Your Thoughts Are Creating Your World All The Time

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A few days ago, I went over with a couple of friends to hike a waterfall near the city. We are so lucky to live here in Chiang Mai. There are lots of waterfalls, and forests right around the corner from our homes. We rode on a motorbike for ten minutes and we were in a jungle area. It was a fun and difficult hike, at least for me, as it was a hot day. But when we got to the waterfall, the cool water dropping on our heads, made it all worth it.

Why am I telling you this story? Well, this is what happened when we were standing by the waterfall. The water was coming down with some great force, and I said, without thinking about it, to a friend who was standing a bit too close to the edge, “Be careful. Don’t fall down the edge.”

Be Careful Of Your Words, As They Form Your Thoughts And Deeds

Okay, the next moment, and I am not even joking about this, the next moment, he fell down the edge, slid all the way to the little pool of water. He was fine, just had a few scratches, but that really freaked me out.

Of course, you could look at this as a major coincidence. But as I don’t believe the universe does anything out of randomness, and everything is happening for a reason, I had to take a step back.

I took a few moments to think about what happened. In my opinion, the universe was giving me a clear signal.

Your thoughts are more powerful than you realize. Do not speak or think thoughts that you do not want coming true.

Eeek!! Really scary.

There Is Usually A Delay Between Thought And Reality

The good thing for human beings is that there is usually a long delay period between our thoughts and them coming to fruition. Which is good because we think a lot of negative thoughts in a day, thousands of them. If all of them came true right away, we would die a thousand times a day, and we would live a very horrendous life indeed.

But even though we might think something bad, it doesn’t come true right away. Or even if we think about a pink elephant, we don’t manifest a pink elephant in our living room or bathroom right away. That would be a bit of a tight fit, for one thing.

So the delay has been built in to help us out.

In this case, however, there was no freaking delay. I was open to the universe, because of the hike, or the thought was particularly powerful, or whatever the reason might be, but I was able to bring it about right away.

You can’t imagine how that shook me. And also taught me.

We Are So Much More Powerful Than We Realize

There are a lot of people on this planet who are roaming about in a funk, because they believe themselves to be powerless. Because that is their thought process, that ends up being their reality as well.

But a long time ago, in my life, I discovered through reading, and learning, that I am vastly more powerful than I give myself credit for. In fact, there is still a long way for me to go. Even despite being a very powerful manifestor, I still know I can go further. That’s why, I am telling you to realize this for yourself.

Even if you are just starting out your journey, there is still so much power to be attained. We think we are this bags of bones and blood. But we are so much more. We are thoughts, and pure energy.

Anything you want, you can manifest into your life, without much effort. That’s the problem I think.

Effort Is What Counts In This World, Effortlessness Is Denied

We are taught from a very early age, that if we want to get anywhere, we need to work really, really hard. If you look at nature or any natural phenomena, they do not work hard. The flowers do not try harder to bloom faster, and look prettier, or smell better. The lions do not try harder to run faster, and get fitter. The trees do not try harder to grow taller, and reach the sun.

That doesn’t happen in nature.

They work at a natural pace, and they remember to take lots of breaks.

The human world is entirely different. It’s built up artificially on these laws that say that if you aren’t working really hard, then you must be doing something wrong. Also, if you don’t work like a dog, then you are never going to be successful, ever.

It is, of course, untrue.

Don’t Get Me Wrong – Work Is Required But Also Letting Go

Okay, so don’t get me wrong, my friends. I am not advocating sitting on the couch, smoking pot, eating food, and waiting for all of this joy and abundance to come our way. It won’t happen if we don’t work at it, of course.

But the amount of work is disproportionate or unequal to the amount of bounty you get.

Meaning, you need to put in some effort, but you don’t need to work so hard that you kill yourself. In fact, if you do that, you are probably missing all of the signs and signals that are necessary for you to get the clues that will help you succeed faster and better.

Unfortunately for humans, this requires an intricate balance between working hard, and letting go equally hard. Something that I haven’t managed to do myself. I work really hard for a few weeks, and then I burn out and I take a few weeks off. That’s not balance. That’s overkill and compensation.

Come to work with a sense of anticipation and joy, but not work until you die mentality.

Where Does Our Power Of Manifesting Come From?

Let’s go back to the idea of manifesting, and the immense power that all human beings hold within themselves. It isn’t the super computer brain that you have that is your power, or your opposable thumbs, although they are both really nice.

It is the consciousness that is able to hold thoughts. Thoughts that can then turn into our reality.

How does this happen?

If you want a brief history on how everything works, we would go to Quantum Physics, and Quantum Mechanics for those answers. Essentially, everything is made of energy. Everything is energy. That’s all. There is a little bit of matter in this world, but mostly, and ultimately, it’s all energy.

Our thoughts are energy, our bodies are energy, and our worlds are all energy.

When we think a thought, we push it out into this energy world. Like attracts like, and our thought like a magnet, attracts that specific situation, idea, person, or thing, into our life. Be it positive or negative, those things are manifesting into your life, based on your thoughts.

Energy creates everything. Our energy matters more than you realize.

That’s Why It’s Crucial To Watch Ourselves Constantly

I think the power of meditation isn’t truly in reducing stress, or helping us be more patient. But it’s ultimate power is that it teaches us to watch our thoughts. In the past, before meditation (BM), I would have a negative thought, and I would stick with that negative thought for hours on end, even sometimes days, or months. I had no filter to keep these thoughts away.

Now with the power of meditation, my mind is stronger. It has more control over itself. It is able to stop itself when needed. So when I have a negative thought now, I am able to stop it quickly and forcefully. I am able to replace it with a positive thought, or with empty space right away.

That is so freaking important!

We need to be careful, because negative thoughts have such power to them. They hold a lot of power on us, and they can move us around like puppets, if we give them the chance to take a hold on our brain. We need to be careful of what we think, and what we say, constantly, because one negative thought is ten times as powerful as one positive thought.

Most People Let Their Minds Run Around In Negativity As If It Doesn’t Matter

For some reason, we are so careful about the people who touch our bodies. We are so adamant about our personal space, and we will fight to ensure no one invades it. But when it comes down to our mental space, we don’t care as much. It doesn’t seem to matter as much. Why is that?

We let our minds run around like we are a crazy person, without controlling them at all. We will have a hundred thousand negative thoughts, and we pretend like that isn’t the reason our lives are absolute shit.

Well, guess what? Your life, that shit life that you are leading, it isn’t because of that damn politician, or that damn parent, or that damn country. It isn’t anything to do with the external world, but it has everything to do with our internal negative thought patterns.

How many times do you stop yourselves in a day from going into a negative pattern of thought, and pull yourself back into positivity?

You might have to do that a hundred million times in a day, but it is absolutely necessary that we do it again and again and again.

Pull Yourself Back To Positivity A Hundred Times Or More

Guys, the reality is that there are probably a hundred things today that are going to try and pull you into negativity, if not more. This world we live in is designed to make us sick, depressed, sad, fat, and hopeless. It is designed for that, because sick, depressed, sad, fat, and hopeless people buy more stuff. They consume more than positive, and happy people.

So the world is against you in that regard.

We need to fight the battle over and over again every single day, and every single moment. There’s no one in our corner except our mind. Our mind is more powerful than we give it credit for.

I hear so many people using derogatory terms for their minds, saying that their mind isn’t strong enough, or their willpower isn’t strong enough. That is untrue!

Positivity Is Just A Training Manual That Was Missed At Birth

When we were babies, it was easy to be happy and positive. But that manual of positivity and joy, it was misplaced or lost when we were born. So as we get older, we go into the negative loops faster and easier.

But the good thing that I discovered through training my brain with meditation is that positivity is a learned behaviour as much as negativity.

You can choose two paths. But either one is just a path.

It isn’t that you are born this way or that. You can train yourself to build more positive thoughts, and thus, build a more powerful life.

What Kind Of Life Do You Want?

What kind of life do you want? The only question we need to ask ourselves every single day is this one. What kind of life do I want?

Depending on that answer, you will have to start gearing your thoughts.

I realized when I was living a less than ideal life, that I had certain criteria that had to be fulfilled in order for me to live a healthy, happy, and positive life. A life that was based on those criteria would be my ideal life.

I wrote it all down, and then one by one, I started bringing those things into reality. Moved to Chiang Mai, and became a digital nomad. Started my own business online. Gave up most of my material goods, so I was freer, and able to move around easier. Started building out different income sources, so I would be able to make this lifestyle more sustainable.

This all happened because I stopped saying, “Oh, but that’s not possible for me,” to saying, “How can I make my ideal life come true?”

I changed my thought processes and now I am living my ideal life.

I Worked And Let Go To Make This Happen

As I said, I worked a lot to make this happen. But I also let go a lot. I wouldn’t have moved to Chiang Mai, if I had thought too much about it. When I heard about it from a friend, I decided it was a sign from the universe, and told everyone I was moving here. There was no need to work hard at that decision. It came directly from the source.

When I realized my 9-5 job wasn’t working for me, I started researching and figuring out how I could build an income online, so I could live and work anywhere in the world, and be more free. I did that, and it requires a lot of work, but also, a lot of letting go, and listening to the messages from the universe.

The balance is absolutely crucial. We can’t do without it.

The hard work is necessary. But it is also important to step back, let go, and let the answers seep into us. We cannot have one without the other.

Now, when I go back to that waterfall, I am going to be extremely careful. I will not say even for fun or in jokes, that someone could fall down the waterfall. I definitely do not want that to come true again.

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