“The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.”

― Rainer Maria Rilke

About the Millionaire Hippie

Hey everyone,

My name is Boom Shikha and I welcome you to my little piece of the world. Here are a few things I would love to tell you about myself:

  • Am a writer at heart, and I have been writing since I was 12.
  • Quit my job in March of 2016, to start my own online business, and I have been at it ever since.
  • Moved to Chiang Mai for six months in October 2016, and I learned a lot from the Digital Nomad crowds there.
  • Am a minimalist, yogi, traveller, and dancer.
  • Do workshops on creativity and sexuality and other related topics. I have created courses on similar topics as well on Udemy.

I have many diverse interests, but mostly I want to help you become the best that you can. I remember when I first started on this journey to be more financial independent, and time independent, there was no one to help me out. I became a digital nomad, mostly by fluke, and accident. I’m so grateful for everyone who helped me on the way. I want to be that person for you. If you are interested in living a life of fulfillment, self-actualization, freedom, and abundance, but you are unsure how to do it, I’m here to help you out.

I am only interested in helping out individuals who are willing to work hard, and be persistent with their goals. I want to work with the go-getters, and the doers, not the talkers. If you are just going to talk about doing the work, but not do any work, then I am afraid we have nothing to say to each other. Harsh? Perhaps, but it’s also the truth.

If you can’t handle the truth… then you know what to do as well.

I can’t possibly include everything I want on this page, so please message me on Facebook or on here, or at boomshikha at themillionairehippie.designextreme.com dot com and we can get the conversation rolling further.


IF you are interested in learning from me and expanding your life, this is the place for you. Email me at boomshikha  at themillionairehippie dot com to learn more about my coaching program and how I can help you change your life.

Check out some testimonials from people who have taken my workshop or my courses online.

Testimonial from Wayne Duckworth: I attended Shikha’s workshop Creativity and Sexuality with both excitement and trepidation at what was to come but within minutes felt reassured and comfortable as she set out a framework for the 3 hour deep dive into unexplored territory. After explaining the content she set firm boundaries that felt both nurturing and precise but with plenty of space for free exploration and just the right amount of challenge. Her approach is dynamic and heart centred to the creative and energy work, which is both individual, and partnered with plenty of time for sharing back with the whole group. She was able to hold the space for the group as we began to explore ourselves stimulated by the well chosen exercises inviting us to open up and share our stories, vulnerabilities and hope for a deeper connection to our creative selves. I definitely learned about my own desire to hide in my sexuality and with the tools and wisdom she provides feel I can transmute my sometimes distracting sexual focus into a more creatively productive channel. Awesome!

Testimonial from Chloe Donnelly: I have attended several of Shikha’s workshops now, I was hooked after the first session! I am in love with how fluid and synergetic the sessions are. They bring up powerful emotions within a setting of ultimate confidence and respect among new friends. She is certainly not a pushover, can read you well and does all within her power to help you grow. The sessions on sexuality were particularly empowering for me, as I am constantly re-evaluating my sexuality and it seems fairly ambiguous, but I realized after talking with others that I have a great knowledge within sexuality because of this lack of stillness. These sessions are honestly not to be missed, rarely have I found anything so worthwhile and thought provoking!

Testimonial from Zita Moran: Before I encountered Shikha’s course I had never made the connection between my creativity and sexuality. Truth be told, I was actually rather repressed in this area. But there’s something about Shikha that makes you feel safe to open up and experiment. The result was spectacular—it’s been revelation after revelation for me. Now I have powerful tools to use whenever I feel my inspiration is drying up. Thank you Shikha for introducing me to a new creative paradigm! You are a godsend—I’ll never look back

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  1. JD

    Hello Boom Shikha! Thanks so much for the videos. I’m an INFJ & its so hilarious to listen to your videos as you remind my of a female version of myself. Your education on our type is the best I’ve seen & of course I dig your sense of humor! Keep up the amazing work you’re doing, it is a treasure for helping the younger INFJs to help develop as well helping others understand our type:)

    1. I’m so grateful that you are watching and learning! I really enjoy doing these videos, and I am actually surprised at the traction and the reaction of the people. 🙂 Thank you again for this comment. It makes my week.

  2. Korleone Giovonni

    I really appreciate what your doing for people.im new to your channel and every thing you speak about resonates with me totally.May God bless you in all your endeavors.

  3. Sreejesh

    Hi, I am used to listen to your videos and they are good and touching. I want to talk to you in person, if possible please share your Skype through email(sreejesh.venu@gmail.com)

    Keep going…All the best..


    1. Hey Sreejesh, thanks for your kind comment! I absolutely do not share my Skype with strangers off the net. Thanks for asking. Have a great life!

  4. Jose

    I stumbled upon this lady Boom Shikha talking about her personality type and watched her YouTube video kind/evil WOW , I’m identical, she’s my soulmate,and I love this woman!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Neeba

    Hi Boom Shikha, I am currently a senior in hs going off to college soon, and I am also an INFJ. I struggling to find what I want to do with my life. I decided to study business, but I feel like I only decided on that because it will get me a decent salary. I am living in a generation where there are so many opportunities and I can live the life I want, yet I feel like I have to submit myself to a boring corporate job. Can you share your advice?

    1. Of course, you have to submit to a corporate job, if you don’t have any other options. Unless you are able to build something outside of it, you have no other choice. 🙂 That’s life, my friend. Being an adult requires making sacrifices.

  6. Nigel Black

    Hello I have just found you and after 60 years of life I have only just found out that I am a INFJ from another infj woman I have recently met I have started watching your videos and I am now starting to understand who and what I am thank you

  7. Carlo MC

    Hi Boom!
    37 year old from Brisbane Australia here.
    I had the MBTI/INFJ realization / epiphany only just a few weeks ago.
    And like all those that have come before me, I have since been single minded in my determination to consume every piece of available information in existence!

    Your Youtube channel has become my ‘INFJ home base’ and I’ve been listening to your podcasts when I’ve been traveling around. This is the first time that I have ever felt the urge to provide feedback on the internet – I guess that might be because it feels like you already know me so well ! Ha ha…

    You are doing a fantastic job shining your light and guiding others down the path that they were meant to walk.
    PS. Another first for me – I’m going over now to donate on your Ko-fi!

    1. Awww, thank you so much!!! I just saw your Ko-fi donation and I’m so appreciative of your support. xx

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