[Ep 28] Patience Is A Muscle – Grow It Slowly And Consistently

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about how patience is a muscle, and will expand with training.

For a long time, I was of the belief that I was a very impatient person. That it was in my genes, and that there was nothing I could do about it. I would always be this way, no matter what.

But practising yoga and meditation proved me wrong. I learnt how to go slowly, but surely, and soon I found myself become more and more patient.

I realized that it is like any other skill, we aren’t born with it. We can all work to develop more patience, and life a happier life!

Recently, my mother and I travelled together (who is my best and worst critic) and she commented on how much I had changed, specifically how much more patient I was. Wow! That was a life-changing comment from her. Normally, she would complain about how impatient I am.

All of a sudden, I realized all of the work I had been doing on myself was actually working. (more…)

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[Ep 27] There Are No Shortcuts To Success (Boo!)

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about how there are no shortcuts to success.

A lot of people are in a hurry to succeed, and as a result are eager to take any shortcuts that come their way. But in reality, those shortcuts more often than not lead to disappointment, not success.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve learnt that success is all about setting SMART goals, and working slowly and steadily towards them with consistency and hard work. 

Unfortunately, I see a lot of people falling for these “Get Rich Quick” or “Lose Weight Fast” schemes, only to realize none of them actually work.

Truth is, no matter what you plan to achieve, you have to put in real hard fucking work!

In this world where instant gratification is touted to us at every corner by every freaking marketer, it seems like there must be a magic pill to get to where we want to get to. But every successful person will tell you that the road to success is paved with doing the basics over and over again consistently over a long period of time.


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[Ep 26] I Could Dance All Night, And I Do Quite Often

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about how I LOVE to dance, and I do so quite often.

Every couple of months, I find a festival or a party to go to and dance the night away!

As you may know, I am a writer, so I am at ease with the use of words to express myself. But as much as I love words, they are not enough for me to express how my body truly feels when I let loose and dance!

I want to share with you this passion of mine, and the reasons that brought me to it.

I am not trained professionally, and I have experienced body shame as so many of us have.

But dancing really is the true form of expression for my body.

I hope you go out dancing after listening to this podcast. It doesn’t matter if it’s just in your living room with your headphones on. We do not dance to show off to the world, but we dance to truly connect with our beautiful, strong, and amazing bodies. (more…)

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Who Do You Think You Are? – Imposter Syndrome Hits All Digital Nomads

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How Did I Get So Lucky?

I have been doing a bunch of workshops for digital nomads on Shame, Vulnerability, Sexuality, Imposter Syndrome, and Creativity.

One big question comes up over and over again for people living awesome, amazing lives in Chiang Mai (CM). And I think for most people living awesome lives that are bigger and better than their counterparts.

What big question, you ask?

It is the question that affects all of us when we are trying to do something bigger than what we’ve done before.

These digital nomads say that they feel that they are really lucky to be living such an amazing, awesome, and free life. But sometimes (read: all the time) they wonder what did they do to deserve such good luck.

Why are they the ones who get to live such awesome lives? (more…)

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[Ep 25] Find Your True Self And Voice; Be Authentic

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about finding your true voice: authenticity as they call it. I believe that most of us have no idea what our true selves actually look like. If we were to ask someone what they truly were like, without any masks, they would have no idea at all. 

For a long time, I was the same. I hid my true self from other people. I would put on a mask, thinking it would be easier to conform, to be more like the people around me.

But wearing this mask constantly was absolutely exhausting. Not only was I mentally drained, but I was unconsciously pulling myself away from who I really am, deep inside.

In order to be “accepted for who I am, as I am”, I had to accept myself.

Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It is one of the most crucial ways in which you will connect with your loved ones, your clients, and your friends. (more…)

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Don’t Wait – Just Go. The Time To Be A Digital Nomad Is Right NOW.

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Be A Digital Nomad Now

When I first sat down to write this blog post, I thought to myself, Okay. So what should I write this blog post about? There is so much going on, but I really have no idea what to write this blog post on.

I am sitting in Varkala right now and the electricity is gone. It is absolute darkness except for a few torches and my laptop’s light. Thank God, it has 75% charge on it right now so I can write out this blog post, while I sit and wait.

I am realizing more and more that you really don’t know a country, until you actually are able to live in it. There is seriously no way you know a country, until you live in it. That’s the way of it. That’s the only way of it.

The light came back on at this point.

I am baffled by my life. I really am.

Gratitude Fills My Heart

I get to sit here by myself and relax, and I am just so grateful.

Living in and visiting all of these amazing countries is absolutely astounding to me.

I went with my mother to Korea at a time when they were protesting the President. I visited India when the demonetization was going on so ATMs had a really low daily limit of 4500 rupees, which is nothing. Finally, I was present in Thailand when the beloved King died in October, and the whole country went into mourning (black everywhere). (more…)

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What Kind Of Person Becomes A Digital Nomad?

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I have been meeting a lot of digital nomads on the road, and also a lot of aspiring digital nomads. From these encounters, I have realized not everyone can be a digital nomad. I am not trying to deter people from trying out the digital nomading thing at all. Everyone should try it out for themselves to see if it will work for them. Just like you can never really truly get a feel for a country, until you live in it for a few weeks, the same applies to the digital nomad lifestyle.

I find there are some qualities that define a person who is able to be a successful digital nomad (DN). Although these qualities can be learned, a lot of people who become DNs are already able to emulate these qualities with ease. I will mention some of them in the post. Again, just because you don’t have these qualities doesn’t mean that you will not be a successful DN, but it does mean, the path might be harder as you learn to embody these qualities slowly but surely. (more…)

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[Ep 24] Online Business Has Many Beginnings; Social Media Is One

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting with the very awesome Katie Momo. She’ll be sharing her thoughts and experiences in the world of marketing, specifically, how a social media manager works.

Katie helps businesses with their marketing strategies. Katie is well rounded in several skills such as Facebook advertising, copywriting, and social media management.

You guys might be wondering how people like Katie started social media marketing. Well, Katie admitted that she started in a “weird” way, or to put it out, it wasn’t an easy road for her to take.

Her story started when she chose to create her own line of jewelry and she was researching on how to market her products. Her web developer said to her, “Why don’t you try social media marketing (or SMM)?”, and the rest is history. (more…)

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Why Am I So Attracted To Thai Culture?

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Thai Culture Pulls Me In

I have been thinking about this question for a while now. I don’t want to be stereotypical about it and say it’s because they are nice, and smile all the time. But a lot of it really comes down to their nature. They are some of the kindest, most generous, most patient, hard-working I have ever met. Every single day, I am walking down the streets of Chiang Mai, and I notice all of the awesome qualities embodied by Thai people. It isn’t just one or two people, but literally everyone who is like that. Very few exceptions really.

Instead of talking about them, I want this post to be more about examples. Real life examples that I have encountered that really showcase Thai nature and culture.

The Accident

This story is meant to indicate the patience and community that is really apparent here.

I was sitting at one of my favourite street food stalls near Loi Kroh road. The lady who runs the stall is highly communicative, and warm. She speaks and understands a lot of English considering she probably learned all of it in passing from foreigners who frequent her food stall. She also is highly generous in her portions and makes delicious pork noodle soup. It is absolutely brimming to the top of the bowl with green veggies, sprouts, delicious broth, and lots of pork. Only for 40 baht. Such a deal. (more…)

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