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[Ep 38] 7 Days Of Learning – The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

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In this episode of the 7 Days Of Learning, I’ll be chatting about a useful, easy to follow book, in the lifestyle design genre.

I came across this read at a time in my life where I was not following the rules of success, and as a result, had lost precious relationships, and seen my career and travelling plans fail miserably.

A lot of us struggle to find a path to follow, jumping from one project to the next, giving up when results aren’t shown in the blink of an eye.

We think we won’t be successful, when other people are more successful than us and seem better at it than we are. Imposter Syndrome is the term for it.

How do they do it? What is their secret?

Darren Hardy helps us understand, this notion of ‘compound success’, based on the principle that even the smallest of decisions can bring in significant success.

Podcast Content

In this podcast, I will be chatting about the following things:

  1. How even small steps will bring you closer to your goal
  2. Small decisions matter and can really change things
  3. I’ll discuss the two keys for long-term success
  4. I’ll share some of my personal experiences
  5. Other amazing and awesome stuff (you gotta listen to get it!)

Success is really the result of a lot of consistent effort over time. It is about applying the basics over and over again.

I really hope you will give this excellent, short, and easy read a try. It’s definitely worth it.

In the meantime, stay motivated, on top of your goals, and press play.

I’m always here if you have any questions!

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