5 Money Blocks That Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of

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When I first started my business, I realized one major thing that I believe is the reason for my success. It had something to do with money blocks. And a realization.

I realized that my worst enemy is myself.

Self-sabotage is one of the major items keeping anyone from success.

We don’t need to worry about others killing our success, when we ourselves do such an amazing job at it.

In my case, I sabotage myself with negative thoughts, procrastination, self-doubt, and improper energy management. These are my arch-nemesis.

One of my main negative thoughts is about money. I call them my ‘Money Blocks’. I have been using this term with a lot of my clients and they are always intrigued by it.

The thing about money blocks is that they are a subconscious killer… a silent killer, so to speak.

All of us have some sort of money blocks transmitted to us by our ancestors, our parents, our society, our friends, our governments, the media, and whatsoever other influence you might have.

Money blocks are pervasive in society now as people denounce rich people (calling them evil or similar terms), and label poor people as spiritually minded and ‘good’.

Label These Blocks To Kill Them

I’m a major proponent of labeling things to make them lose their potency. Fears, doubts, anxieties, frustrations, jealousies, etc. They can all be made less potent by labeling them.

The same applies to money blocks. The process in figuring out your money blocks is pretty simple. Write down the answers to the questions below as truthfully as you can.

The thing about these blocks is that they are so pervasive in our psyche that it takes a while to pull them away from the rest of our thoughts.

They are stuck to us like glue and we need to unstick ourselves one little strand of thought at a time.

  1. What do you think about money? Do you think money is good or bad? Do you like money?
  2. What do you think about rich people? Poor people? Are rich people bad? Are poor people good?
  3. What did your parents say to you about money? Was there never enough?
  4. How do you talk about money? Are you always saying ‘I can’t afford it?’

5 Money Blocks That Are Most Common

In my observance, there are five blocks that are present most commonly in most individuals on this planet right now.

Money Is Evil, Poverty Equals Spirituality

This is a big one for a lot of us. I don’t know where this came from, perhaps from the portrayal by the media of rich, and horrible people.

Like, Scrooge McDuck who was really rich, but mean to everyone around him. Or a look at Donald Trump, who is extremely rich, but equally racist.

The media has been portraying rich people as evil, and poor people as spiritual and kind for decades.

One of the first movies I remember about this was with Goldie Hawn – Overboard.

She was a rich heiress, but extremely cruel. As soon as she lost her memory and her wealth for a little while, she became kind, loving, and generous.

We have to be careful of these portrayals and remember to see the truth behind them.

Bill Gates who is one of the richest men in the world is also the most generous with his Gates Foundation giving away millions every year.

We worry that if we get money, we will become evil, and we obviously don’t want that. So we sabotage ourselves from gaining riches, by spending it all or giving it all away or making bad money decisions.

I’m Not Worthy of Luxury/Nice Things

This one was a big one for me. For some reason, I assumed that if I wanted to be the best version of myself, I needed to give up nice things.

Now, I am a major proponent of Minimalism, but minimalism doesn’t mean not having nice things. It means, giving up on a lot of the superficial trappings, but having the best of the best when you do buy something.

For example, you might love photography. Instead of spending money on cheaper cameras, you would buy a really nice camera, but that would be it.

Also, you would actually use the camera, instead of purchasing it and having it lie around all year in a box in the closet or garage.

But a lot of us worry about being seen as rich bastards (or b*tches). We want to be nice people. We want to be seen in a good light, so we worry about buying nice things and showing them off.

We have to remember that self-love is the highest form of love there is. In order to love ourselves, we have to ensure we are able to buy nice things for ourselves, without feeling guilty.

Money is a form of energy and if we want to bring in more of it, we need to send good vibes to it. Like attracts like, so positive thoughts towards money will attract more money. And vice versa.

I’ll Lose My Friends or Family if I Become Rich

This again is a form of self-sabotage. We worry about losing our roots, our foundation, our families, and our friends. We worry if we change ourselves, and our lives, we will no longer be loved, thus, we stay the same.

We don’t try out new things. We don’t start that business we have always wanted to start.

Losing loved ones or friends or our place in society is always fearful. Due to evolution, human beings are trained to be part of a tribe. And losing our space in the tribe would’ve meant losing our lives in the long ago past.

But now, it doesn’t mean squat. You will always be able to find support and people who are like you, no matter what you are doing.

And if your family and friends aren’t going to support you in your ventures, maybe they aren’t the kind of people you want around anyways.

If I Want To Be Loved, I Need To Be Generous

Women are especially guilty of this one. We believe we need to give away money or buy things for our loved ones for them to realize our love for them.

So we give and give and give, and we have such a hard time with receiving that all relationships end up being lop-sided.

Realize that love doesn’t equal money. Love equals time. Love equals touch. Love equals attention.

If you keep on believing that love equals your generosity, then you will always give your money away to people. This is a form of self-sabotage as you will never be able to save enough to get where you want to get to.

Money is a form of energy. It requires both receiving and giving for a free flow.

Wanting To Be Rich Is Being Greedy and Bad

When I was younger, I used to believe that in order to be spiritual, I had to be poor, and an ascetic. I had to give up all worldly items. When I saw something pretty in a storefront and I had a desire for it, I felt ashamed of that desire.

Spirituality and prosperity aren’t mutually exclusive. You can be one with the other. I now realize that I am spiritual and I am prosperous, and one doesn’t negate the other.

Wanting to be rich, and abundant, doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. You are not being greedy. You are not stepping over other people to get there, because you don’t need to do that.

You are just using your God-given talents and abilities to garner money (which is a form of energy).

Removing These Blocks Takes a Long Freaking Time

This process of untangling yourself from money blocks will take time. A long time. A lot of effort, a lot of journaling, a lot of EFT (tapping), a lot of time.

Just keep at it, and eventually, you will reach a point where you will realize money has no inherent qualities. Money is just energy and it is up to you how to use that energy to the best of your abilities.

For now, write all of this stuff down. Whenever you have a negative thought about money, write it down. And figure out where this negative thought came from.

Once you label something, you negate its power over you.

Do this over and over again, until you have no more of these money blocks left inside of you.

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  1. Thanks for the amazing article 🙂

    What worked for me was a hypnotherapy program my tai chi instructor recommended to me. It completely removed all of my nasty beliefs about money and now I no longer resist it but instead embrace and go after it! 🙂


    1. Boom Shikha Post
  2. I’ve always thought of money as simply a tool, nothing more or less… As with any tool if used improperly it won’t work and eventually you’re stuck with cleaning up the (Financial) mess you’ve left behind.

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