[Ep 33] Hypnotherapy and Coaching Effectively Used Together

In this podcast, we get a chance to chat with Stephan Gardner, a Toronto based coach with a background in hypnotherapy.

I really love the way Stephan thinks, this is why I decided to share some of his insights with you by conducting this interview!

After leading an artistic career for years, Stephan has evolved to the sphere of personal growth and development, helping to understand both himself and others better, leading toward a more fulfilling life.

Through the use of different coaching methods, combined with his knowledge in hypnotherapy, Stephan helps to heal people by connecting with their past to find the root of their suffering and move past it.

Hypnotherapy coaching is an absolutely novel concept for me. I had never heard of some of the things Stephan spoke about until our conversation. This is the reason I am constantly searching out new people to learn from to expand my area of expertise, and become a more well-rounded individual. I recommend you do the same in your life.

Podcast Content

In this podcast, I’ll be chatting about the following things:

  1. Trying to find out what makes sense and what doesn’t. Hear what led Stephan to become a coach.
  2. How connecting with the past can heal us.
  3. Stories from Stephan’s clients
  4. Set ourselves with realistic goals
  5. Other amazing and awesome stuff (You gotta listen to get it!)

What Stephan has to say resonates with so much truth to me.

I hope you enjoy it too!

If you want to connect further, you can reach him at: www.stephangardner.com or on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/stephangardnercoaching/

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