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4 Powerful Ways You Can Build Your Introverted Intuition, INFJs – It’s Your Superpower, Use It Well

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One of the reasons I believe INFJs have a hard time fully coming into themselves, and becoming the best version of themselves, is because they are unable to fully trust and connect with one of their major superpowers, their Introverted Intuition (Ni). The lesson here – Build Your Intuition!

It isn’t easy, I agree. I am an INFJ and it took me, I would say, around 30 years to really truly appreciate and believe in the information that my intuition was sending my way.

Our Ni collects all of this seemingly random information from the world around us, assimilates it into bits and bytes of properly datafied information, and then is able to pull out astute conclusions from it, which will baffle and stupefy any bystander by its accuracy and insight. 

How does it do that? For the longest time, I was mystified by its powers. I would know things, without knowing how I knew them. I would make accurate judgments or have explicit insights about individuals or situations around me, and I would have no idea how I came to these conclusions. 

Eventually, I realized that my Ni works in mysterious ways, and I learned to just let it do its own thing. It would send me all of these precise observations, and instead of being afraid of where this information came from and how scarily accurate it was, I now just accept it. 

This is brilliant information that I have a grasp upon due to my powerful intuition. I’m lucky. I should just accept it. This is where I am right now with my Ni.

Instead Of Being Afraid of Your Intuition, Try To Build Your Connection And Trust Of It

My main preoccupation and obsession nowadays are how can I build my intuition, and make it so it is able to speak to me with more clarity. Many times, in the past, I would get information from my intuition that was convoluted and mixed up. Not clear-cut. Not precise. And a lot of times, it would take a lot of rummaging, and sorting to figure the message out.

Thus, I decided it was my responsibility to figure out how to make my intuition stronger, so I can hear the message that it sends my way, the signs, signals, and inputs, more clearly, and thus, I can live the best version of my life easier and better. 

I wish to convey this message to all intuitive people out there, not only INFJs, that your intuition is your best friend. It literally is that thing that will help you stay out of trouble, and stay above the line.

Not only that, but it will also give you a major understanding of the people and situations around you, which can help you become a better counselor and friend to them. 

There are four ways that I have found work particularly well for me in building up my intuition and making me a stronger INFJ all around.

Sitting In Silence, And Stillness Helps You Listen To Your Intuition Better

The reason sitting in silence is so important to all introverted intuitives, is because it culls out all of the noise out there, and allows us to connect deeper with that intuitive voice. When we are out in the world, with all of the frays, and disarray, chaos, and discord, it’s easy to feel disconnected from our intuition.

It’s also hard to hear the soft whispering voice of our intuition when we are rushing around, running from one task to another, unable to pay attention to those important messages. 

Therefore, I spend at least an hour or so in the early morning silence, before the chaos of my day sets in, to listen to my heartbeat, watch my breath, watch the leaves on the trees outside my window dance in the wind, the birds chirping, and just generally calm down enough to listen to my intuition’s hushed voice. 

I have noticed that I always end up getting one or two juicy insights during this period of silence, and repose. A lot of which help me clear out the clutter in my life and live a better life every day. 

Building A Better Mind-Body Connection By Doing Something Physical

One of the issues that an intuitive person has is that we spend way too much of our time on this planet in our heads, and are disconnected from our bodies. The easiest way to remedy that and to come back to our body intelligence is to do something physical with our bodies.

Different activities work for different people. I know some people who love pole dancing as a way of connecting deeper with their bodies. Others use drumming. Yet others like the idea of Tai chi or Qigong. 

I prefer the act of yoga in order to connect deeper with my body, my intuition, and my deeper self. I wake up every other day, place out my yoga mat, and do a few yoga poses, with deep concentration. It helps wake up my body and gets me out of my head, out of the imaginary places in my head, and into my body. 

It helps build that mind-body connection that is sorely displaced in all INFJs and most intuitives. 

Going Into Nature, Being Around Waterfalls, Forests, Animals, Or Mother Earth’s Bounty

This is a big one for all intuitives, and I know I have been terribly remiss in this regard. I know I should spend more time in nature, or at least schedule one nature day into my calendar a week. But because I get busy, I get too deep into my head or my work, I forget, and then I notice the negative effects of it not only on my psyche but also upon my intuition.

Human beings weren’t meant to grow up in concrete jungles. We were meant to walk bare feet on the cool, soothing, grounding Earth, and be around life-giving trees, plants, shrubs, and animals. It’s the way human beings rejuvenate themselves, rebuild their connection to their deeper selves, and of course, rejig their intuition to be more powerful.

I highly recommend you take this opportunity to get up off your desk or your couch and stretch your body. Or go for a walk in a park or green area somewhere near you. And I will do the same here.

Practice Your Intuition With The Small Things, In Order To Build Up Your Intuition Confidence Levels

This is something that I have just recently started doing. And it has been so influential in my quest to build up my bond with my intuition. 

A quick example from my life. I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I spend my days making videos for my YouTube channel and writing science fiction novels. Thai culture is different in that, they do not have set hours for anything. Especially all of the food places I go to – they tend to be closed at random hours or random days. Without previous notice. 

I have started using my intuition to tell me which food place to go to. This is just practice for me. It’s a low threat situation. This means, even if I am wrong, no big deal, I can just go to another place to eat. 

Thus, I am building up my connection to my intuition, and learning more about how it sends me its messages. 

I hope these four tips are helpful to you and you can implement them in your own life to build this all-powerful gift that the universe has bestowed upon you – our intuition. 

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