When You Change the Way You Look at Things
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[Ep 71] When You Change the Way You Look at Things

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In this episode, I’ll be talking about a quote I read by Wayne Dyer “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

I feel that this quote is so powerful and true and can be applied to every little thing in this world.

If we are told something is one way, our mind doesn’t tend to question it unless we push it. Just because one-person views something one way doesn’t mean that is the correct or only way to view it. Once you change your perception of something, it can change physically or your perception of it may change.

Podcast Content

  1. A quote by Wayne Dyer
  2. How perceptions can change
  3. Consciousness is very important
  4. My perception of the world

I could spend a long time dissecting this quote. It really does apply to everything in this world. The way I view my own personal relationships for instance. Or, even the food I eat.

We could grow up not eating a certain food because our parents told us it didn’t taste nice, but once you try it and change your perception of it then the food itself changes.

When You Change the Way You Look at Things – My Perception of My Body Has Changed Too

The way I view my body has changed over the years. I used to hate my body, and I hated exercise. Then as I’ve grown up and become more self-aware, my perception of my body has changed.

My body might look the exact same to other people, but because my personal view has changed, and thus, my body has changed.

If you view something in a negative light, then that’s exactly how it will show up in your life. We can change our own perceptions so easily, we just need to be conscious. By doing this we open ourselves up to more opportunities and new joys if we just change our perceptions.

The world is constantly changing, and it needs conscious people to make these changes. The way one person may perceive something may be very different from how another person perceives it. The world is evolving and changing. We do not create the world we live in, our consciousness creates it.

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