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[Ep 16] My Conversation With A Healing And Transformation Coach

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In this episode, I had the great pleasure of chatting with Angelique von Lobbecke. I met her online through an entrepreneurial mastermind, and I was instantly fascinated by what she does for a living.Angelique is an energy healing and transformation coach. She helps heal people with conversation, reiki healing, and other techniques. She’s based in Germany and it was an absolute blast knowing her through our series of chitchats and Q&As.I am extremely sensitive to negative energies around me, and I know when someone shows up in my life who’s going to drain me, rather than support me. Everyone and everything is energy. This makes using energy to heal yourself and others even more important.Most people discount energy healing, as hocus-pocus. I’ll be honest that at first I was also like that. But I have experienced first-hand the power of a reiki healer’s hands. I know I feel drained when I enter the company of certain people and energized by others. All of this is energy at work.I use energy healing through meditation and yoga to keep myself at my optimal level of living. You can use this technique in your life as well. Angelique has some really interesting suggestions and techniques.Podcast ContentIn this podcast, I’ll be chatting about the following things:
  1. Introduction to Angelique (You can connect with her on her Facebook page)
  2. What is energy healing and how does Angelique use it to help people?
  3. How can someone who’s new to energy healing use it in their life?
  4. Some of my experiences in the world of energy healing
  5. Other amazing and awesome stuff (you gotta listen to get it!)
There are so many interesting people on this planet with so much to teach us. I love learning from the experts just like Angelique.So listen to the podcast, and let me know what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts (and Angelique will as well, I’m sure)!I’m always here to help.

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