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[Ep 122] A Reminder To Come Back To The Present

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This episode is a reminder to come back to the present and live in the moment. We are not robots, but fragile humans. 

Podcast Content

  1. We’re humans, not robots
  2. It’s essential to take a break
  3. Find the right balance
  4. Be in the moment

We’re living in a world that is moving very fast. Scarily fast.

Technology is evolving at a speed that is hard to catch up with.

Something popular two months ago might not be popular today. Or it might become even more popular two months later. Things are hard to predict

We, as humans, have a certain rhythm. We are living beings and not robots.

But some people live like robots and burn themselves out. In life, we cannot move as fast as in this world. If you try, you’ll either burn out or never enjoy being in the moment. 

Finding the Right Balance – We Are Not Robots

When it comes to surviving such a rapid life, finding balance is the key. Following my morning routine is critical to me, as the rest of my day depends on it. If I don’t take some time to relax and set myself up for the day, I can’t be productive, and I burn out quickly.

Doing yoga, meditating, and writing down my goals for the day are all part of my morning routine. Start taking time off to come back to the present. Make sure to detox and don’t push yourself.

I must sleep eight hours a night and spend some time with friends and family to detox because I’m just a human.

We all need a reminder to take a break and maintain a balance. Notice the moments that you’re living in, notice the noises outside, notice the breeze that hits your skin. Stop rushing a mile a minute and be in the moment. 

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