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You Are Good Enough as an Introvert, No Need to Deny Yourself

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Can you think of your introversion as one of your superpowers? Say it with me – I have introvert power. In a world where extroverts are in the majority, introverts are generally treated like the black sheep of the family or the dreaded second cousin who stinks and no one wants to hang out with. 

All activities, events, jobs, schools, and societal rules are geared towards extroverts. Making us as introverts feel like we are just a burden and an unwanted Cinderella-like stepsister. 

I believe the real transformation in the life of an introvert comes when they are able to accept their introversion as the most beautiful and powerful part of themselves.

It takes a lot of time and effort, a lot of work, reflection, and self-love, in order to get here, but once you get here, you are going to be able to transform not only yourself but the entire universe that you live in. 

Two Sides of the Same Coin – Get Your Introvert Power

The truth is that we need both kinds of people in this world in order for the world to function perfectly. Even if the world is a bit skewed towards extroverts right now, it doesn’t mean that extroverts are the best ones of the bunch, or that introverts are the best of the bunch.

Both parties are equally capable of both good and bad. Both parties are necessary for the world to function in a balanced manner.

Can you imagine if there were only introverts in this world? Everyone would spend all of their time at home, and nothing social would ever get done. It would be a surreal place to live in, to be certain. 

Anytime, I give advice to any of my introverted friends, or viewers on my YouTube channel, I tell them the same thing – realize your introvert power.

You Are Good Enough As You Are – You Don’t Need To Become An Extrovert To Be Loved

“Embrace your shadows, in order to truly, wholly, fully come into your authentic self.”

Unless and until, we are able to do this, as introverts, we will not be able to accept all of those scary bits of ourselves, and we will not be able to make an impact on the planet in the way that we are capable of. We will keep on hiding from ourselves, and hiding bits of ourselves from the world, resulting in brokenness, and delusions. 

People can tell when they are around someone who loves themselves for all of their good and bad bits, and when they are around someone who doesn’t. It is quite evident in the way the person speaks to themselves, and about themselves to others. 

Love Yourself As You Are

As soon as I was able to love myself, truly love myself, and realize my introvert power…

  • even despite the fact that I am an introvert. And, I like to go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 6am,
  • even though I like to hide in the bathroom at social events,
  • and even though I would rather commit murder than go to certain outdoor functions (concerts, and football games come to mind),
  • I realized I am good enough as I am, and I was able to start creating the impact that I am meant to create on this planet.

Until that point, I was too afraid to be myself. It was like I was hiding parts of myself whenever I went out. Because I didn’t want others to know that I am actually an introvert. Even when I did my work, or when I did my writing, I wanted to come across as an extrovert. 

They won’t like me, if they knew that I am an introvert, I used to think. They will hate me if they knew I like to spend time on my own at home, writing, reading, or staring off into space. And, they will think I hate them. They won’t want to be friends with me anymore, if I tell them that I would rather stay at home, than hang out with them, on certain days. 

We Make Up Stories In Our Head That Say We Have To Change Ourselves To Be Truly Accepted

I made up all of these stories in my head. None of them were true, and this I realized after I opened declared to my friends, my family, and to the world in general, that I am an introvert, and this is how I like to live. 

Instead of running away from me, most people were actually fine with the way I was. In fact, the person who was making the biggest deal out of all of it was only me. No one else cared. So what else is new, they said, with a bored look on their face, and a yawn. Fine, be that way, if you want, they said, with a sideways glance at me. While they browsed for jumpsuits on Pinterest. 

What?? I thought my world would fall apart if anyone knew my dirty little secret. I thought I would have to go to the grave with it.

But No One Cares – Go Introvert Power

Well, some people did. They said I had changed, and they didn’t like it. And they took waltzed themselves out of my life, quite quickly after that. Which was perfect. I realized I don’t need people like that in my life. Who needs people who force me to stay up late. Or people who want me to meet them at noisy venues with music blaring and people screaming to be heard. Not me!

And the majority of the people who were left behind in my life wanted to work around my schedule. It felt so empowering to truly come into my introvert power, and live my true self.

The People Who Truly Love You Will Adapt To Your Way Of Doing Things – That’s True Friendship/Love

Now my extroverted friends preempt everything like this, “Well, there’s an event tonight that I would like to invite you to, but if you’ve already had too much extroverting this week, you are welcome to skip it.” 

And, it just makes my heart sing when I hear that. Because I can authentically decide whether or not going to this event serves me or not. And then I say yes or no accordingly. 

No more putting on a mask, and going to events, even though I don’t want to. And no more pretending to be extroverted on those days… when I just want to hide under the covers with my manga collection. Also, no more trying to be someone who I am not.

Phew, what a freaking relief. I want this same relief for you. For all introverts out there, this relief, this authenticity is possible. 

You just have to open yourself up and declare to the world that you are not going to play a role anymore. That you are going to be yourself, no matter who you are around. And then notice the magic floating about you. Introvert power unite!!

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