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Self-Love Is the Key to Happiness and Everything Else Important

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I recently published a nonfiction manual for women on how to build more self-love into their lives and heart. I have been on a journey of building my self-love for more than a decade now. And it’s been so enlightening that I had to write a book about how self-love is the key we are all missing.

The main thing I have realized on this journey is that self-love is the key, that alchemical, elixir, fountain-of-life key that we are searching for. No need to go anywhere else or do anything else. It’s all here – inside of your heart.

Of course, we aren’t taught this in school or by society, because if we were, we would stop buying stuff we don’t need to impress people we don’t like to perpetuate living lives that we hate.

External vs. Internal Validation

With self-love in place, we don’t have to seek love outside of ourselves, from a place of scarcity and lack. We can seek love from the outside but know that we also have more than enough inside ourselves to keep us satisfied and whole.

And the same thing applies to praise and validation. We love ourselves and we know exactly what is good and bad about us. We aren’t biased towards ourselves or against ourselves.

Mostly, we know we have some good qualities and some bad ones. And we go forth into the world with confidence and without hiding ourselves under any illusions. We don’t need to put others down to boost ourselves up.

Every Self-Love Journey Is Unique and Can’t Be Compared

This was a big one for me to learn. Every woman (and man and nonbinary person) will take a unique journey on this road to more self-love. And it’s all good.

No journey or path is wrong. No journey or path is right.

Everyone will choose the journey that fits their psyche and karma best. So we can’t compare and contrast. It will only make us feel inferior or superior to others and that’s not the point here.

Self-Love Is the Key – My Book Talks About It in Detail

When I began my self-love journey, there weren’t many books or videos on the subject. It wasn’t as popular a subject as it is right now. So I had to create my own rules, exercises, and learnings.

I decided that there was no use keeping all this information in my head. So I have written a book, The Self-Love Manual for Women, to share my knowledge, experiences, and learnings with you.

I hope you will check the book out to see if it’s something you could use. And comment below if you have some learnings to share of your own from your self-love journey.

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