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[Ep 110] What Are Ayurvedic Body Types and Which One Are You?

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Yoga was created 5000 years ago by the yogis and the gurus of India. They created an Ayurvedic body types system and an Ayurvedic food system. In this episode, I want to talk about it in detail.

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  1. We are what we eat
  2. The body type Vata
  3. The second body type Pitta
  4. The grounded Kaphas

Be more balanced. We eat based on taste. As we become what we eat, it is necessary to eat healthily. The cells of our bodies get integrated with what we eat. We are what we eat. 

The 3 Ayurvedic Body Types 

The first body type is Vata. Vatas are skinny. People with this body type are cold. And they spend way too much time in their heads. They need to ground themselves and spend time in their body. Hence, they need stews and soups. 

The second body type is Pitta. A person with the body type Pitta is fiery and intense. They have a broader body with more muscles. They shouldn’t eat spicy food. 

The Pitta body type needs more cooling food like cucumbers and fruits. 

The third body type is the ‘lazy’ type called Kapha. People with Kapha body types have proper grounding. Unlike the Vatas and Pittas, Kaphas don’t move much. Since their bodies are so grounded, they need not eat grounding food. 

They should be eating a raw vegan diet. If they eat food like the Vatas, they’ll gain weight quickly. 

My Body Type

My body type is Vatta-Pitta. It means my body requires grounding. And I do Yin Yoga to come back to my body. I also do a body scan meditation.

Your eating habits and physical activities depend on what your body type is. Physical exercises and food types differ from person to person. Once you figure out your body type and make changes in your habits accordingly, you’ll establish a balance.

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