You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be

We Are Always Right Where We Are Supposed To Be

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Recently, I had to quit a job, and move back home as my parents needed my youth and strength around them to give them energy and vitality. It was an easy decision to make as I told myself “you are exactly where you need to be”.

I didn’t dilly-dally about it. I had the revelation during the lunar eclipse in July 2018.

Lots of old ideas faded or were ripped out of me. I had to decide what was truly important to me.

My parents needed me. I had to go back home. There was nothing else for me to think about.

I came back home, and it felt right. Everyone asked me if I was feeling resentful that I had to leave a great job that I had been dreaming about, a house and life by the ocean, and a stress-free existence, to move to a different kind of existence. And this is what I told everyone.

I have made thousands of plans in my life. And I mean, thousands.

I am a planner by heart. I plan everything, from grocery shopping to window shopping, to my daily schedule, to taking a shower. Everything has a list associated with it, even if it might not be color-coded.

I make plans. But, and this is a learning I have had over the past few years, the universe has an entirely different plan for me every single time.

If I was the foolish kind (and I was that in the past), I would fight the universe’s plan for me, because goddamnit, I have a plan of my own, and I am going to follow my plan over the universe’s plan come hell or high water.

I needed to remember the adage – you are exactly where you need to be.

The Universe Places Us Where We Are Supposed To Be

As I get wiser (and more foolish at the same time), I realize there is no need to make plans because they will not work out the way you imagine anyways, and it’s always wisest to follow the universe’s plan for you.

I still make plans in my head, because old habits are hard to break. But I have no attachment to them. I know that tomorrow, the universe’s messenger could come to me with a signpost saying, it is time for you to quit your job, pack up your life here, and move back home with your parents to take care of them, to be with them, to give them peace.

That’s what life is all about. Random fluctuations that seem random to us, but are not.

I know now that every single time the universe has plucked me out of the blue and pushed me into an obscure direction, it always, always, always turned out for the best. In fact, there couldn’t have been a better path for me to take, besides the one that the universe pushed me into.

You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be

My mantra is, “I’m where I am supposed to be.” No matter where I am, that is where I am supposed to be. If I am here, I am supposed to be here. If I am there, I am supposed to be there.

Now that I am here, I will stay here, in Toronto, until the universe says, “Okay, enough now, it’s time for you to move on to another city, country, time.” And I shall salute to the universe, give it a little bow, and move to do its bidding.

The universe knows best. I know nothing. This is a learning I have gained over time. I know nothing. I think I know something, but I know more than nothing.


I am ignorant. Foolish. Silly. And the universe is wise.

Wiser than wise. How lucky am I that the universe that is so wise is looking out for me? By sending me messages and signs on what I am supposed to do, and where I am supposed to be.

No Need To Question Anything – It’s All Perfect

Therefore, I had no need to question my move here. Was I feeling like a victim or angry because I had to leave? Not even a little bit.

I had sadness in my heart, because I was grateful that I had the experience, and because I was going to miss the friendships I had built. But, that’s all.

I knew it was the right path for me. The universe was taking me places.

It is a beautiful journey. Exciting.

I am ready to go. I am ready to be coddled by the universe, and taken on this fantastic sojourn.

She’s my compass. She takes care of me.

Same thing for you – You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be.

Boom Shikha

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