Can you stop being so happy? Can you stop being too much? You are too much for me to handle. You are being just too much for me to be around.” And so on.

And as soon as people said those things, I would think, “Oh shit. I am being too much. I should hide. I am not allowed to show my magnificent powerful joyful being to the world. It scares people. So I should hide. I need to hide. I cannot show my joy to anyone. It scares people.”

Thus, I would hide. I would pile all of that power and joy back into me, and go back within me.

So that people would feel comfortable around me. You see I wanted to have friends.

I wanted to be normal. I didn’t want them to point and laugh at me. I wanted to be included, not ostracized.

You Are Powerful – Meditation Helps With That

But sometimes, many times, the more I meditated, the harder it became to contain the great being that was inside of me. She became more and more powerful, more and more joyful.

She wanted to come out and be out. She didn’t want to hide anymore.

She was too big to hide inside of me anymore. She had to be released.

Thus, the more I meditated, the more I showed off my power and joy to the world. People started saying things like, “You are different. Why are you changing? I don’t even know you anymore. You are becoming someone else, that I can’t relate to. What are you doing to yourself?”

All of this made me want to hide again and reel back this powerful being. But I knew that was the wrong thing to do.

Why, oh why, should I make myself smaller so you can feel more comfortable around me? That is not my responsibility.

I am going to be as big as I can be, and maybe you will learn from me and allow your own powerful being to come out and be out in the open. Hopefully.

My great being, my essence, my internal Boom Shikha was so big now that I couldn’t hide her anymore.

She spilled out in my words, in my gestures, in my voice, in my movements, in my everything. She was out there and there was no way to bring her back.

I Lost Friends, Lost Jobs, And Lost Parts Of Me That Didn’t Jibe With Her Beauty

What happened as time went on was that her beauty, her power, and her joy encompassed everything I did. She was me, and I was her. I wasn’t putting her into a box anymore.

She was so big and bright, I wanted to show her off to everyone. I was becoming her, and she was becoming me.

Many people didn’t like who I had become. I was too different. The people left my life.

I couldn’t stick to a job that was stifling me and making me stay small. The job left my life.

There were parts of me that were telling me I wasn’t good enough. Those parts left my life.

Everything that didn’t jibe with her greatness, had to leave my life. They couldn’t stay. There was no room for them anymore.

Finally, I was comfortable enough showing my greatness, and my power. I was happy all the time, smiling constantly, and not being afraid to be told off. No one shirked away from my power anymore, because I had surrounded myself with beings who were all-powerful themselves, and they weren’t afraid of my power.

I was finally truly with her all the time.

This Taught Me That We Are Taught To Be Weak And Unhappy

The truth is that going through these phases of losing people, jobs, and other things, I realized that we are taught as human beings to be powerless. Or we are told constantly to hide our light, hide our power, hide our joy, and hide everything, that irks others.

We are constantly told to dim ourselves down.

Don’t shine too bright. Don’t be too much. Stop laughing so hard.

Stop loving so much. Stay weak. Stay down.

It’s all so much bullshit piled upon our heads that sometimes we cannot even see beyond it.

But meditation helped me see past the piles of bullshit that were piled high all around me. I broke out of that damn prison, and now I can see that our true essence, our true way of living is to be powerful and to be so filled with joy that it actually hurts sometimes.

We are not meant to hide. We are meant to be small, or weak, or downtrodden. And we are definitely not made to be unhappy and miserable.

Not even a bit.

As Soon As Someone Peaks Out Of The Prison, Everyone Pulls Them Back In

When I started peaking out of the prison of bullshit, everyone in my life, every single person, pulled me back. They were doing it because they loved me, and because they wanted me to be safe. They wanted the best for me.

They wanted me to be happy. They didn’t want me to fail and die and be poor, destitute, and homeless.

So annoying.

I wish they hadn’t cared about me so much. They pulled me back hard.

They stopped me from becoming what I had wanted to become. And I thought I was the idiot because I wanted so much more than what they wanted for me.

Thankfully, I was absolutely fine with losing everyone and everything in my life to be truly myself. I didn’t care if I lost all of my family, friends, livelihood, love, relationships, stuff, and everything else from my life. I did not care.

There was more that I wanted. More, much more. I didn’t care if I had to lose everything in order to get it.

But most people are kept in prisons because the people and institutions around them threaten them that they will lose everything if they make a move out of the prison.

And of course, no one wants to lose everything. No one wants that. No one!

So they stay on. They hide. They stay miserable and weak.

That’s the price to pay for comfort and security.

I kicked it all away, and when the dust settled back, I realized I still had my family, I still had friends (different ones), and I had a livelihood based on my powerful self.

They Are Lying When They Tell You, You Will Lose Everything If You Show Your True Colours

They are lying. They are. There is no truth in it.

I wish there was. I wish I could say that you are better off staying in the prison of bullshit, shackled to your old ways of doing things.

But it is definitely better on this side. There is so much more possibility here.

Once you are not afraid of losing everyone and everything, you can realize so much more. And you will also realize that most people come back to you, and most things can be delivered by Ikea or Costco yet again.

You will not lose everything. You will not lose everything. Repeat this to yourself several times a day.

Keep on going on this journey. Find that great being inside of yourself. Look for her.

She’s deep within you, sitting there in a Buddha-like pose, smiling at you and your foolishness, waiting for you to realize her depth and power, and bring her out into the world.

It will be scary, of course. I was scared shitless in the beginning. Oh god, what would they think? What would they think if I was laughing so loudly all the time or showing off my powerful self all the time?

They are going to think I am a bitch. Or I am a horrible person. Why can’t I just go back to being normal?

You Are Powerful – Why Would You Want To Go Back To Being Small Again?

But there is no going back. Once you see the light, you cannot go back. And why would you want to?

Oh man, it is so great being so powerful and so joyful. There is no reason for my power and joy. People ask me what makes me so confident and so happy.

If there was a reason for it, then there is also the possibility of it disappearing. But because at the moment, I am powerful and happy, because I exist, then there is no way for anyone to take that away from me.

Except killing me. And once I am dead, I won’t care anyway.

So there.

I want you to experience this as well. It isn’t just the domain of the few.

It is the possibility of many. I know everyone can experience it because everyone has this powerful being inside of them. Everyone at some point has experienced this powerful being come out and play with them.

You know you have. Perhaps when you were on vacation and away from all of the inhibitions that normally push you down. Or maybe when you did something and got into the flow state.

I don’t know what brings out this powerful being for you. But I want you to have her out all the time.

All the freaking time. And that’s when you can see the difference that your life will be.

Meditate. Start now. Every day.

One by one. Minute by minute. Breath by breath.

Here. Present. Now. Forever.

Powerful and Happy. That is your birthright. That is everyone’s birthright.

We are born powerful and happy, but we get that taken away from us. We need to grab it back now.

Boom Shikha

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