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Want to Learn More About How to Do a Liver Flush?

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I have a lot to say on this subject of liver flush and the wisdom and glory of Andreas Moritz for sharing this great natural health treatment with us. He is no more in the world, but his legacy lives on in the world.

I first heard about liver flushes in August 2019 from a friend, who offered me that suggestion when I complained about frequent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).

I wasn’t even sexually active then, and I was still getting them frequently, which made me think that something was wrong with my kidneys.

She said that she had read this book by Andreas Moritz that said that liver flushes could help prevent frequent UTIs.

Hmm, I had no idea what liver flushes were, but I was still pretty closed off at that point. I wasn’t open enough to the idea of doing something so drastic with my body, even if it was natural.

My Miserable Bout With Dengue and Hypothyroidism

I trudged along for another year and a bit when in November 2019, I got dengue fever. Woah. It was an experience and a half, in so many different ways. But, most importantly, it completely drained me of my essence.

After laying in bed for two whole weeks with a terrible fever, and the inability of eat enough food or drink enough water to sustain me, I was exhausted. Drained from head to toe, I decided to recuperate myself.

It must have really taken something out of me, because soon after the bout with dengue fever, I started losing clumps of hair.

I would avoid running my fingers through my hair, even if unintentionally because I would have dozens of hair in my hands after. I was shedding like a Labrador Retriever. And not in a cute way.

I also felt so tired all the time, needing 10-12 hours of sleep every night, and still unable to get through the day without a nap. I was never like this. I’m normally an exuberant, cheerful, and energetic person.

Finally, I also started noticing that I was gaining weight, when I hadn’t changed my diet at all. I wasn’t eating that much to warrant the weight gain.

Doing some research, I realized that I must have hypothyroidism, perhaps triggered due to dengue fever, or something else.

In any case, I went back to my friend’s advice about liver flushes, because I had read somewhere that hypothyroidism benefits from them. Thank God, I did.

Liver Flush – the First One Changed My Life

I’m a book lover, so of course, the first thing I did was grab the book by Andreas Moritz called “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush” and read it from cover to cover.

It wasn’t that hard, because the book itself is fascinating! Absolutely riveting, at least to a health nut like me.

I read the book and I was an instant convert. I wanted to do a liver flush right away. But first I needed to find three essential things.

I needed to buy some Epsom salts, apple juice, olive oil, and I needed to find a place to do colon irrigations (colonics).

Thankfully, I was living in Chiang Mai at the time, where all four things were easily available. I also was able to find oranges and lemons in a grocery store nearby. Voila, I was ready for my first flush!!

The process was pretty simple. Let’s look at it in detail below.

The Process of a Liver Flush – Follow It Exactly, Andreas Says

Okay, so Andreas Moritz is pretty exact in the book. He says to follow the recipe exactly, without changing the timings or the ingredients at all.

Here is how it goes.

  1. You start the liver flush process on a Monday preferably, as you will be doing the actual flush on the weekend or on the days where you don’t have a lot to do and you can sit, relax, and recuperate at home.
  2. The first five days of the liver flush are spent drinking copious amounts of apple juice or apple cider vinegar (ACV). Drink 1 liter of apple juice every day an hour or two after a meal, or if you are diabetic, take 1-2 tablespoons of ACV in a glass of water four times a day, 1-2 hours after meals.
  3. If you don’t want to do apple juice or ACV, you can take Malic acid supplements, 500 mg twice a day. Or you can even do cranberry juice, but I have never tried that so I don’t know what it’s like.
  4. The first five days are spent like this, and on the sixth day, you wake up, do your morning ablutions, and then take the full dose of apple juice right away, before eating. This is on a Saturday if you start on a Monday. So the full liter of apple juice in one go. Or 4-8 tablespoons of ACV in water in one go. Do you get what I am saying?
  5. Wait a bit and then have something light to eat. Like fruit, or rice porridge. You might feel nauseous after all of that apple juice or ACV, but it will pass pretty quickly.
  6. Why the apple juice? Well, it has Malic acid in it, which is necessary to soften up the stones in your liver. This will make them pass easier. Trust me you don’t want to feel those stones going down your anus. Painful!
  7. Okay, try to remember that your last meal on Saturday will be by 2 pm. No more food until 10 am on Sunday.
  8. If you are an eager beaver like me, try to do colonic irrigation on Saturday around 4 pm. It helps clean out your system and helps you flush the stones easier.
  9. At 6 pm is when the real fun begins. And by fun, I mean, the healing process of getting those damn stones out of you. I recommend you make the mixture of Epsom salt and water, during the day, whenever you have a chance, so that you are not scrambling to make it at 6 pm. Mix 4 tablespoons of Epsom salt with 3 cups of filtered water. 1 cup equals about 236 milliliters of water. If you have a measuring cup, that will definitely help. At 6 pm, you will have one cup of this mixture you created.
  10. And at 8 pm, you will have another cup of the mixture.
  11. At 10 pm, you will have the olive oil and citrus juice mixture, that is, half a cup of olive oil and half a cup of citrus juice mix. The citrus juice you use could be freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice, or grapefruit juice. I despise grapefruit juice, so I like the combination of lemon and orange juice best.
  12. Okay, now this is important. Extremely important, so read carefully. You want to take the mixture of olive oil and citrus juice while you are standing next to your bed (standing up, not sitting down). Stand up, drink the whole thing in one gulp if possible. And then lie down with your upper body propped up with pillows, so your head is above your stomach. This way you won’t feel nauseous. Switch off all the lights beforehand, and be ready to not move for at least the next half an hour to an hour. The more you move, the more nauseous you will feel. Try to go to sleep. Do not move an inch. Don’t read on your iPad or be on your smartphone. Believe me on this one.
  13. Fall asleep, and at 6 am the next morning, take the 1/2 cup of the Epsom salt mixture. At 8 am, take the last 1/2 cup of the mixture.
  14. At 10 am, you can have your first solid meal. Make it something easy to digest. I like eating Khichri, because it’s quite sattvic and easy to digest, being a mix of rice and lentils. But you can choose fruits or rice porridge. No meat, or cheese, or anything hard to digest for the first two days after the cleanse.

Some Other Things to Be Aware of With the Liver Flush

Andreas Moritz also recommends that you do another colonic irrigation 3 days after the cleanse ends, so on the Wednesday, if you end on a Sunday. That will ensure that all of the stones that weren’t flushed out on Sunday morning, will be flushed out with the colonic.

When does the actual flush of the stones happen? As soon as you wake up at 6am and take that first epsom salt drink, you will wish to go to the washroom right away. And you will notice through the morning, you might go to poop maybe 2 or more times, that there will be hundreds of little and big bright green stones in the toilet bowl floating about.

The stones float because they are made up of cholesterol and bile (which is what gives them their green color), and as you know, fat floats on water (it’s lighter than water).

I Have Done 5 Liver Flushes Already

Okay, so I have done five liver flushes already. As Andreas Moritz recommends in his book, you should do at least 6-8 flushes or as many as it takes to remove all the stones from your liver.

Leaving your liver half-full with stones is actually worse for it than not removing any stones at all. What happens once you remove some of the stones is that the stones start shifting around in your liver, moving from the smaller bile ducts over to the larger ones.

This can cause you to feel worse after a few weeks of doing the flush. It’s an indication, that you need to do another flush. This is to remove the stones that have moved over to the larger bile ducts. Isn’t our body absolutely amazing?

Andreas also recommends to do the flushes not more frequently than monthly. Definitely leave at least 3-4 weeks in between flushes, including the prep time. This will allow your body enough time to recuperate and rejuvenate itself.

Too much cleansing isn’t good for your body either. In general, balance in everything is key.

Commonly Asked Questions About the Liver Flush

There are some questions I get asked commonly about the flush.

  1. What if it’s really painful? I’m really scared to do one. – The liver flush is completely painless. The whole process is designed so that it doesn’t hurt a bit when the stones pass through your digestive system and into the toilet bowl. Nothing to fear. The steps are made up so that it’s easy for anyone to do.
  2. What are the different colored stones about? – Well, they depend on how long the stones have been in your liver, building up layer upon layer of bile. The darker green colored stones have been in your liver for a long time. The lighter green colored ones have been in the liver for a shorter period of time. That’s why it’s a great idea to peek into the toilet bowl and check out exactly what color the stones swimming in there are. Also, the bigger the stone, the longer it’s been in your liver, and vice versa. Try to estimate how many small and big stones there are, what colors, as this will give you an idea of how much of your liver you’ve cleaned out already. Andreas Moritz says that it takes 8-12 flushes for most people to clean themselves out completely.
  3. I hate the taste of Epsom salt. What should I do? – This is a big one, as Epsom salt can be rather bitter for your tongue. I have started adding a bit of lemon juice to the Epsom salt-water mix, and that helps alleviate the bitterness quite a bit. And it doesn’t affect the liver flush at all.
  4. How often to do the liver flush? – I get asked this question a lot, even though Andreas is quite clear about it in his book. Do not do the flush more often than every 3 weeks. The best is if you do it every month or every 6 weeks. For me, every 6-8 weeks works best. You need to allow your body and liver time to heal, recuperate, and rejuvenate.
  5. What should I eat during the five days before the flush? – The best thing for you to eat before the flush for at least a week is a vegetarian diet – avoid meat, fish, cheese, eggs, dairy, and anything hard to digest for you.
  6. What if it’s the body producing/manufacturing these green stones from the olive oil/citrus juice mixture we drink? – This question really boggles my mind, because I am surprised to hear anyone could believe that their body could magically overnight produce hundreds of these green stones out of some random ingredients. How is our body supposed to do that? It doesn’t make any sense. But if you don’t believe me, do one flush and see the difference. Your body, mind, and spirit will feel so different that you will change your tune instantly.
  7. What to eat at 10 am on Sunday right after the stones are out? – This is an important question because you will notice that you might be exhausted after the cleansing and hungry! You might want to shove lots of food into your body right away. Don’t do that. Eat something light, something easy to digest, no meat/fish/dairy, something like Khichri is good again. And keep this slow pace of eating and doing for at least a couple of days after the flush. Don’t overdo it, don’t overwork, don’t overextend yourself. Take care of your body. It’s just gone through a major cleansing process – it needs time to rest, and heal.

It’s Time for You to Do Your Own Liver Flush Now

We’ve spoken about the entire process now and it probably doesn’t seem that bad, does it?

Don’t worry if you feel a bit overwhelmed. That’s quite normal. In fact, the first time I saw the liver flush procedure, I was scared. I didn’t know if I would do it properly, I worried about missing a step, and more.

But when I did it once, I knew I could do it again, with no issues at all.

All you have to do is try it once. Just once. As soon as you see the changes in your body and mind, you will want to do it over and over again.

If you have any questions at all, please comment below and I shall try to answer them. Do get Andreas’ book, if you haven’t already.

P.S. I’m not a doctor or a health practitioner. This post is based on my results alone and the book that Andreas wrote. Please consult with a doctor before doing any kind of cleansing.

P.P.S. Some of these links might be affiliate links. Thank you for supporting me!

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