INFJs Care about Doing What’s Right, Not Being Right

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This is a big thing for an INFJ, so if you are interested in learning more about us, please pay attention. This will actually happen a lot in real life, where humans will inordinate amounts of time arguing with some other human online or offline because they have this weird desire to be proven right. INFJs don’t like to argue.

As an INFJ, I look at most arguments and wonder why people are wasting so much time and energy arguing about something that doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or who’s right. 

For example, in the argument between people who believe in global warming, and those who don’t, it doesn’t actually matter who’s right. Does it really? The whole point is that either way, humanity is killing off and endangering species and hectares of forest, left, right, and center.

And that can’t be good for the environment, no matter which way you look at it. You might not believe that the Earth is getting warmer, although anyone who’s living on the planet right now can sense that the days are definitely hotter… but you can see that overpopulation and overconsumption aren’t good for the planet in any case.

This Is the Way INFJs Argue About Things

We don’t. We just don’t like arguing with others. Not only because we know that we will not convince others of our viewpoint, but also because the most important thing for us is always to do the right thing. 

We can argue until we are blue in the face about global warming. But the end result of it all is that we need to start living a different lifestyle, otherwise, Mother Earth is in serious trouble. 

Instead of arguing with others about whether global warming is true or not, INFJs will shut up and change their lifestyle to fit what the scientists say is the right way to live to prevent further catastrophic heating up of the Earth’s atmosphere. 

INFJs Just Don’t See The Point In Arguments

This might be one of the major downfalls of being an INFJ, perhaps. I think this is one of the reasons why we come across as pushovers, or soft, or weak. When all hell is breaking loose around us, and people are yelling at each other or pushing and shoving each other, we just look at them like they have lost their minds. 

The point for an INFJ is not to show off to others that we are the ones in the right. Why would that matter? Who really cares who’s right or wrong? The point for an INFJ is always, and will always be to do the right thing. Whatever that might be in that particular situation. Of course, that changes from day to day and from country to country or situation to situation. 

Thus, an INFJ might believe that the right thing to do this year is to stay away from all peaceful protests. Because the demonstrations don’t make any sense. And then the same INFJ might reevaluate and realize that the right thing to do now is to participate in demonstrations. Because now it’s necessary.

Thus, INFJs never ever get stuck in a particular viewpoint. They try as much as possible not to let their egos get involved with it. Once your ego is involved in something, then it all goes downhill. All you are going to worry about is whether you are perceived as right by others. And what you look like to others. 

INFJs Don’t like Being Forced to Argue With Others

All in all, INFJs despise being forced to argue with someone because everyone is asking them to do so. It doesn’t matter to us if everyone around us thinks we are wrong or right. Because the most important thing is for us to know whether we are right or wrong. As long as an INFJ knows where they stand, it doesn’t matter to us where everyone else is. 

No matter what everyone else is up to, an INFJ will figure out what is the right viewpoint to hold for them. And they will figure out what the right action is based upon that right viewpoint. Once that right action has been determined, an INFJ will act upon it. Until the situation changes and requires a re-evaluation of the right thing and the right action. 

This way, an INFJ will keep on doing their own thing. And keep on working on their own thing, without any interference from others. 

Of Course, This Is in an Ideal World

But in the real world, people have a tendency to force our hand. People have a tendency to annoyingly force us to argue with others to prove our point. Or, to argue with others to be allowed to live the way that we want to. 

I have had this happen many times in my life where I have had to spend an irritatingly long amount of time arguing with others. Also, trying to prove to them that my viewpoint is correct. And I am going to follow it through to its fulfilling end, no matter what everyone else thinks about it. 

When I first decided to move to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to work on my creative projects, I had to spend a lot of time arguing with family, friends, and others, to prove to them that the path I was taking was correct and worthy for me. They wouldn’t let me go without that argument. I had to waste a lot of my precious time, arguing, and convincing people of the efficacy of my decision. A decision that I had spent hours and hours thinking about.

Finally, when I moved over to Chiang Mai, and it turned out to be the best decision of my life, no one who was involved in arguing against me, had the compunction to come forward and say that they were in the wrong. 

That’s another thing about an INFJ. If we realize that we were wrong about something, we will absolutely step forward, and let you know about it. We know that we are not always right. But we do know that we always think hard and try extremely hard to do the right thing. Whatever that means to us.

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