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[Ep 54] Creativity And Sexuality Are Intertwined

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In this episode, I’ll discuss how sex can be used as a source of procrastination and how creativity and sexuality are so interconnected that we can use one to affect the other. The deep connection that exists between creativity and sexuality cannot be denied. Both are creative forms of energies in their essence. In our mainstream culture, sex is a form of easy and instant gratification and distraction. Because of the immediate joy and pleasure we get from it, we primarily maximize sex as a tool to distract us from the work that we were supposed to be doing.The intention behind our sexual acts should always be considered. If we are consciously using sex as a distraction then that’s fine, but I think it becomes an issue when sex is used unconsciously for years, and decades as a way to get away from the present moment.Sex at that point becomes not a means of connecting to a person you like or love or lust after. It isn’t just a refuge we choose to seek when are afraid of what the present moment could mean for us. It isn’t a shelter we run into when we are scared of the present moment. It is so much more than that, so much more.

Podcast Content

In this podcast episode, I will be chatting about the following things:
  1. How creativity and sexuality connect with each other?
  2. Harnessing the power of sexuality can help us accomplish a lot more.
  3. Celibacy can be used as a tool in our creative journey.
  4. Learn how to transmute energy from one form to another.
  5. Other amazing things and other stuff (you gotta listen to get it).
Most of the time, we may find ourselves retreating to sex so as to avoid all the tasks and responsibilities that we need to do because of fear of failure or rejection. Sexuality creates new life forms, and an abundance of energy and power in the form of orgasms. And creativity is about creating something new, a project, or music, or writing, or whatever it might be. Both are creative energies. Because of this, we can transmute one into the other easily enough.Sexual energy is one of the most powerful forms of energies out there, and most of us haven’t truly learned how to harness it to move it from just orgasmic pleasurable energy to helping us create great works of art, and a masterpiece life. I have just begun the process of transmuting sexual energy into creative energy and I have noticed a huge increase in the amount of creative work I have been able to push out.I have an course on exactly this topic if you are interested in checking it out!

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