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Abundance Can Be Felt Here and Right Now

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The word ‘abundance’ seems to be an overused and worn-out word nowadays. Everyone throws this word around as if it were a piece of confetti. I am sure I have done that in the past as well. But what is abundance?

These last few days have really been making me think about the true meaning of the word for me. What is abundance to me? What sensations are top-of-mind when I feel abundant? And of course, what do I feel when I am not abundant?

These are some of the questions that have been tumbling around in my head and I wanted to answer them in this blog post so that I can clarify my thoughts, and hopefully, teach you something in the process.

What Is Abundance To Me?

Interestingly enough, for the longest time, I was forgetting that abundance is a feeling, a mindset. And instead, I was focused on the actions that cause me to feel abundant.

For example, I feel abundant when I get a manicure and a pedicure. I walk around all day long with my beautifully done up nails, and I feel like an abundant goddess.

No one can mess with me that day. Because not only was I able to afford to get my nails done. But I feel like I have such power in my fingertips that tells everyone I am an abundant being who takes care of myself.

This is just one of the examples, of course. Getting a massage weekly (I live in Thailand, these are almost mandatory here), eating at my favorite restaurants, singing loudly without abandon in the shower, dancing in the mornings as I cook my breakfast, hanging out with friends… All of these make me feel abundant.

Then What Is Abundance?

As I said, it is a mindset. It is a particular vibration within you that tells you, you are worthy, you are a divine being, you are bigger, better, brighter than you could ever imagine. And, you are here to do amazing things with your talents and abilities.

That is abundance. It is that extra pep in your step. It is the bounce in your hair. The chirpiness in your voice. The excitement in your heart. Joyous, whole, perfect being that you are. And you just know it, from the tips of your manicured toes to the top of your blow-dried head.

We Don’t Have To Do Anything To Feel Abundant

The thing that I have realized is that once I can understand the feeling of abundance, and really inculcate it into every cell of my being, I don’t necessarily need to get a manicure, or a massage, to feel abundant.

Every fiber of my being is abundant. It is resonating at that particular frequency, so it doesn’t need anything else.

I’m not saying that I don’t get manicures or massages at this level, I do. But I feel this sensation of abundance in myself, no matter what I do. It becomes a part of who I am, an essential part of me. It is in my essence.

Thus, I think there is confusion in people between the ones who can feel abundant without any additional practices, and the ones who still need these self-care routines, and self-love practices to make them feel abundant.

What Does Abundance Feel Like in the Body and Spirit?

This is such an interesting question for me, because really how can you define or quantify abundance?

It is a mindset, but it has some very specific manifestations in the body. And this is what it feels like for me.

When I am feeling abundant, I feel expansive, open, wider, bigger, brighter, more intense, and more vibrant. It is as if I have broken out of my cage, and I am standing in all of my glory in front of the world, declaring that I am divine.

I don’t have to play small anymore – in fact, in these moments, I don’t even know what playing small means. I am big, bold, and beautiful. Without even trying.

My spirit feels more authentic, and my body feels lighter. I feel grounded and I also feel like dancing, hopping, skipping all the time. There is a sort of undiluted happiness in me, and I know and trust that the universe is taking care of me.

I feel well taken care of, and I feel safe, and secure in this world. I have a bounce to my step and I smile at everyone. And, everyone smiles back at me.

It is absolutely a different way of being alive, and it is something that becomes quite addictive.

How To Keep These Feelings Going Forever?

This is a question that I am currently obsessed with. As I said, feeling abundant is kind of addictive. Thus, you want to feel like this, forever, and ever, without a break.

How to make that happen?

Of course, self-care routines help a lot!! Even if you don’t have a lot of money, little things like massaging your feet with coconut oil before going to sleep, or going for a walk in nature, will help you feel that feeling of abundance for very little cost. If you have a pet that you love and adore, even better. Spending some time with loved ones is an absolute given.

I notice that whenever I start feeling like my abundant engine is running low on gas, I pump it up with a few techniques outlined below.

7 Techniques To Bring More Abundance Into Your Life

Here are 7 techniques I use (and many others as well) to bring that feeling of abundance into my life. How many of these do you use?

  1. Meditation – a quick 5 minute or 30 minute meditation changes your mindset and brings you back up to full.
  2. Dancing – I spend at least five minutes dancing by myself in my living room, shaking my booty and just enjoying the feel of my alive body.
  3. Wearing beautiful clothes – you know how you have those clothes you are saving for a special occasion – I don’t do that, I wear everything and use everything right now. Who knows when that special day might come?
  4. Yoga – just moving my body, feeling my hips, calves, thighs, abs, all of it makes me realize how lucky I am to be here and breathing.
  5. Manicures/Pedicures, Massages – self-care routines of these kinds are so abundant and luxurious
  6. Time with friends eating a good meal – This just makes my world go round, especially if the company is good, and the meal is decadent.
  7. Sleeping in a comfy, cozy bed – especially when it’s raining or cold outside.

What techniques do you have and how do you use them to pump you up?? Let me know in the comments below.

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