How I Used My Money Meditation To Remove My Money Blocks

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Money Meditation anyone?

A little background on me. I used to have a poverty mindset.

There, I said it.

I used to believe that I’m not worthy of luxuries.

Maybe you are in the same boat? Maybe you believe you don’t deserve nice things. I want to share my story with you and how I changed my life to the way I live right now; spontaneous, open, and abundant.

There were so many ways I deprived myself because I felt unworthy. I had a major poverty mindset and it ate into everything I did and everything I was.

What Did My Poverty Mindset Look Like?

  • I had a hard time taking a hot shower, because I felt unworthy of the luxury of a hot shower. I would go into the shower for two minutes, using as little soap and shampoo as possible.
  • I had a hard time buying food for myself when I was away from home for a long time. I would be starving and needing food, but I wouldn’t purchase a $2 muffin. I ended up getting massive hunger headaches, that took days to recover from, when the solution was a simple $2 purchase.
  • I had a hard time buying new clothes for myself. I had holes in my clothes, and I accepted hand-me-downs from family members. Some of my clothes were so ratty that my mother would say even homeless people dress better than me.
  • I had a hard time with self-care, because again I felt unworthy. I didn’t deserve to be taken care of, so I rejected anyone who wanted to or thought I deserved it.
  • I wore shoes way past their expiry date (yes, shoes have expiry dates). I developed crooked toes and flat feet because I would squeeze myself into cheap, unsightly, ugly, and horribly fitting shoes.

These are just some of the ways I punished myself by having this poverty mindset.

Nobody Deserves Poverty – Money Meditation For All

The horrible thing is that I believed that I deserved poverty, and I was being a good person by eschewing material goods. I felt spiritual and above everyone else because of this behaviour.

In actuality, I was not living up to my potential. There is a difference between having a poverty mindset and punishing yourself. And having an abundant mindset, but being a minimalist and buying only the best of the best.

The unfortunate thing is that spiritual people believe they are being ‘good’ people by being poor. I know I believed that to be true for myself. I considered myself over and above everyone else because I was poor and I didn’t have a lot of luxuries in life.

I looked down upon those people who lived in extreme luxury and considered them to be the banes of our society.

The interesting thing is that those people who were rich probably gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity, whereas I could barely give a penny to the homeless.

My Breaking Point (Or My Day Of Disgust)

The breaking point came one day when I was driving around in my cheap Pontiac Sunfire, with an empty gas tank. The gauge was dangerously low. I had money in my bank account to pay for gas. But I was afraid to fill up gas. I used excuses like it’s bad for the environment, but truly, it was my poverty mindset.

I left it too late, and my car stalled.

Let me repeat this…I had money in my bank account to pay for the gas. I passed several gas stations on my drive. But I refused to fill up gas because of my poverty mindset.

I was stuck on the side of the highway, because I refused to fill up my gas tank in time. I wasted hours waiting for someone to come with a canister of gas, so I could drive to the nearest gas station and fill up to full.

Not only that, it was an extremely cold day in Toronto (Canada), and I was stuck outside by the side of the highway in a horrible cheap winter coat (which didn’t protect me from the cold at all – another poverty mindset byproduct). I believe it was -30 degrees Celsius.

I hadn’t eaten all day because I didn’t deserve to eat. I didn’t have any water on me.

That day standing by the side of the road with nice cars zooming past me in their warmth, and luxury, was a turnaround point for me.

I refused to live like this anymore!

That is when I changed the way I lived.

How I Changed My Money Mindset Slowly

  1. I wrote down what my ideal life looked like. I did a no-holds barred writeup of everything I wanted in my life. I wanted to live downtown Toronto in a brand spanking new condo with really nice furniture. I wanted to make enough money so I could take care of my basic needs and have the ability to buy luxuries on top. I wanted to take long luxurious baths with epsom salts and frothy bubbles. I wanted to buy beautiful new dresses and boots for myself. I wanted to travel to all of the different places that I dreamt of.
  2. I built a vision board with all of my ideal life scenario on it. I picked up a bunch of magazines from the convenience store, cut out pictures from it of places, things and other items that I wanted, and I stuck it onto a white poster board. (Cutting out pictures from new magazines in itself was a major luxury for me and I was proud of it).
  3. I started meditating daily with what I called, ‘The Money Meditation’. I researched and read up on abundance. Using my research, I created a money meditation with affirmations, visualization, and gratitude.

With these three steps, I was well on my way.

How My Life Changed Within Weeks

Within a few weeks of doing these 3 steps:

  1. I moved into a beautiful condo right smack dab in the middle of the wealthiest area in downtown Toronto.
  2. I manifested a job that paid me far above what I ever made before.
  3. I purchased beautiful new shoes and clothing from my salary.
  4. I went on a 3 week trip to Thailand that was filled with delicious food and luxurious villa living.

I am just beginning the abundant changes in my life. I know more is to come.

I would love to hear your stories of poverty or abundance mindsets. Please share in the comments below.

Boom Shikha

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