Want to become unfuckable

Want to Be Unfuckable? Meditate and That Gift Is Yours.

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Okay, so swear words in the name of the blog post – perhaps that is not a good start, and perhaps it is. You gotta take the plunge into the deep end, right? Anyways, why would anyone want to be unfuckable?

And what the hell does that even mean?

First of all, it’s not a real word, so there. If you are going to message me with an excerpt from the Webster’s Dictionary 21st century edition showing me an empty space, where unfuckable is supposed to be, don’t.

Second of all, Unfuckable is an attitude and an agenda. It isn’t something you can show to the world. Just like you can’t pierce your chest, tear your heart into two, and show the world where the love of your life resides.

In the same way, you cannot show the world that you are a beast. Or that you are in beast mode.

All the world sees are the residual patterns. It seems that you are resilient and bouncy.

You are Anti-Fragile, as Nassim Taleb would say. You not only bounce back from things. But you look forward to the bad shit as much as the good shit.

Unfuckable Is A Way Of Life, It Is The World In Your Hands

When you are fuckable, it doesn’t mean that you are hot and men/women/others lust after you. Oh, no. It means, that you let the world twirl you around its fingers, and you play by the rules of the world. You are led around by your nose and you do nothing to take responsibility back into your hands.

Standing there in the arena, you cower in the corner, while the bull of life charges at you, with blood in its eyes, and a hunger for your flesh.

You are scared. Afraid. Puny.

And miserable, to top it all off.

When you are unfuckable… Ah, that’s a different story. Oh, my friend, it is the best way to live. No one cares about you and no one wants to play with you.

Because it is boring for them. You don’t react. You don’t flinch.

The world passes by you, and you stand there solid, as solid as a mountain.

Grounded. Here. Present.

Nothing gets by. And nothing gets you down.

Non-Attachment Is The Key, My Good Shepherd

Why does nothing get you down? You are not an automaton. Not a robot.

But you are detached. You are attached to nothing. You don’t need anything or anyone or any situation to be happy.

You are here, right now, present, alive, and ready.

Senses on go. Heightened bloodstreams. Everything in sight.

You don’t care about the world, because it doesn’t affect you.

No reality shows for you – you are living the life of your dreams. No escapism drugs or alcohol or caffeine for you – you don’t want to miss even a single second of this life drama that you are part of.

People can come and go from your life and you don’t blink an eye. Money comes and goes from your life, and you laugh in its face. Situations come and tickle the bottom of your feet, trying to get a reaction from you, and you kick them in the face and walk away.

You are the consummate professional as portrayed by Steven Pressfield in his book, The War Of Art. Work happens because you know that is what you are here to do. Your work.

That purpose of yours – remember it? It runs through your blood, your veins, your spirit, reminding you daily of what you are here to do.

The World Is Crying For The Pope, But Why?

You go to events, and you are social because, for god’s sake, you are still human. You still poop, eat, and drink water.

Breathe, and love, and dance, and forget. That’s all done.

But when someone comes into your life, and then leaves, as they all do, you don’t sit in a corner and cry about the unfairness of it all. It’s not unfair, my friend. That is life.

Life does that. Get used to it!

Why bemoan the fact that something is going to happen that happens all the time and will happen for the rest of eternity? That’s like bemoaning the fact that you need to eat or sleep or that you are human.

Stop it now. You see others crying for the Pope or a Pop Star, and you think to yourself, the world has gone mad, absolutely mad. There is no sense in the world anymore.

You retreat into your cave, where you come back as always to your work. Your work and your life purpose. That is the only thing that matters.

That will pass as well. But for now, you have the breath and the life to work on your stuff.

When You Are Unfuckable, People Can’t Hurt You

My friend’s boyfriend left her.

He tried to hurt her by breaking up with her. That didn’t touch her solemnity.

He tried to hurt her by stealing money from her. That didn’t touch her inner sanctum.

He tried to hurt her by spreading stories about her. That didn’t touch the deepest part of her from which she lives.

That is what it means to be unfuckable. People will look at you and try to fuck with you. They will try to put you down, but you don’t care about what they say.

Their compliments or insults slide off you as if they were nothing. They try to beat you up, but that doesn’t bother you. This is just a body that will be here one day and gone another.

How can they hurt you with that?

Once, they realize that you are unfuckable, they will leave. They won’t bother you again, because it’s too boring for them.

They want the drama. The tears, The sobbing, and wailing, and weeping, and moaning. You give them nothing like that.

That Inner Sanctum Of Yours Is Untouchable, Unfuckable

Do you know what I mean when I say inner sanctum? When you meditate, you know about this inner sanctum.

In my mind, I picture a mini-me, sitting there in the deepest part of my soul. She sits there in the Buddha way. Untouched by anything I do.

Whenever I start throwing a tantrum in my mind, she laughs at me. She cackles in her evil way and I stop and realize what a foolish thing I am doing.

Whenever I start crying or get too excited, I see her sitting there, in the lotus position, unaffected, untouched.

It puts things into perspective for me. Even if something touches my outer shell, nothing and I mean, nothing can touch her.

She is serene. She is a goddess. She is beautiful, and she is strong.

So strong.

She lives so deep inside of me, but she envelopes my entirety. Once, I can connect with her more and more often, she comes out and I become her more often.

That is the power of meditation.

Meditation Helps You Become Unfuckable

Okay, so this is not scientifically proven or even provable. I don’t think I could run an experiment to show you how this works.

But I know it to be true for me. I know it because I have experienced it.

I see myself sitting in that calm Buddha way and looking at the world passing by. Sometimes, I get riled up and I see myself getting riled up as if from a faraway distance, the observer effect as they call it.

So I am the observer. And I am the deep inner goddess. I am all of it.

Meditation helps me realize nothing matters. And everything matters.

Everything we are doing in the moment matters, so we need to be careful. But also, this is just a minuscule, little, temporary life, so nothing we do matters in the big scheme of things.

We sway back and forth, back and forth, from more to less, from big to small, from everything to nothing.

That is how meditation makes us unfuckable. When someone is yelling at us about a deadline, we think, okay, I need to finish this work by the deadline, so I will work hard.

But if I don’t finish the work by the deadline, the Earth will not fall apart, and the heavens will not open up to pour lava on Earth. Life will still go on.

Does This Seem Like You Are Unemotional?

So many people tell me they worry that meditation will make them a zombie or an uncaring individual. They worry they will lose their passion. Don’t worry about that!

What happens is that everything intensifies when you meditate. It’s a weird balance that you swing in.

You feel everything so intensely that you feel so alive and vibrantly here. But also, you realize everything is impermanent, and so you don’t take anything too seriously.

There is nothing unemotional about it. Taking alcohol or drugs makes you unemotional, perhaps, because you no longer know what is your emotion and what is related to the additional chemical in your body.

But meditation always enhances everything for the better. There is no reason to worry, my unfuckable one. You are good to go.

Why Would Anyone Want To Be Unfuckable?

Interesting question. In this world, this crazy beautiful world we are lucky to occupy, there are so many people who are feeling powerless. They take power back into their hands by doing several useless things.

Like watching TV, writing angry letters to everyone they can think of, taking in random chemicals, eating a lot of food tastelessly, or consuming so many materialistic goods that they go insane.

But… they don’t understand that when the leaves of a tree deaden to brown, you don’t paint the leaves green to make the tree healthy. You go look at the roots to see the problem. The issue persists at a deeper level.

Meditation goes into that deeper level. It shows you everything, and boy, oh boy, it’s the hardest journey you will ever undertake. It is not fun. Not fun.

I don’t like it and no one else does either.

But I do like the result. I love the result. It is awesome.

It is beautiful. I get to be so alive and well, unfuckable.

I feel so strong, so strong, that I know no matter what winds, what hurricanes, what situations, whatever passes my way, I can handle. I can take it. Knowing that I take everything in stride.

Meditate So You Can Be That Monster That Everyone Fears

Do you know those monsters that you feared that lived under the bed or in the closet? They are long gone now from your room.

But now they reside inside you. They aren’t outside anymore, but buried deep, deep within you.

We run away from those monsters. We fear them. The truth is, we are afraid to see what might come up.

We fear that it will show us that we are the psychopathic serial killer who has been holding back just because they had enough Valium at hand. But once the Valium runs out, oh boy, look out world.

Or something like that.

But those monsters. They contain treasures. And they contain unfuckability (another non-word).

If these monsters can’t control you, then nothing can. Nothing can!

So we meditate. We face these monsters every single day. We see them creeping up on us every single day.

And one day, they vanish. They disappear. They are no longer our mortal enemies.

No power over us.

We are truly unfuckable then.

That Beast Mode That You Crave – It’s Waiting For You

When I was young, I would always see all of these confident, brave, and unfuckable people around me, and I would want to be them. But I assumed it was something unattainable. I thought it was something so far off for me that I would never reach it.

Now, that I am like them, I realize it was nothing. They weren’t anything special. They weren’t genetically endowed, or better than us in any way.

They just have discovered the power of unfuckability. They know. They have seen the light.

I want to tell you that we can all see the light as well. It is as easy for us to be there as it is for them. There are no magic pills.

There is no secret out there.

It is as always all inside of you. Inside of your beautiful and powerful body and mind. That mind of yours, that meditative mind of yours holds more keys than you can ever imagine.

The key to it all is meditation. Over and over again, I beat the drums of meditation. This free practice can change your life from nothingness to everythingness (not another non-word!)

Unfuckable People – There Aren’t As Many As You Think

In my youth, people fooled me easily. They showed off and I believed they were invincible. The older I get, the more I realize, there are very few people out there who are unfuckable.

The strength that I want for you and me is very rare in the masses. It isn’t available to everyone. But the practice of meditation is truly available to everyone.

You can do it and everyone can do it, today, starting now, no special equipment is required. Just start by sitting down however you wish and watching your breath and your mind.

Boom! That’s all. Easy, right?

Easy, but not simple. Simple, but not easy. The great conundrum of life.

Maybe 100 people will read this post today, and maybe one will take up the practice of meditation. That’s okay – I will keep on beating the drum of meditation over and over again for you to finally understand.

When one day, you will become unfuckable, because you took up the practice of non-attachment and meditation. Boom!!

Boom Shikha

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