The past is an illusion

[Ep 116] Stop Living In The Past – And Stay Present

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The past is an illusion. That’s it. Nothing more.

I’ve met so many people who are stuck in the past. They let the past control their actions of the present.

In this episode, I talk about how I want to live my life. And why everyone should let go of the past.

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  1. The convoluted past
  2. Time is linear
  3. The past is just an illusion

Human beings manipulate the past to suit themselves. When we talk about our experience in the past, it’s not really how it happened. 

The mind plays tricks on us. And as time goes on, our view of experience changes. We tweak the stories and eventually change the past. 

Whatever happened in the past is done. It is not happening right now. So, get over it. 

The Past Is Just an Illusion

Most people dictate their present activities because of what happened in the past. If your experience in the past is not 100% real, why waste your time thinking about it?

You keep on replaying it. But when you do that, you’re undermining yourself. You’re stuck with the old ‘you’ who had horrible boyfriends or horrible friends. Why are we not staying in the present moment? 

Time is linear. The past can change the future, and the future can change the past.

If you’re stuck in memories, then how will you live today? How will you be mindful? 

The past brings anxiety and guilt. The future brings worry and distress.

The more alive you are, the happier you are. And you won’t be content if you’re not present.  

Your younger self aspired to be the present you. And if you don’t live, your life becomes a waste. You berate yourself by not being present. 

The probability of you being born is minute. Therefore, life is a celebration in itself. 

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