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[Ep 115] You Are Worthy of It All, Right?

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In this episode, I want to share why 99.9% of the population will not do what is necessary to be successful (hint, it’s something to do with the curse of instant gratification). I’ll also talk about the importance of frame of mind. 

Podcast Content

  1. Are You Obsessed With Instant Gratification?
  2. To maintain the result, work for the future
  3. Why the Long Term View Is a Way to Go
  4. Focus On What You Can Control

When they start their journey to success, most people desire instant results. And it is possible to attain it. But it only stays for a short term.

If you’re a blogger and you write to attract a following immediately, it won’t stay for the long term. And if you consistently blog only to be a writer, you’ll gain a following for a long period. 

We need to change our outlook on success. Success does not come rapidly. One has to put their mind to it and not stop. Do not stop until you’re there. If you receive instant results and slow down, it’s your loss in the long run. 

Innumerable people want to change the way they look and get in shape. But they don’t want to go to the gym and work out every day. Building a foundation is vital. 

Focus On What You Can Control – Don’t Go For Instant Gratification

It is paramount to focus on what you can control. The number of views you get is not in your hands. How many people buy your course is not in your control. 

Put your focal point on what you can do and what you control. You control your creativity. Writing, painting, or exercising is in your hands. Keep control of your tasks. 

Once you focus on fulfilling your tasks, results will come. You may get the results tomorrow or next year. But the trick is to work and control your work. 

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