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[Ep 121] Create Your Reality By Writing It Down

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In this episode, I talk about why writing down your goals is beneficial and how it helps you create your dream life.

Podcast Content

  1. My life as a digital nomad
  2. Creating your world using your thoughts
  3. When you write it down, you make it real
  4. Start believing in your goals

Two years ago, I was at a corporate job that I had no interest in. I didn’t like it, so I was not good at it or passionate about it. And I knew I had to make some changes in my life. 

I visualized my ideal life. “What do I want my ideal life to look like? I want more free time. I want to be my boss.” I wrote it all down. And then three months later, I quit my job and started an online business. 

Now I’m not restricted by time or place as I’m a digital nomad. I have achieved every single thing that I had written on that sheet of paper. And two years later, I’m living my dream life. 

Creating Your Dream Life Using Your Thoughts

You can create your world using your thoughts by writing them down. 

When you’ve written something down and imagined it, you’re already starting to make it come true. Because when you write it down, your goals are on paper, and they’re not just in your mind. When you write something down, you give it a sense of existence in the world.

The power of writing our goals down is real. Two years from now, your ideal life could look different. But it is still important to acknowledge your goals and put them on paper. A year from now, you will have achieved some things. And it will make you feel like a winner.

When we write our goals down, they’re imprinted into our subconscious. You don’t achieve things randomly. You work for them. I worked for mine. And it was all possible by taking the first step, which is putting my goals on paper. 

Are you ready to create your dream life?

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