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[Ep 109] Do You Know What INFJs Are All About?

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A few years ago, I found out that I am an INFJ. It was eye-opening. I was surprised to realize that I am not alone. There are people on this planet who feel what I feel. Let me tell you what INFJs are.

Podcast Content – I Am An INFJ

  1. An INFJ’s intuition
  2. INFJs friends are hand-picked
  3. If INFJs do not take care of themselves, nobody else will
  4. INFJs should live for themselves more often

An INFJ’s intuition is strong. I’m the kind of person who knows how others around me feel. I make sure everyone is in a comfortable environment. I never paid much attention to my intuition. But I learned to do it.

It happened again and again. I would always be right about people’s intentions. I just needed to trust myself more. Now, I do. When INFJ’s tell you something is wrong, then it is wrong.

Why an INFJ’s Friends Are Hand-Picked?

We as INFJs, are careful about the people that surround us. Always make sure that they’re not attention seekers or energy vampires because we’re empathetic. We feel what others feel around us. Hence, we burn out mentally as well as physically. 

If I’m out with a group, and suddenly I feel my energy draining, I leave. And sometimes, people don’t understand because they want to hang out with us. Everybody wants to hang out with us because everyone loves INFJs.

People in my circle know the things I go through. That is why they make sure that I’m okay. And they understand when I don’t meet with them. 

INFJs Should Live For Themselves More Often

We as INFJs, are always doing something for someone or feeling something for someone. We take on other people’s feelings quickly. That is why we need to take care of ourselves. 

When we get into a relationship, we give too much of ourselves away. My mind is always occupied by my partner. I would be living for my partner. That is why I love being single. I have more time and space for myself. I live for myself. And it is a requirement for an INFJ to survive.

INFJs are always in their heads all the time. We lose touch with our bodies. That’s why we’re always starving or dehydrated. Some INFJs don’t comb their hair for days. We need to learn to be more grounded.

If you have an INFJ friend, make sure they eat properly.

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