Without Time For Integration, All Healing Is Meaningless

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I’m part of this awesome spiritual community in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are dozens of different modalities of healing being practiced by everyone almost at the same time.

I hear of my friends doing five or six Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies, and then going off to do a Vipassana Meditation, and then going to a Tantra immersion course, all in a matter of a couple of months.

When I hear of this, it actually really scares me. Not because these individuals can’t handle it. They can. They are strong, powerful beings, who are more than capable of handling anything that is thrown at them.

But, the thing that scares me is the fact that they are not giving themselves any time at all, to integrate any of the healing that is being performed on their minds, bodies, and souls.

Every Practice Requires A Time And Space For Integration

Think about it this way. Why do you think we have Savasana (corpse pose) after a long yoga class? It’s not because the yogis from the past were kind people who wanted to give you time to rest after a long stimulating yogic experience.

In my opinion and experience, Savasana is most useful after a yoga class, especially a long one, at least five minutes, because it helps our bodies, minds, and souls integrate all of the learnings from that particular yoga session.

After a yoga class, I spend at least five minutes in Savasana. Because it helps me truly feel what the yoga poses did to my body. How did those poses change my body? What parts of my body and soul were affected? How were they affected?

Savasana gives me the time and space to assimilate and integrate all of the yoga poses and their teachings into our bodies. Every part of our body has been stimulated by the yoga class. But if we don’t take the time to integrate it within our bodies, it won’t really matter.

That’s what REM sleep is all about as well. We don’t dream because it’s a fun and cool thing for us to do. But it’s evolution’s way of ensuring that we assimilate and integrate all of the learnings of the day into ourselves. So that we don’t end up going through the same damn lessons over and over again, and learning nothing.

Without Time For Integration, Healing Can Be A Waste Of Time

People all around the world spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on hundreds of healing modalities every day.

But, I think, all of that time and money, and energy spent on healing is utterly useless. If we are not going to take the time to integrate the healing’s effects into our bodies properly and effectively.

Each healing modality is different. Some of them require only a 5-minute repose in order to integrate their learnings. Like a 1-hour yoga class would require a five-minute Savasana, and that should be quite enough.

Whereas, something like an Ayahuasca ceremony or a Vipassana mediation, would require something like a couple of weeks to a month to integrate all of the awesome learnings and gains.

In our society, there is this constant need and urge to keep on moving from one healing modality to another. We think if one medicine ceremony is good for us, then five must be even better.

But that’s false thinking. If you are not assimilating what that medicine ceremony has done for you, and really integrated it into yourself, then what is even the point of doing the ceremony? It’s basically like taking multivitamins every day and peeing them all away. Just an absolute waste of money, time, energy, and space.

Next Time, You Go To Healing Event, Take Time And Space After

It doesn’t matter what level you are at in your spiritual development. All of us, from the beginner level to the advanced, need time to integrate our learnings into ourselves.

There is really no point jumping from one healing modality to another like a monkey jumping from branch to branch. You are not going to gain anything out of it.

In my opinion, it would be better to focus on one healing modality weekly or even biweekly, and really assimilate all of its learnings, rather than go to a hundred of them every month and learn nothing.

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