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[Ep 106] I’m On The 30 Day Easy Plan

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I believe I have to work consistently for at least two to three years to achieve my goals. But when I told this to a friend, she said something that changed my perspective of things and made me believe life is easy, not hard.

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  1. Is the hard way the only way?
  2. My 30-day plan
  3. The easier way of life
  4. My goals and the parallel universe

When I told my friend about my plans to work hard for the next two years, she informed me about the ’60-day plan’. Instead of keeping a mindset of achieving success in two years, she believes she will attain it in just two months. 

She constantly repeats to herself that she will achieve her goals in just 60 days. She has made it her mantra. And she thinks nothing can stop her from attaining her holy grail.

Believe Life Is Easy and It Is

After having the conversation with my friend, I changed my perspective. I always think of success as a hard thing to achieve.

I believe I have to work hard to get what I want. But that’s not how it has to be.

Many people in this world achieve what they want with minimal effort. I thought of them as the lucky ones. But they’re just doing it the smart way rather than the hard way.

I think there is a lazy or an easy way to attain what you want. I’ve decided to take it step-by-step.

I’m currently on a 30-day easy plan. I have a goal for my Patreon that I wish to achieve in the next 30 days. 

Although this is uplifting to hear, it’s not easy to stick to this mindset. I have my doubts and struggles sometimes.

I put myself through uncertainty and hesitation. But I’m learning to pull myself up and believe in what I do.

In my mind, I’ve already achieved my Patreon goal. In my head, it’s already happened in some parallel universe.

All I have to do is find a way to reflect it in this world. And nothing can stop me from doing that.

There is no need for fear, doubt and anxiety to come into this situation because I’ve already made it happen.

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