When We Think We Aren’t Good Enough As Introverts, We Deny A Major Part Of Our Power

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Can you think of your introversion as one of your superpowers? Say it with me – I have introvert power. In a world where extroverts are in the majority, introverts are generally treated like the black sheep of the family or the dreaded second cousin who stinks and no one wants to hang out with. 

All activities, events, jobs, schools, and societal rules are geared towards extroverts. Making us as introverts feel like we are just a burden, and an unwanted Cinderella-like stepsister. 

I believe the real transformation in the life of an introvert comes when they are able to accept their introversion as the most beautiful and powerful part of themselves. It takes a lot of time and effort, a lot of work, reflection, and self-love, in order to get here, but once you get here, you are going to be able to transform not only yourself, but the entire universe that you live in. 

The truth is that we need both kinds of people in this world in order for the world to function perfectly. Even if the world is a bit skewed towards extroverts right now, it doesn’t mean that extroverts are the best ones of the bunch, or that introverts are the best of the bunch. Both parties are equally capable of both good and bad. Both parties are necessary for the world to function in a balanced manner.

Can you imagine if there were only introverts in this world? Everyone would spend all of their time at home, and nothing social would ever get done. It would be a surreal place to live in, to be certain. 

Anytime, I give advice to any of my introverted friends, or viewers on my YouTube channel, I tell them the same thing – realize your introvert power.


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INFJs Let Their Perfectionist Nature Hold Them Back From Living Complete Lives

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I am an INFJ, and I know that I have an elephant in my room. I don’t like talking about it with others, of course, but more than that, I don’t like talking about it with myself. In fact, I make up stories to hide this elephant, every time it comes up in everyday situations. I hate making mistakes.

I am an idealistic perfectionist, which means that unless conditions are absolutely perfect, I do not make a single move in the directions of the things I want. 

For example, I live in Chiang Mai (CM), Thailand. Everyone I know whizzes around on tiny motorbikes, free as a bird. I tried learning how to ride a motorbike as well, the first time I landed in CM three years ago. 


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Introverts May Appear Closer To Extroverts At Certain Times

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One of the main things that irked me about being an introvert for the longest time was that if I displayed even a smidgeon of extrovertedness, everyone started looking at me like I had grown two heads. 

But more than that, when I started off with new acquaintances, being extroverted, when I went back to being an introvert, I started receiving all of this flak about deceiving people. 

I didn’t make you believe anything – I am just being myself, for god’s sake. 

Okay, rant over, but not really.

I love all of my extroverted friends – I really do. But there are definitely certain things that I wish they knew about my introverted nature, because seriously that would make my life so much easier. If every extroverted person on the planet could read this article, it would be such a boon for all of the introverted people in their lives.

There are 3 things you need to know about us being introverts that will keep this confusion at bay.


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Abundance Can Be Felt Here and Right Now

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What is abundance

The word ‘abundance’ seems to be an overused and worn out word nowadays. Everyone throws this word around as if it were a piece of confetti. I am sure I have done that in the past as well. But what is abundance?

These last few days have really been making me think about the true meaning of the word for me. What is abundance to me? What sensations are top-of-mind when I feel abundant? And of course, what do I feel when I am not abundant?

These are some of the questions that have been tumbling around in my head and I wanted to answer them in this blog post, so that I can clarify my thoughts, and hopefully, teach you something in the process.


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From Now On, If You Want My Advice, You Gotta Pay For It

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When I first went down this path of putting myself online and giving people advice, I did it, because I was called to do so. I had no idea where it would go. But I was happy to keep on taking a step at a time, and see where the trail would end.

Now, I have been blogging and podcasting for 3 years now, and I get a lot of viewers, and listeners, who message me on a weekly basis, asking me dozens of questions.

Of course, I am not famous or anything, but certain people tend to connect with my words, and they message me asking for support.

In the beginning, when I was just starting, and I had more time, I gave my time to people freely. I have answered hundreds of questions till now, through email, messenger, and other formats.


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Yoga Is The Gateway Tool To Spiritual Awakening

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People always ask me the same question – what started me on this journey of spiritual awakening, and self-actualization? There are many answers to it, of course. I sometimes feel like I have been on this journey forever and ever, and it’s a never ending path that I will be on for a long time to come. Past lives and future lives all devoted to the same goal.

But, if I had to think about it with regards to this specific lifetime that I am in, at the moment, I would have to say it was when I seriously started doing yoga.

It is such a simple thing, isn’t it?? I mean, all you are doing is moving your body here and there, hither and thither, in a wide variety of asinine postures.

But, anyone who has done yoga, knows that it isn’t just about turning your body into an assortment of pretzel-like poses. It’s more than that, and that’s why I believe that yoga is the gateway tool to the spiritual enlightenment or awakening journey. It is the thing that gets hundreds and thousands of people onto the path and gets them interested in what is beyond the illusion of maya.


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Everything Always Takes Longer Than You Expect And Costs More

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I think human beings are optimistic creatures, almost to a fault. We get excited about something, and we work on it, believing that everything is going to turn out perfectly, without any effort, or with very little effort, time, and money invested. In this article, I speak about the relation between optimism and realism.

The hopefulness is a good thing. Optimism is absolutely a ‘positive’ quality to have (no pun intended). It is overly optimistic people who end up believing in their own power to make change, and end up creating impact on this planet. If the entrepreneurs of the past and present did not believe that they had the capacity to influence the world, if they didn’t run with that positivity, they wouldn’t have lifted a finger to make their dreams come true.

But everything has to be gauged with a sort of filtered optimism. Yes, be optimistic, believe that everything is possible, and everything is going to turn out roses and butterflies.

And then pour on a little bit of realism onto those roses and butterflies, to turn them into lily pads and caterpillars. A healthy dose of realism along with a dollop of optimism is the true recipe to success in any endeavour.


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Think Of The Simplest Way You Can Do Anything First

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I am a creative person, and before I started doing improv as a hobby, I used to imagine that the more complicated you make something, the better it is.

Then, I was in improv class one day and the teacher said something poignant. She said that most people assume the point of improv is to make some random sassy complicated joke and make people laugh. But in fact, that is not true. The actual point of improv is to build connections between human beings through simple effective yes/no communication.

The main point of improv is to say yes to whatever your partner says. It can be as complicated as going into space on an elephant’s back. Or it can be as simple as going for a walk in nature and enjoying the surroundings.

Before I heard that, I always tried to come up with complicated routines that would make people laugh, but also create mystery, enigma, and perhaps, even confusion in people’s minds.

Now, I am going the opposite route.


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The Point Is Not To Chase Happiness, But To Do Our Work

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Emerson says:

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

When I was in my teens, and 20s, I used to believe the lie that had been perpetuated by society. That my sole purpose in life is to chase happiness. To run after it as if a demon from hell is going to murder me if I don’t.

I spent all of my time thinking, wondering, reflecting, dreaming about that special day when I would be happy.

Oh, what a great day that would be! It would be rainbows and butterflies, and everything would be oh-so-perfect. I would go tra-la-laing around the world, because at that point, I would have not a worry left in this physical realm.

Of course, I know how foolish I am. The more we chase after something, the more it eludes us. The more fervently we want something or desire something, the more it slips from our slimy grasp.


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