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[Ep 124] Document Everything And Stop Being So Damn Private

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This article and the episode is all about why you should document your entrepreneurial journey.

Quote: I hope someday someone says, “She is an absolute idiot. If she can be an entrepreneur, I can as well.”

Podcast Content

  1. Why documenting can be good
  2. Why do we love watching an artist in the process of creation?
  3. Maintaining a balance

We all have that friend who films everything and shares it on social media. Many people dislike such friends. I am afraid, I’m becoming that person. But I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with it.

Document Your Entrepreneurial Journey

We love watching the process when an artist is creating something. We love being present with that process while they do it, as it is so satisfying. 

I’m documenting my journey of being an entrepreneur and a digital nomad. I hope someday someone says, “She is an absolute idiot. If she can be an entrepreneur, I can as well.”

So, if you’re watching me right now, stop and think. Start something you’ve always wanted to. Perhaps start your artistic journey.

I was a very private person myself. But now I’ve changed with practice.

When you document something and watch it later, you can see the steps. It is evident that to achieve the end product, every step you need to take should be functional. 

The end product is amazing because it took many small efforts to get to that point. And when you look at someone’s documented journey, all of a sudden you wonder if you could do it too.

Someday you should create your own thing. Break it down into small chunks and showcase it. If you want to be an entrepreneur in this world right now, you cannot be 100% private.

However, do not be fake and be true to yourself by being true to others. Create a balance. Do not overshare. But share the important steps.

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