My business is my baby

[Ep 123] Are You Defending Your Business Like It’s Your Baby?

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“If you’re saying something about my business, you’re attacking me. My business is my baby.”

In this episode, I talk about how we defend our businesses when someone points out their flaws. And why letting others push you can be helpful sometimes. 

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  1. The hot seat
  2. My business is my baby
  3. Being an entrepreneur is like being on the battlefield

I joined the mastermind group, and it has been beneficial to me. We’re put in the hot seat, and someone picks out flaws in our businesses. Everyone feels defensive and hated when someone points out something in their business that needs to be fixed.

I feel the same way. 

My Business Is My Baby

A business is not inanimate. It is a person or a living being to me. My business is my baby.

We think people are being rude to our business and being personal. We feel all alone, but that’s what it means to be an entrepreneur. 

Being an entrepreneur is like being on the battlefield. I spent so many years outside of the battlefield watching people fight for their businesses.

But I was lying to myself by thinking I was learning. You learn when you actually do it. 

If you’re getting defensive about your business, it means you’re doing it right. I care about mine. All my spirit and soul is in it. 

In the mastermind, we constantly try to push each other.

I don’t push myself enough. And that’s why I joined the mastermind group. Our businesses are not perfect because we’re not perfect.

We have flaws. Therefore, our businesses have flaws. 

When someone else pushes you other than yourself, the amount of momentum you’re able to build is so much higher than what you could build on your own. 

Be careful and defensive about your business. But don’t be overprotective. Let it grow with the help of others. 

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