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One of my major failings as a human is that I don’t trust the universe enough. The good thing is that I am reminded constantly by forces all around me that the universe is kind, benevolent, and working in my favour 24/7. Why is this so important to remember? Because as entrepreneurs, we are understandably high achievers. We are also hard-aholics. We have this incessant desire or need to make everything harder than it needs to be.

Most times if we practiced the art of active non-doing (Wu Wei), most things would fall into place perfectly without us putting much effort into it. That is how we can achieve a lot by not doing a lot. It is absolutely one of the miracles of living in this awesome universe. But as humans, we want to put our foot into everything, unwanted, and unasked for.

Everything Starts With Trust/Faith/Belief

In this world we live in, everything begins with trust. When we are taking big leaps of faith all the time into the unknown abyss, they all begin with the utmost of trust in the universe. We believe or trust that the universe will take care of us, and will ensure that we get to our goals unfettered.

If we didn’t have that trust, or faith, or belief, whatever you want to call it, we would never take that first step into the unknown. We would flounder, and stand around waiting for something to happen. But we wouldn’t plunge into the abyss.

All of the magic in our lives happens from that plunge into the abyss, but we also have to have moments where we sit around doing nothing much.

Faith is both about action and inaction. But sometimes we get distracted by our thinking mind into thinking that only the action part matters.

Take A Lot Of Time In Silence

A few years back, I was the kind of person who spent every waking moment occupied in some or the other busy work. It was quite sad actually. I couldn’t sit still, and nor could I sit in silence. Over time, I built my meditation practice. Now I sit for long periods in silence, staring off into space, and communing with the source or universe or whatever term you want to use.

I have realized faith a lot of times is about silence, and taking time off. If we didn’t have faith that everything is working out as it is supposed to be, we would be working like dogs at all times of day and night. We would be killing ourselves by overworking, and overthinking. If we have faith, we believe the universe is taking care of everything for us, so we don’t have to overwork or overthink. We can take time off, and chill, and play the ukulele. We don’t have to kill ourselves to get to our goals, because we know we are going to get to our goals eventually.

Silence is the only way to commune with our higher selves. Our higher self is the one who knows what’s really going on, behind the masks, and the madness. So take time to commune with her, and ask her what your next steps should be.

No Matter What Happens, It’s Perfect

Many times, I make up these stories in my head, that if one thing happens it is perfect, but if another happens, then it isn’t so perfect. These are just random perceptions in my head built up over time, and they are based in non-reality. The truth is as we all know nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

We have to realize that no matter what is happening around us, it is all perfect. ALL PERFECT. We should have that ringing in our heads at all times. Everything is perfection. In that regard, if something happens that wasn’t in our plan, we have to realize that it is exactly what is supposed to happen.

Even if it looks like it isn’t perfect, we should realize that in hindsight everything is perfection. So let go, and let the universe create this perfect life for us. All we have to do is accept it and enjoy.

The More We Fight, The More Energy We Waste

I think the definition of insanity is fighting what is. As Byron Katie says, if the gas light goes off as being empty, we don’t cry that the universe hates us. We just go on and fill the gas tank. Same thing with everything else that happens in our lives. We can either fight it, or we can accept it and go on about our day. The more we fight stuff that is happening around us, the more energy we waste on non-essential, non-consequential matters.

Our energy is precious and we really don’t have much of it to go around. So we need to be really careful on how we are distributing our life force.

Be careful, and don’t put your energy every which way. Forget about fighting what is. There’s no point in that. It’s truly just insane.

Dance For We Are Alive

Many times, I just want to dance around, hop around, and skip around, because I’m so grateful that I’m alive. I get to be alive for one more day, and I get to experience all of this beauty and joy around me. I get to spend my time the way I want to spend it, and I’m so lucky!

I want all of us to cultivate this joy in our hearts. We are truly the luckiest beings on this planet, and throughout time. We are living in the best time possible, and we get to be alive and enjoy the bounty of being alive. It is so exciting!

Why are we worrying about things that don’t really matter? The universe is taking care of everything for us. It will take care of everything in the best possible manner, even better than anything we could imagine, so it is time for us to take a chill pill, take a step back, and let things play out as they do.

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