Nothing wrong ever happens

[Ep 117] Nothing Wrong Ever Happens In My World

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In this episode, I share why everything that happens is good, that is, nothing wrong ever happens in your world. Everything is aimed to be good even if you think it’s unpleasant. I also speak about why everything happens for a reason. 

Podcast Content

  1. Nothing wrong ever happens.
  2. It’s all meant to take place.
  3. The universe’s plan
  4. How the universe is always trying to talk to us

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “In my world, nothing wrong ever happens.” I find this line so poignant. Everything that’s happening has a reason. 

We label things as good or bad. Sometimes, we run away when things go wrong. But the truth is that nothing is good or bad. It’s all meant to happen. 

How the Universe Communicates With You – Nothing Wrong Ever Happens

Nothing is wrong. It’s all meant to help you in one way or another. It is all the universe’s plan. 

I remember when I was at the lowest point in life. I had broken up with my boyfriend and lost my job. All hope was lost.

I soon realized that I was wrong. I changed the perspective that I had about life and took the opportunity to move to my dream city – Chiang Mai.

I’m living the life I’ve always wanted. And it wouldn’t have happened if things remained as they were in the past. The universe tried to tell me something through things that took place.

When you go through an unpleasant situation, try to find some benefit or advantage in it. Ask yourself, “What is good in this situation?”

Try to notice the signals that the universe is sending you. The universe always tells you something through things that happen in your life.

When unfortunate things take place, we’re not victims. We have the gift of life. And the universe talks to us every day through situations. 

Those situations may be right or wrong. You have to pay attention and accept it with gratitude.

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