The Day My Life Changed Forever

I had just come back from Thailand – it had been a dream trip. The trip had been absolutely epic. I had spent 3 weeks sitting by the ocean, under the sun, or the stars, contemplating the surf. No thoughts ran through my mind. I was calm, relaxed, and happy. I hadn’t touched a computer or looked at a screen for 3 weeks. My body felt the effects of it, too. I came back more flexible in my hips and my shoulders. I spent those beautiful moments with Harry. That was our first trip together. We danced together, and ate together.

I came back to Toronto and I had to go back to work right away, even though I was extremely jet-lagged. Although I was exhausted, I dragged myself to work. I had a 1-1 with my boss that Tuesday, and it wasn’t good. She wasn’t happy with my performance. I wanted to tell her right there and then to stuff the job and leave to go spend time with Harry. But I didn’t. I stayed and listened. I felt bad for being the person I am, who couldn’t work in a corporate field.

Then, Harry left on Jan 26th to go back to Alberta, and I had to go to work. I couldn’t even see him off to the airport. We had to say goodbye in the morning.

Enough Is Enough, I Decided.

This couldn’t happen again. Next time, I want the freedom to be able to take as much time off as I want. And go hang out with my loved one if I wanted to. No more living in fear of losing a job that doesn’t excite me. People wouldn’t judge me anymore for being different and if they did, I wouldn’t care.

I decided that day that I was going to become location independent. It would take a little bit of time perhaps, but I was going to do it. I was going to make it.

I’m here now. I am living my ideal life, and I am loving it. Also, I can’t wait to wake up everyday, and I am excited for the possibilities that everyday brings.

I am so grateful to be alive – I wish this for everyone. Think about it – what does your ideal life look like?

P.S. This article was first posted on 10th Feb, 2018 on my old blog.

The Millionaire Hippie

Boom Shikha is a wanderluster, yogi, and spiritual being hoping to use her talents as a communicator and an INFJ to bring peace and purpose to more people of this world. Check out her YouTube channel.

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